4 thoughts on “How big does the mining machine power take? Where can I buy it?”

  1. Hello, the original poster
    The mining power supply, one, the power is large, 1000W or more. Second, the price is cheap, the efficiency is high, and the cost must be saved. In summary, the most suitable mining machine on Taobao is the most suitable.
    best is the gold medal 800

  2. Is the graphics card 8 yuan? The TDP of the RX470 is 120W. If it is full, the optical card will need 1000W, and the other is up to 100W. The power supply with 1200W should be possible.

  3. 8 graphics cards recommend 1600W to 1800W because many labels may be less than 1000W power that may be less than 1000W.

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