Whether to redeem the Huaan International Configuration Fund and ask the master for help

On September 22, 2006, I purchased 10,000 shares of Hua'an International Configuration Fund. Now the US dollar depreciates. I do n’t know if it should be redeemed. The master helped me to calculate how much money I should pay now. How to calculate it, thank you, the re -prizes

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  1. Redemption, this fund is a fixed income product subscribed by Meiyuan. Under the current circumstances, the income is definitely not good, and the RMB is so powerful that your Meiyuan Assets must be depreciated. Unless the income can exceed the appreciation of the renminbi value The amplitude

    Is how to calculate the income of the redemption, you use the current share*the current net value to get your total assets, and then use the total assets*redemption rate of 1.75%= redemption fee. Asset*back-end subscription rate is 1.2%= subscription fee, then use total asset-redemption fee-subscription fee, and then compare the money you invested, you know the most profitable, but this fund is a capital preservation type, holding it, holding it, holding it. After 5 years expired, it is guaranteed that your principal does not pay, but how does Meiyuan know that after 5 years? I know that after 5 years of RMB, it must be more valuable than it is now
    n Hua'an International The configuration was the first QDII fund in China. The time was issued at that time in 2006. The landlord said it must be right!

  2. No.
    This is used to balance risks. If the domestic stock market collapses, then your fund may balance the risk.
    Balance risk instead of putting eggs in the same basket.

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