2 thoughts on “What does it mean when you have a letter call?”

  1. There is a letter without consumption of mobile phone bills, using virtual currency. You can sign in or invite friends to get it for free. This thing is the same as the canteen's meal ticket. It is an intermediate token. If you are a member, you can fight fixed -line and abroad, and the domestic telephone does not even consume U -grains. If you are not a member, you ca n’t fight fixed -line and foreign. Within one hour of call on the same day, each U can play for 1 minute. It seems to be 2U and one minute for more than an hour. Essence So your 100U is controlled and it is estimated to be able to play for 100 minutes. Of course, you can sign in every day. It's quite cost -effective.

  2. Change another software, I am also using it, you can chat online or call. The official website of the software is in the comments.

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