Do you have any feelings for your investment?

After two years of investment, MMP still didn't find it, is it really eaten? Please share the investment experience, rookie don't disturb!

3 thoughts on “Do you have any feelings for your investment?”

  1. The result of investment is nothing more than two profit and loss. There are countless investment in many varieties of stocks, bonds, funds, spot, futures, and claims. How to choose a variety of investment is also a science. Everyone has an investment variety that suits them. It is necessary to follow their idle funds, whether the risk is radical or stable, expected compensation and so on. In fact, stocks are deeply rooted in people's hearts. When it comes to investment, more people may think of stocks, but this year's stock is deeply hurting the hearts of shareholders, which is caused by the bad market this year. In fact, we can try to accept new varieties. Let's take the spot. For example, the risks are small, the two -way transaction, and the margin system, which is more suitable for people with a small amount of risk preferences.

  2. High income and high risk. In recent years, if you invest in the stock fund P2P, I am afraid that even the principal will not be guaranteed. Be careful and stable. Essence

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