Has anyone used Motorola E8? What is the performance? And what is the general quotation of Nanjing now?

4 thoughts on “Has anyone used Motorola E8? What is the performance? And what is the general quotation of Nanjing now?”

  1. Haha, both are right, I will summarize, haha, I am old and cheap.
    e8 is first of all products. In China, the official is no longer providing a new E8 in China. Even if it is new to you, it is also the bottom of the cargo. Of course, this can be understood.
    Since you asked questions, you must have checked the information of the E8, I will not connect you

    e8 is indeed very powerful after brushing. My own software, I do n’t know it is JAR, but also supports the theme of MGS format, the font of TTF format, and MGX software. It belongs to the MGXCN system. N
    is absolutely cheap in terms of price. In addition to performance, the expensive smart machine also sells software money. The reason for the cheap E8 is that the official has not given the software after flashing the machine. You can go to some forums to learn the flashing. MOTOBBS, etc. can help you, there are many masters there.

    I said that so much reason is because I like E8, dual interface conversion, magic keyboard can also attract the attention of others. 800 yuan, all RMB.

    wants to know MOTO's smartphone, you can ask me, I still understand it, the disadvantages of E8 are also there, but the advantages have covered the disadvantages. If the money is tight Let you experience what is called to truly create your own mobile phone

  2. Upstairs said that E8 is outdated?
    If it refers to its 2 -inch screen, QVGA resolution, 200W pixels, E8 is indeed outdated.
    But this also shows that you have never used E8.
    The shape of the wind, you can DIY Linux system, 500MHz processor, E8 is not out of date.
    The E8 I use. After the brush, the E8 is powerful enough to support MPKG format software.
    If open virtual memory, you can open dozens of QQs at the same time.
    send the font at will, the main screen.
    The powerful Rockbox, MPlayer player.
    The fun of DIY at any time.
    The landlord will take a shot, after all, it is about to stop production, the price of 1000.
    but E8 is indeed a good machine.

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