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  1. "Currency" Baidu network disk high -definition resources Watch free online:
    Links: Pan./s/
    ? Pwd = 5uwy extraction code: 5uwy
    Directors: Li Chengcai
    Type: Documentary
    Maternal/region: Mainland China
    Language: Chinese Mandarin
    Telection Date: 2012-11-19 (Mainland China)
    Episode Number: 10
    long: 45 minutes
    also known as: Money
    . She is a mud board on the Messbudamia Plain, she is the shell used by the ancient civilization of the Yellow River, she is Xiaoya Minor The gold of the kingdom of Lu Dia is the badge of the ancient bank family in Florence, Italy. She is the carrier of desire, she is a tool for exchange. She is the most familiar to us, but she is also the most strange -she is currency.
    From the birth of the earth 4.6 billion years ago to the origin of human beings 2.5 million years ago, from the earliest currency history hidden 5500 years ago, to the arrival of industrial civilization 250 years ago, from the Bretton Forest Conference 67 years ago The re -rebuilding of the international currency system today ... From the original origin, to partial traffic, from the commanding heights of international trade to today, it has become the most difficult and rooted topic in the world economic wave. Where does people come from, and how she will affect the world to have more and more confusion and expectations -what exactly is the currency? Is it money, a bond? Is it gold, a diamond? Is it wealth, a national will? Is it a dream, or something else? —— Let us cross history together, with the desire and doubts of the currency, enter the world of currency ...

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  3. Leave the mailbox to send the CCTV2 documentary currency high -definition complete works download resources,
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