4 thoughts on “What will happen to the dollar crash ????”

  1. It is not impossible, because in order to divert domestic attention in history, of course, in order to plunder resources, of course, it will adopt an expansion of aggression
    but the legal system is now sounding, and things like a civilized society will basically not happen. It will limit it to local

    The collapse of the US dollar from an economic perspective is impossible
    because banknotes are guaranteed by national credit, as long as the state bankruptcy will not collapse, it will not collapse. However, the state can achieve the appreciation and depreciation of the currency through the exchange rate change. If the US circle depreciates, China is the biggest victim, because China's beauty and circle reserve the world's No. 1
    You can only buy 5 buildings now, that is to say, due to the depreciation of the currency, the purchase power of the currency decreases, and your actual assets will also reduce
    , and the depreciation of the US dollar will increase the pressure of RMB appreciation. In the end International tourism enters the domestic market and copy, which turmoil in the Chinese financial market

  2. The world trade will be chaotic, causing social turmoil, and most countries will retreat. This may also be the best way to suppress some countries in the United States. The rich countries will not suffer.

  3. The U.S. epidemic spreads rapidly, and the number of diagnostic people exceeds 180,000! What will happen if the American collapse world will be?

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