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  1. Many investors who are planning to invest in U.S. stocks do not know how to enter the US stock account through some channels. So how do I get the US stock account? Let's take a look.

    How how to enter the US stock account?

    The main methods are:

    [1] Purchase directly with the mainland bank card and buy it in the mobile banking app app. The exchange, then buy the RMB into the US dollar, the current remittance, and then conduct overseas remittances to send the US dollars in your account to the securities company's collection account.

    [2] If you have a Hong Kong bank card, you can directly transfer the US dollar to the securities account. However, the threshold for handling the Hong Kong bank card in China is currently relatively high. For example, China Merchants Bank requires 5 million to handle it; but it is a zero threshold if you go directly to Hong Kong.

    It finished gold, then the US stock account can only be issued? It needs to be noted here. If it is issued to the Hong Kong bank card, it is very convenient. Card, there are too many restrictions, which is very difficult to make money.

    The friends of many trading/trading US stocks are very headache for gold. What does it mean to enter your bills?

    The friends who are familiar with US stocks know that if you use domestic bank cards to exchange US dollars to the securities company account, it will generally be returned. Through, banks are very sensitive to bank accounts of overseas securities firms. In addition, because the bank account and trading account of the funds must be the same name, they cannot ask others to transfer the US dollar to your securities firm account. In addition, it does not support credit cards, prepayment accounts and PayPal accounts. So the best way is to get an overseas bank card with your own name.

    The overseas bank cards that can be processed on the Internet:

    1. Huamei Bank Card [Search "Velo" in Apple's App Store and Google App Store Download and register. Don't search for "Huamei Bank". If you use "Huamei Bank" to search, you may find an old version of the red logo version of the app. This app does not have an online account opening function. The developers of these two apps are East West Bank ), The open accounts are all from Huamei, but they are facing old users and new users. Remember, the app is called "Velo", not Huamei Bank, and Velo is the digital bank app of Huamei Bank. 】

    2. International Standard Bank (SIB) [SIB "can be downloaded and registered for registration]

    3. You can download and register to handle]

    In overseas bank cards, you can use a super convenient U.S. stock gold artifact -Biyapay. The above is the content of the US stock account. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  2. This kind of bank card is more convenient and flexible, and the exchange is relatively fast. This bank card processing procedures are relatively simple.

  3. You can choose a personal account in the United States-Huamei Bank, as well as personal accounts such as Hong Kong-BOC, CITIC and other banks. Hong Kong banks can easily purchase Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, etc. )
    I Hong Kong-BOC, CITIC and other personal bank account opening conditions: ID card Hong Kong and Macau Pass (requiring Hong Kong face-to-face signing)

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