5 thoughts on “If the dollar collapses, will China collapse?”

  1. At present, foreign trade settlement is based on the US dollar as the main currency or even the only currency. The Chinese economy is closely related to foreign trade. Therefore, it is inseparable from the US dollar. Even if we sell the US dollar, we must pay the dollar. Buy, so my country has a $ 3 trillion USD reserve. If the US dollar collapses, first of all, this value of more than 200 trillion yuan will definitely change waste paper. And the collapse of the dollar is not simply the collapse of the US dollar system, but the credit collapse of the paper currency system. That is to say, no country will no longer believe that paper currency is used as a trading medium. Even if the US dollar collapses in my country that can stabilize the domestic currency system through policies, any currency will lose credit in foreign trade transactions. Continue to circulate. Some people say that they will be replaced by gold at that time. Of course, this is a possibility, but the problem lies in the pricing of gold. From the collapse of the US dollar to the re -establishment of the standards for the recognition of the circulation media, all countries require all countries to discuss and determine it. This takes a long time to re -establish a system. During this time, any industry that depends on foreign trade will follow Stagnation and collapse. China is the only country with all industrial systems. Although we live better by foreign trade, we can build and buy most of them from foreign trade. We have a systematic advantage. In addition, all our financial institutions are controlled by the government and have the advantage of regulation. Therefore, I think that if the US dollar collapses, China will definitely not collapse, and it may be one of the countries with the smallest loss in the world, but it will not be estimated how much the Chinese economy will be affected by this day.

  2. Do not understand the economy and do not comment. However, it is just that foreign exchange reserves are damaged and will not cause the Chinese monetary system to collapse. Economic impact must be great. Not only China, once the United States and the dollar collapse for a long time, there is no good life in the world for a long time.

  3. The collapse of the US dollar is the outbreak of war. However, as long as the US military power has not weakened to a certain extent, the US dollar cannot collapse.

  4. Now Meiyuan is returning from emerging countries to the United States and Europe. Europe has taken off funds for self -rescue, and the United States is completely actively returning. Emerging countries are facing impact, and Asan may be hit hard. Since 2010, this round of control has been started. GDP has been regulated from 11.9%in the first quarter of 2010 to 8%, and the regulation target has basically achieved. The stock market has been down for a long time, and it has been crawling on the floor. The real estate has also been suppressed in the platform area. The United States India, the global order, everyone is nowhere to go. Meiyuan is still the only choice. It is impossible to collapse. If the RMB is successful in 20 years, it only gets a global share of 30%, which is larger than the euro, but the US Yuan will still have a share of more than 50%.

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