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  1. one. Introduction to Easy Language
    The language is an independent development, suitable for national conditions, and people at different levels of different levels of Chinese programming language. Easy language reduces the threshold of the majority of computer user programming, especially if you do n’t understand English or English, you can quickly enter the door of Windows programs by using this language. Easy Language and Chinese programming environment is a programming tool environment that supports Chinese characters, words programming, full visualization, across mainstream operating system platforms; with multi -language versions such as simplified, prosperous Chinese, English, Japanese, etc. Calling each other; interfaces and support tools with a variety of resources such as API, COM, DLL, OCX components, various mainstream databases, various utilization procedures, etc.易语言有自主开发的高质量编译器,中文源代码被直接编译为CPU指令,运行效率高,安全可信性高;拥有自己的数据库系统,且支持访问现有所有数据库;内置专用输入法, Support Chinese sentences to quickly enter, completely solve the problem of slow Chinese input; in addition to supporting the visualization of the interface design, easy language also supports the instant visualization of the program process; in addition to the Chinese culture of the statement, the language also provides a suitable Chinese national conditions. Commands, such as the date and time processing of the Chinese format, the pronunciation processing of Chinese characters, the processing of full half -horn characters, the processing of the amount of RMB, etc.; It has characteristics such as operating efficiency, performance price ratio, full visual support, adapting to localization needs, object -oriented, and providing Windows, linux operating platforms, etc. have more than 40 support libraries. Users can use her to satisfy her to satisfy her to satisfy her satisfaction Almost all Windows programming needs, strong multimedia functions support, comprehensive network, port communication and Internet features support, there are many learning resources on the Internet and forums. It is innovative in the design and implementation of Easy Language and its compiler, the construction of visualized Chinese programming, and providing a variety of language versions. At present, Easy Language has obtained national appraisal. Experts of the appraisal association agreed that Easy Language ranks technically in the leading position in the country and has reached the international advanced level of similar products.
    . The cultural background of easy language
    The Chinese nation has 5,000 years of cultural history. The text is a script, and the latter step is developed into Lishu and Kai.
    This development of Chinese computer applications has been displayed by the Chineseization of the operating system. After the two large leaps of Chinese input method, it is experiencing an important historical period: Chinese Chinese programming has become a top priority.
    English programming software can only use English input program code, and users need to master a large number of professional English terms. This is the fundamental foundation that it is difficult for Chinese people to enter the door of software development!
    . The habits of the Chinese people are still very different from the grammar habits of foreigners. For example, foreigners say that they are ranked from large to small in order, and the Chinese people's expression is: in order from large to small ways. Ranking or abbreviation is arranged in order. Most of the foreigners' grammar is different from the Chinese. In addition, there are many types of language, there are time for verifications, and different multiple forms. This cannot adapt well in Chinese learning foreign languages. What's more, most of the English programming methods are used to represent a concept, definition, and variable in the method of capital abbreviation, so if you do n’t know, you ca n’t know, and the Chinese words can be simply expressed. Chinese has a relatively clear way of classification and expression, such as buses, cars, bicycles, and jeep are all walking vehicles, which are related to the car. Everything in English has a different term. Car, CAR car, Bike bicycle, Jeep jeep. Therefore, if this method is applied to programming, then each variable is used with different representatives, so the vocabulary of memory is very huge. There is a comparison. The Chinese can read the masterpiece as long as you master 3,000 words. More than 30,000 words must be mastered to read the newspaper. Therefore, the amount of memory can be suitable for only methods in the programming, instead of considering the grammar, the name of the variables too much. And because Chinese is a block, the amount of information contains is also large, and you can see the text.
    The difference in programming learning through the differences in the above East and Western culture, the Chinese cultural background determines that the Chinese still learn their own programming language.
    . The characteristics of easy language and powerful advantages
    1, all Chinese support, all independent intellectual property rights
    2, owning your own compiler
    3, cross -platform programming Support access to the existing database.
    5, built -in dedicated input method, support Chinese sentences quickly entered
    6, all -vision programming
    7, Chinese textual land support
    8, multiple languages ​​support
    9, can be with Other programming language collaboration development
    10, support world advanced programming technology
    11, human -machine interface friendly, integrated program design interface
    12, code is documentation, source program format uniform
    13, super super Strong program editors
    14, multimedia function support strong
    15, perfect network, port communication and Internet features support
    16, support calling API underlying function
    17, support standard external OCX components
    18, the functions of the Easy Language Support Library
    19, modular development
    20, strong learning and help system

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