2 thoughts on “How about the registration of Godaddy domain name? good or not?”

  1. I think that the domain name is registered in the dog dad. I have two friends who bought the domain name on this platform, and they also feel reliable.
    This Dad is a platform with good wind reviews on the Internet. It has full functions, good service, and very humane. The platform management exceeds 82 million domain names, and all kinds of suffixes are available. The domain name suffixes you want can be found. The resources are rich.
    If you have the domain name that you want specially, and it is just registered by others. This platform has a team of brokers to help you find a way. As long as you provide your own needs and quotations, they will help you find the domain name name The current holders are negotiated, and the entire process is confidential. The information of the two parties will not be disclosed at all, and the privacy is very good.
    It if you want to register in batches, it is very convenient. Some time ago, the dog dad has greatly improved the batch registration function. From a search for 500 domain names, it has been upgraded to 3,000 domain names. It is very convenient to get up. The more you buy, the higher the price reduction.
    The most important thing for registering domain names is security. Many small platforms, although the price is cheap, it is very common to be stolen after registration. I suggest you find a large platform. rest assured. The platform has free privacy protection. You can also purchase different levels of domain name security protection, ensure the ownership of the domain name, and avoid many risks such as the domain name being hacked and unexpectedly transferred.
    Although the price of this platform is not necessarily the lowest, considering management costs and safety, it is still recommended for dog dad. After all, domain names are a key factor in corporate image, which has a great impact on the brand and overall business. Choosing a reliable platform registered domain name will also be very helpful to the company's future development.

  2. There are two options:
    It is to go to Taobao to find someone to buy. The COM domain name of Godaddy 35
    The second is to register the website of Godaddy. Use Alipay to pay about 52.
    godaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar. Generally, everyone registered domain names in Godaddy, and then placed in DNSPOD for analysis.

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