Easy language programming digital combination question?

Press the New, each line of the editor box 1 according to the parameters of the combination box, input to the editing box 2, and it is prompted how many groups in total

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  1. Version 2

    . Program set window assembly 1

    . Program set variable array 1, text type, "0"
    n. Variable array 2, text type, "0"

    . Program set variable text, text type

    . n. Program set variable meter 1, integer type

    . Set the variable meter 2, integer type

    . n
    . Edit box 3. Whether it allows multiple lines = true

    . The first loop (3, count)

    To text (section),)

    . n Clear array (array 1)

    Clearing array (array 2)

    . r n
    In members (array 1, intermediate text (editor box 1. content, calculation, 1))

    . n. The first loop of the calculation (taking the text length (editing box 2. content), counting)

    In the members (array 2, the intermediate of the text (editor box 2. content, 1, 1, 1 )

    . Select the item = 0)

    combination 1 ()

    back ()

    . True (Combination Frame 1. The current selected item = 1)

    combination 2 ()

    returns ()

    . n
    . If the number of members (array 1) u003C3)

    returns ()

    . n. The first loop (number of members of the number of groups (array 1), order)

    . The variable loop first (counting 1, the number of members of the number of arrays (array 1), 1, secondary secondary, secondary secondary 1)

    . The variable cycle is the first (counting 1 1, the number of members of the array (array 1), 1, 2)
    n Two] Array 1 [Two 1] Array 1 [Two]

    Edit Box 3. Add text (text, "")

    . Variable circulation tail ()

    . Second cycle ()

    . Sub -program combination 1

    . rn .计次循环首(取数组成员数(数组2), 计次)rnrn .变量循环首(计次+ 1, 取数组成员数(数组2), 1, Section 2)

    Text = array 1 [Two 1] array 2 [counting] array 2 [calculate 2]
    n editor box 3. Add text (Text, "")

    . Variable circulation tail ()


    . Sub -program combination 2

    . The first cycle of the meter (number of members of the array (array 1), counting)
    n. Variable cycle The first (second 1, the number of members of the number of groups (array 1), 1, count 1)

    . R n
    Text = array 1 [r] array 1 [Two 1] array 2 [Time 2]

    Edit box 3. Add text (text, "" " )


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