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  1. The cost of the 50ETF option exchange is 1.6 yuan, and this part of the cost consists of the following 3 parts:
    1. Trading settlement fee: 0.3 yuan a picture (selling warehouses and preparations for rewriting is currently not charged) r
    2. Trading fee: 1.3 yuan (selling open warehouses and preparations for opening warehouses is currently not charged)
    3. Exercise settlement fee: 0.6 yuan a piece (only receivable)

  2. In terms of handling fees, the current expenses of each securities firm are different, ranging from 7 yuan, 10 yuan, and 20 yuan. For an option fee, China Settlement Corporation charges 0.3 yuan, with a handling fee of 2 yuan, and the exercise of 0.6 yuan. The remaining expenses will belong to a broker.

  3. Hello, the option fee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50ETF consists of 3 parts. The commission of the broker is generally 5 yuan. The transaction volume is large. /Zhang is fixed. However, it should be noted that the 50ETF options of the Shanghai Stock Exchange are mainly a bit high. It is necessary to have more than 6 months of stock financing and securities and securities lending or CICC's stock index futures trading experience. We must simulate options transactions, and then I can take my ID card to the business outlet to handle it.

  4. Caishun Finance 50ETF options are not difficult, and they can be traded at any time, and there is the advantages of low cost and high return. how many. After all, if you want to participate in options investment, this problem cannot be avoided.
    First of all, there are also many securities companies in China. In different securities, there may also be some subtle differences. However, in general, all brokerage devices will not be too high, generally about 5 yuan in one side. However, the threshold for individual investors to invest in 50ETF options is relatively high. For example, individuals have a market value and fund account available balances (excluding securities and funds incorporated through financing trading transactions). The total is not less than RMB 500,000. As well as the qualifications of the financing and securities and securities business participation or financial futures trading experience, or the experience of financial futures trading for more than 6 months in the futures company, no serious bad integrity records, and the ability to withstand risks.

    . Nowadays, there are more domestic sub -software platforms than securities companies. With the popularity of 50ETF options, more and more zero -threshold platforms have appeared on the Internet. The standards for each platform are different, so the difference is relatively large, and the unilateral handling fee is charged ranging from 7-10 yuan. A regular online positioning platform handling fee must be higher than the securities company. If it is a customer with a large transaction volume, it is recommended to choose to go to the securities. The comparison handling fee is a large amount of expenses. Customers with a small transaction volume can choose a formal positioning platform to avoid excessive thresholds and complicated opening processes in securities firms.

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