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  1. Nowadays, options trading commissions on the market are generally five dollars, and options are different from stocks. He only talks about how much one of the number. In fact, these five dollars earn a lot of money, because the calculation cost is 1.6 yuan. This 1.6 yuan is collected by the exchange, and the rest are the commission of the brokerage company.
    Come directly, 1.6 All -inclusive

  2. Hello, options can generally open an account directly at the business department. Generally, it is five yuan, which can be bargained.
    The individual investors participating in options transactions shall meet the following conditions:
    (1) The securities market value and capital account of the securities and capital accounts of the options operating institutions entrusted at their entrustment (excluding through financing trading transactions through financing securities and securities securities and securities securities and securities securities and securities securities trading The integration of securities and funds), a total of not less than RMB 500,000;
    (2) Designated transactions for more than 6 months of securities companies and have the qualifications for participating in margin financing business or financial futures transactions; The account opening is more than 6 months and has financial futures transaction experience;
    (3) with the basic knowledge of options, through the relevant tests recognized by the institute; R n (5) Have corresponding risk tolerance;
    (6) No serious bad integrity records and laws, regulations, rules and business rules for prohibiting or restricting the situation of options transactions;
    ( 7) Other conditions stipulated in this department.
    50ETF option fees 1.8 yuan/piece.
    If you are a high frequency of transaction and do extreme duty options, this impact is still great.
    Is as low as 1.8 yuan-one!

  3. Objective transaction fees are mainly divided into two types:
    The transaction fee: The exchanges will count the handling fees to both buyers and sellers according to the standards stipulated by the exchange after the daily transaction of the day of the transaction. At present, the trading of Small bean meal seizes 1 yuan and 1 yuan for liquidation;
    The submission fee: options buyer rights and seller's performance of the exchanges to the exchanges separately. At present, the rights fee fee of the bean meal period is 1 yuan/hand.

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