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  1. Stock options trading fees include transaction commissions, transaction fees, settlement fees and transfer fees. The settlement fee is collected by the Chinese settlement Shanghai Branch, and each contract with ETF as the target is charged at 0.3 yuan.
    The transaction fee is received by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which is charged in both sides. When the transfer fee of the stock options, the registered company will charge 0.05%of the stock transfer value. The transaction commission of stock options is charged by the securities company, which does not exceed 0.3%of the transaction amount. However, if investors' funds are large, securities companies can appropriately reduce commission.

  2. At present, stock options are only 50ETF options that can be traded, and they need to be opened at the counter at the securities company. You can apply for discounts. Special large funds or transactions can apply for a minimum of 7 yuan. Each transaction of options requires paid fees, and options are bilateral charges, mainly divided into two aspects, on the one hand, brokerage commissions, (search for wealth and finance) The handling fee and settlement fee charged by the transaction, but the exercise fee is required to charge an additional amount. Cai Shun options
    If option transaction fees composition:
    1, brokerage commission, at least 7-10 yuan, the large transaction volume can be reduced, the lowest is 7 yuan.
    2, the handling fee of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is 1.3 yuan/piece, which is a fixed fee.
    3, the settlement fee for Chinese settlement is 0.3 yuan/piece, which is fixed.
    In general, the option fee is generally around 7 yuan, but this is only for investors who directly open an account to the exchange.
    If investors choose to share the account of the sub-position software, the difference in option fees will be relatively large, and the handling fee will take 10-15 yuan.
    What are the costs of buying and selling options?
    First, the option fee for account opening accounts includes transaction fees and exercise fees:
    The transaction fee is the exchanges according to the number of option contracts and standard billing methods of investors on the day of the day's transaction. , Trading costs charged to both buyers and sellers. Generally speaking, the transaction fee is fixed, and different brokers collect different standards.
    Ovitable fees refer to the fees charged by the buyers and sellers of the options when conducting the transaction.
    The cost composition of options includes brokerage commission, CCCC settlement fee (0.3 yuan/piece), and the handling fee of the exchange is also a fixed fee. If we choose 50ETF options and Huatai Pineapple 300ETF options, according to the Shanghai Stock Exchange's handling fee, Castrol CSI 300ETF option is calculated according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's fees.
    For example, when we understand the 300 -stock index options, we can see that the relevant regulations are about handling fees. The handling fee standard is 15 yuan per hand, and the handling fee for exercising options is 2 yuan per hand.

  3. The 50ETF option transaction fee, in fact, each transaction of 50ETF options requires paid fees, and 50ETF options are bilateral charges, daily transactions are unlimited. Transaction 50ETF options need to charge transaction settlement fees, hand -handed transactions, and exercise settlement fees.

    50ETF option trading costs include? Specifically: 1. Settlement of China: The cost is 0.3 yuan per photo, generally fixed and unchanged 2. SSI Exchange: The handling fee is 1.3 yuan per photo, generally fixed unchanged 3, the commission received by the brokerage company, most of the securities companies charged The transaction fee is around 5 yuan, and it will be charged when opening the warehouse and the two -way charging system. In fact, if the brokerage firms are calculated, it is generally less than five yuan. It is about 7-10 yuan.
    In the 50ETF option trading market, investors must charge a transaction 50ETF option fee. Regardless of whether it is an account account or an option platform account, it is necessary to pay the management fee during the transaction period. The amount of the handling fee will eventually affect the income of investors. For novices and new entry partners, the expenditure of the 50ETF option fee determines the winning rate.

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