How to prepare for TOEFL, I have never been in contact with this, and I hope the experts are guiding! Intersection Intersection

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  1. I. TOEFL Reading Test Materials:
    We by us most often is such three books
    The first book, known as OG, full name Office, official guide, is the most authoritative one The TOEFL test book is also published by ETS so far. The only book for the TOEFL test is equivalent to the outline of the TOEFL test. Its value is self -evident. There are six independent articles behind OG books. Regardless of the length, content, or question setting of these six articles, it is no different from the real test. Through these six articles, students can not only understand the overall question settings of TOEFL reading, the types and themes of reading the article, and even find out some rules of reading exams. Students who have time can take the questions above OG. Do it a few times, I believe there will be new experience and new gains every time you do. At the same time, after six articles, OG is also equipped with a complete set of exercises. Like the real TOEFL reading exam, there are three articles. There are 12-14 questions behind each article. The original score is 42 points. After the classmates can correct themselves, compare the scoring table above 125 pages, which is equivalent to a TOEFL reading score. It should be noted that OG gives sample questions, the purpose is to let candidates understand the question type of real exams and adapt to the TOEFL test. Therefore, the overall difficulty of OG will be slightly lower than the difficulty of the TOEFL real exam. In the exam, we have to make good results, and we also need to supplement other simulation questions to help us.
    The second book, known as Delta, the full name of the new TOEFL test preparation strategy and simulation test questions, blue Delta, this is a better choice of simulation test questions. In this sense, Delta can be regarded as a simulated book closest to the real TOEFL test in the market. Throughout the book, its overall test questions are difficult, question settings, and articles selection materials are very close to real exams. The first half of the book is divided according to the type type, and it is divided into ten major questions. For example, an example of each question type was explained, and a part of the exercise was accompanied by a part of the exercises to facilitate the breakthroughs of each question type. Therefore, students can take this book as the focus of the test in the middle of preparing TOEFL. There are differences between each question type. Correspondingly, the skills we use are different, and the benefits of dividing the question are here. After we have a thorough understanding of each question type and corresponding skills, we need to jump out of the "trees" to see the "forest". At this time, the students can use the four sets of full test questions with the second half of the book. So in the middle and late stages of the TOEFL, or at the sprint stage, students can come to do the complete test questions behind.
    The third book is called Longman. The full name is a new TOEFL test comprehensive tutorial, a green cover. In terms of difficulty, the difficulty of this book is relatively simple than the real test. It is more suitable for students to use it in the early stage of preparing TOEFL. The new version of the question type setting has been closer to the real TOEFL test. Like Delta, the first half of the book is divided according to the top ten types. The division type is given examples and exercises. What is slightly different from Delta is that the number of exercises given by a single article will be more concentrated. The second half of the book and Delta are also different. First, 8 mini-test are given. Each exercise only gives one article as a reference. Students can refer to use in the early stage of preparation. After the Mini-TEST, two complete exercises were given, which is consistent with the real TOEFL test form. The difficulty is slightly less. As the end of the preparation, students can use these two sets of questions to check their preparations. Another very valuable place Longman is to attach a model test disc. The CD -ROM simulation of the real TOEFL test gives a lot of exercises, and the practice in the disc is different from the content in the book.
    . TOEFL reading test preparation software:
    It, in addition to these essential textbooks, we have the same thing for the TOEFL TOEFL, that is, the mold test software. Almost all students will reflect after the test that it feels different in practicing on the computer and tingling. The questions are fell into a confusion, and the results that often come out will not be too ideal! This is the obstacle that students must cross! It is inevitable, we will not adapt to the form of the machine test. It will be difficult to see the screen and watch it, and we can no longer marked some key points on the test papers as before. The upper paintings are painted, and the TOEFL article is very long. As soon as the scroll bar is pulled, the labeling point is just away. This is another obstacle we encounter. Therefore, in addition to relying on the practice questions in books to help us familiarize with the types and methods of TOEFL exams, we also need to use these mold test software to help us adapt to a form of exams such as machine tests. Any exams, the higher your adaptation to her, the more you will get closer to your real level, and even have a super level play! So what are the mold test software we have exposed to the market?

    1. TPO
    The first push TPO, the full name of TOEFL PRACTICE Online, TOEFL online exam exercise, it is a platform for all real simulation TOEFL test. The advantage of it is to understand the real question type, be familiar with the examination environment and operations, and test your true level. And you can receive feedback immediately after the test, including writing and spoken feedback. Then New Oriental has become the only language training school in China that is authorized by ETS that can be implanted in the TOEFL course, so students can buy TPOs in New Oriental Daln Store, and all new Oriental TOEFL students will give TPOs free of charge with the course. The interface of the TPO is no different from the real test, and in fact, the TPO is the real test of the new TOEFL test. We all know that since the reform of TOEFL in 2005, we can no longer get the TOEFL real question. In other words, TPO is us The only new TOEFL question you can get! it is good!
    but the number of TPOs is limited, and it is gone after doing it. Then we need to add other mold test software. What we can find is the following.

    translated as Capland, Kaipland. Students who need it can go to the bookstore to buy this book. There is a software CD and two CD discs in "Toefl IBT New TOEIC E-TOEIC Training (2008-2009)". Of course, students who want to find free resources still have a place, that is, a evil place called eDonkey. You can go to a CD -ROM image with ISO as the suffix, and then with a virtual optical drive software, you can use it. It is recommended to use Daemon Tools 4.30.3. The operation is simple. After installing the software There is no difference between using it and the CD, but it eliminates the interference sound from the optical drive when reading the disk. Another problem that another classmate often encounters is that when doing Kaplan reading, there is a lot of garbled code in the article, resulting in the article that cannot be read. The solution is very simple. Select the "Regional and Language Options" in "Control Panel", and then click the "Advanced" tab to set the language of the non -Unicode program to "English", and then the computer will be automatically restarted.

    The second mold test software to be said is Barron, commonly known as Baron. The full name is called "Barrner How to Prepare for the TOEFL IBT". With the book with a model test disc. Because the book is all included in the seven sets of mold test questions in the CD, explanation of mold test questions, original listening texts, and composition examples, it can also be bought in New Oriental Dayyu Bookstore. The value of these seven sets of questions is high and the difficulty is relatively high. The difficulty of the TOEFL test is gradually increasing. Relatively, we need some difficult questions to help us adapt to such difficulties and strengths. At the same time, its interface and test interface are closer to help us familiarize with the exam.

    Okay, after finishing the TOEFL reading, we will talk about the software, that is, we have these things, if we use them reasonably, and what kind of effort we need, and what kind of effort we need, we Eventually across the TOEFL barrier!
    For reading, the biggest impact is undoubtedly vocabulary. In the new TOEFL, this is particularly prominent. Students who are familiar with the new TOEFL test know that there is a type of question type called vocabulary questions, that is, a word or a phrase will be shadow in the article, and then four options are given in the question. Please choose the original text. Or the most meaningful of the phrase. The setting of this type of question directly shows the requirements of ETS questions on candidates' vocabulary! And this question type is generally examined in an article, which is 3-5 questions, that is, nearly one-third of the quantity! If the students can be proficient in the meaning of this word and the meaning of the context, then this question type can be immediately solved! Of course, we will have a lot of skills to help everyone solve this question smoothly, but the importance of vocabulary on reading is already evident! The corresponding equipped with a good vocabulary and learning through vocabulary courses can help us quickly increase our words in the short term.

    . How to review the TOEFL reading:
    mi to talk about the questions of reviewing. Many students are most likely to encounter the problem. At this time, the skills of the question type have been mastered, but they always feel that the correct rate stays at a level. There is no way to break through a bottleneck and achieve substantial breakthroughs. It seems that it has nowhere to start with TOEFL reading. Vocabulary and reading volume!
    Since TOEFL reading is an academic reading, in short, it is to test the students' reading ability in the academic environment. What is called reading in an academic environment? That is to say, its article content may be astronomical to geographical, but it does not involve life trivial matters. It may have all -encompassing, but it will never tell a story, express a passion, or talk about a gossip. It is different from our usual reading. Magazine or novels, it is a textbook -style article. The official guide gives our clear instructions, that is, the articles of the new TOEFL test reading section are excerpted from the degree of textbooks, which are generally introduced to a subject or theme. The main purpose of the new TOEFL test is to evaluate Candidates' understanding of academic articles is. Simply put, it is to test whether candidates have reached the English level of successful participation in teaching activities. In response to the TOEFL test in such a situation, we are required to master some professional vocabulary and read some academic articles to adapt to the TOEFL test. So there are so many professional vocabulary, how can we solve it? There is another sentence on the TOEFL official guide here. It doesn't matter if the candidate does not understand the theme involved in an article, because all the information required for answering questions will appear in the article. This is of great significance to us! We don't need to fight the endless professional vocabulary, because it does not test professional knowledge! However, the academicity still has a guiding role in our vocabulary review, which is reflected in one point. The significance of all vocabulary must be rely on professional academic aspects! There may be a lot of words in a word, but in the context of TOEFL reading, it must be that more formal meaning, not the meaning in spoken language! After speaking, the problem of vocabulary is the problem of pan -reading. Although it doesn't matter if you understand the theme involved in an article, we all have this experience. If the content of this article is closer to life or within the field of knowledge, it must be more likely to understand. Intersection Within 3-6 months, we can come to a pan-reading work. One can expand our background knowledge. Second, a certain amount of reading every day is helpful to improve reading ability! We have gone through too many intensive reading from childhood to large English learning. Each word and each sentence in the article are thoroughly analyzed and chewed completely. Now we are the most lack of reading! The length of the TOEFL article is controlled at about 700 words. At the speed of refinement, the articles that read these 700 words in 20 minutes and then complete the post-12-14 questions at the same time, which has almost become an impossible task! Many students have only one feeling when they arrive at the examination room, that is, time is too late! Of course, give a reading for an hour and a reading with 20 minutes. The result is very different! What we need is to change our thinking. Through the practice of pan -reading, we improve our reading speed, adapt to how to grasp the most important things in the article in a limited time, and understand the meaning of the article. There are a lot of materials for pan -reading, but be careful not to choose the topic you like, because you can't predict what themes will be tested, nor should you read novels and magazines outside the academic range. This is not the most targeted for our TOEFL test. of! If you want to use your strength on the blade, I recommend reading so many things.

    1. Old TOEFL True Question
    If the importance of Old TOEFL is self -evident. In the new TOEFL, we found that some words and settings of vocabulary are still consistent with the old TOEFL, so When it comes to pan -reading, the first time I push the old TOEFL question, and use a little time to turn the old TOEFL question every day. I believe that the new TOEFL will not run out of your

    2. It is already very academic. At the same time, we found that the current TOEFL test is a comprehensive and multi -angle combination of listening, speaking, reading, writing. Therefore, the original TOEFL listening can also be used as an important material for our reading, especially the lecture parts in the hearing. After listening to the hearing, then study the original text carefully, it is very important to improve the two capabilities of listening and reading at the same time. The help of the big help, also practiced the combination of listening reading involved in the later spoken language and writing. It is a good way to get more!

    The above two is a pan -reading material that is closely related to our TOEFL reading exam. Then, in addition, if the students still want to read more things related to academic topics, as alternatives, as a alternative, We can consider these two magazines:
    1. National Geography
    Very famous old magazine, English name is national, equipped with exquisite illustrations and text, as materials that supplement natural science knowledge, which belongs to science popularization Sexual articles are roughly the same as TOEFL.

    2. Economist
    or an economist magazine. The English name is The Economist, an old -fashioned magazine in the UK, which involves humanities, history, and economic management. The use of sentence patterns is excellent, and it is greatly helpful for pan -reading and writing.
    This above reading materials above recommend that you use the method of saving and environmental protection to download online. The location is still the evil eDonkey. Of course, the biggest benefit is to help everyone adapt to reading English on the computer as soon as possible to read English as soon as possible The feeling of the article is fully prepared for the online test!

    The World Book Publishing House 118 yuan
    This reading preparation common questions
    This speed is too slow
    one problem that many students will encounter are not enough reading time, we just just now Speaking of the reading of a 700-word article in 20 minutes and answers to the post-12-14 questions behind, it is not easy. So the reading time is a huge challenge to us. So what exactly depends on the reading speed? Two aspects! That is our reading quantity and a very important reading method, that is, the structural reading method (that is, a method of identifying sentence ingredients and grasping the main trunk of the sentence). We have talked about some useful pan -reading materials above. On the other hand, the TOEFL reading exam is essentially to examine the reading ability of students in the academic environment. It is very important to be the ability to extract the most useful and related information in a short time. Today's society is a society with information explosions. It is undoubtedly a great manifestation of reading ability in the complicated information. The TOEFL reading test is also considered in this regard. The new TOEFL title can basically find the source in the original text. As long as the students can find the sentence related to this question from the original text in the shortest time, and then extract the useful information about the problem solving in this sentence, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, let the problem -solving, so that let it In the original text, the most related information with the problem is revealed, so the problem of reading speed is naturally solved. Therefore, students can master the structural reading method, and coupled with good synonymous replacement and fast positioning ability, they can fundamentally improve the reading speed.
    2. The long sentence is difficult to understand
    This articles have a characteristic, that is, there are more long sentences, and many information that is closely related to us is very deeply hidden in these long difficulties. In the sentence. The ability to interpret long -term sentences is very important for almost all types of topics. Many students have a self -fitting point that I have positioned this sentence and knowing that the key to solving the problem is in this sentence, but this sentence can't understand. This is a pity! What's more, the situation of some classmates is that this sentence word knows, but when these words form a more complicated sentence, the students will be helpless. In fact, many times when we encounter such a sentence, it is not necessary to fully understand the meaning of this sentence when we encounter such sentences. information. To interpret the difficult sentence, we must jump out of a misunderstanding. Remember, what we need to do in our exam is not to completely understand the meaning of each word in the sentence, but to remove interference information, quickly and correctly find related to us to solve the problem -solving problem -solving problem -solving problem -solving problem -solving problem -solving related problems solving the problem. Information. The specific operation method can refer to the structural reading method.

  2. Original answers, I hope to help you.
    The I have been tested on December 20, 2009. I have a comprehensive understanding of the basic information of the new TOEFL. Some suggestions are the words of the next family, I hope to help you.
    The four parts of the new TOEFL. Reading, listening, spoken language and writing are performed on the computer. A total of 4-5 hours need to be tested. Pick up the point for you to narrate separately.
    Reading, there are 3 or 5 articles. If there are 5 additions, there are no additional tests. This is performed during the exam:
    part1, there are 1 article, which is completed for 20 minutes. If it is not completed, the system will be submitted automatically and entering the next part.
    part2, 2 articles, completed in 40 minutes. If it is not completed, the system will submit automatically and enter the next part.
    In after these two parts, if there is no additional test, you will enter the hearing part. If you have an additional test, you will see the article entering PART3,2 articles, which will be completed in 40 minutes. , Enter the next part.
    The test is random, but reading and listening must be tried. If it is not for reading, it must be listening to the test. If the reading is added, the hearing will not be added.
    In listening:
    The key to the new TOEFL! Listening, spoken language, writing involve listening, and you can't do it without understanding. The new TOEFL listening part is 2 or 3 parts, and each part consists of one and 2 LECUTRE. It is a dialogue, a real scene from the North American campus, such as students and professors to discuss issues, students who work and dialogue, etc. There are 5 questions, and they have multiple choices, but there may be double options. Lecture is more difficult, mainly because the subject matter is very abnormal. Lecture simulates the lectures of North American classrooms. The subject matter is professional and widely. For example, there is an astronomical Lecture that I take a astronomical lecture. It is very normal for Mercury's core and magnetic field. The content has not been understood. The key is to practice hearing skills. There are 6 questions, selection questions in each of Lecture, and may have doubles and chart questions.
    part1 Enter part2 after the end, the process is the same as above.
    Part2, if there is no additional test, enter spoken language. If there is an additional test, enter the hearing part3, the process is the same as part2.
    Spoken language: There are 6 questions in speaking, listening and speaking are all done on the headset. Questions 1, 2 are independent speaking, topics from daily life.
    The first question: your favorite book, a gift, the one you admire the most, the most impressive thing, etc., the reason is that it is a common topic in daily life. If you want to do it, you have to need to be. Ready.
    Question 2: Ask you a selective assertion, let you choose, explain the reason. For example: Do you like to study in the office or study at home, do you like to watch movies in cinema or watch at home, do you like paper -making books or electronic books, why, etc. It is also a common topic in life. Prepare to be broad.
    The question: First read a piece of materials, life reading materials from the North American campus, such as the notice of a school, and then listen to a conversation. Students' opinions on this notice. Then the problem is: repeat notification, and explain the attitude and reasons of the students. Therefore, listening is the key, and you ca n’t say if you do n’t understand.
    The question: Read a professional material with a wide range of subject matter. Like listening, it is possible to listen to a professional lecture. The content of the content is the same as the topic in reading. A psychological concept, regarding the "from the psychology", the word of that concept is completely unclear, and the explanation is also very obscure. Then listen to the lecture. For example, in life, people's behavior is often affected by others. Example: You drove with friends to eat, and you forgot how to leave when you cross the crossroads. Your impression is to go straight, but the friends in the car say that you turn left. At this time, you really turn left. The final question is: retelling the "from the psychology" feelings, retelling the example of the professor. The key is also listening!
    The fifth question, no reading, listen directly, the life scene from the North American campus. Generally, A encounters a problem, B gives 2 solutions, and finally let you repeat A's problem and B's two solutions. Which one do you think is good and why. Needless to say, you can't understand, the key is listening.
    The six questions, it is more difficult to deal with, without reading, listen to a professional lecture directly, the design of the design is wide. The professor first talks about a professional concept, and then explains it for example. Finally, ask you: Repeat the concept and example of the professor. The topic of my test is the concept of biology. Regarding the awareness of the analogy of animals, the concept is very obscure, but after listening to the example, I understand. The first example is: the bird protects the egg. During the spawning period, the bird is very alert. The image eggs are aware of protection. The second particle is a bird's barbecued bar. Later, it deliberately used a pencil to simulate. The bird was also interested. The problem is: the concept of re -describing the awareness of animal comparison, two examples of the professor. Similarly, listening is the key.
    writing: two questions. The first question is comprehensive writing, and I feel rare.
    In first reading a professional article, a wide range of disciplines, there are three arguments in the article, and there are some details after each argument. Then hide the article and listen to a professional lecture. In the lecture, the professor opposes the three arguments and details in the reading one by one. Then, the question is: write a summary article to summarize how the professor opposes the arguments and arguments in reading. I do n’t know how to write it. I took a comparison of the American pyramid and the Egyptian pyramid. My details are incomplete, and I am not very good. 225 words, 20 minutes.
    The second part is independent writing, a proposition, 30 minutes, at least 300 words. That is, the pure writing of pure freedom. Study more logic and structure, there is no problem.

    It the key to the new TOEFL is listening, listening, spoken language and writing. Chinese candidates, I do n’t know how much hearing the suffering, I personally experienced it. I suggest you train well. Do not use some Delta training above. This is just entry -level materials, OG, Delta practiced, and the real questions do n’t understand anything, and the questions will not be done. It is recommended that your foundation is almost practiced. You must practice Barron and TPO. Barron's hearing is recognized as the best material for improvement. TPO is the official simulation question released by ETS. It is very classic. I often go too stupid, pin the world, and chase dreams to see these resources.
    Vocabulary: Recommend Li Xiaolai's "TOEFL Vocabulary 21 Days", which is too classic. If this one has mastered it, it is basically enough. If you want to take 90 points, this book is enough. If you want to take more than 90 or higher, you can memorize Wang Yumei's "TOEFL Vocabulary Selection", or Zhang Hongyan's "Words of Words", and even GRE vocabulary.
    Reading: Recommend "New TOEFL Gold Reading Selection", there are more than 50 articles, all of which are real questions released by ETS. The value is very high, just like an incompetent treasure, do a few more times!
    In listening: The important thing is listening. The entry -level materials recommend Delta and OG. The foundation is almost the same, and it is necessary to listen to Barron and TPO. The latter two are very important!
    Pelastes: Practice more, extensive speaking, and extensive. The topics that can be thought of can be summarized, and even memorized it, so that you can do it at the time of real exams. 3-6 questions, it is recommended to do TPO. I practiced 10 TPOs before the test. I have recorded them in their spoken language. I feel that I have done the same when I test the real questions.
    The writing: Listening! Pure writing is easy to practice. Look at the structure and practice a few articles. Writing has always been the strength of Chinese students. My personal experience also feels that writing is very simple (except listening TT)
    If need, you can send me email 540847020@qq, I will share my original resources with you.

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