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  1. Its value is related to its existence, distribution age, appearance, market demand and other factors. The specific market transaction price shall prevail.
    This response time: 2021-11-09, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

  2. As of March 2, 2020, the price of the Liberty coin 1990 universal coins has been above 1,000 yuan, as follows:
    It as everyone knows, the one yuan of peony is issued since 1991, and the issuance is stopped in 2000. This one is stopped. This one is stopped. In 1990, it can be said to be "creating historical records". Of course, this money must be fake, and we call it a coin.
    Speaking of peony one yuan, everyone has used it. It has been tested from 1991 to stopped issuing in 2000. There are 10 different year -on -year differences. In 2000, the peony one yuan coin is the "closing coin" of the fourth set of RMB 1 coins.
    is also the last 1 yuan coin marked with the word "People's Republic of China". It is necessary to issue 300,000 generals and 20,000 refined, that is, the young three flower coins we are familiar with.

    A many people have a cognitive misunderstanding for the price of peony one yuan. Because when the coin was put in the 1990s, many of them were invested in the region coins according to the region, and some areas did not put in coins of a certain year, so everyone had a wrong prediction about the value of the coin.
    The expansion information:
    The types of one -dollar coin:
    1, one yuan Zhangcheng coin: Great Wall circulation coins include 1 corner, 2 corners, 5 horns, 1 yuan, four facial values. From 1980 to 1986, the Gacheng Coin was issued for a total of 7 years, and China was only four years of public issuance.

    2, Peony-Yuan: With the chrysanthemum-horn and plum blossoms in the old three flowers, the peony one yuan has gradually entered the eyes of the collector.

    3, chrysanthemum-Yuan: Chrysanthemum one yuan is the current one-dollar coin circulating version. Since 1999, it is issued every year. Face chrysanthemum pattern is the word of one yuan Arabia and "People's Bank of China".

  3. This is the United States 1 -US -made coin. The front is the Lincoln Memorial Hall, and the back is Lincoln's side. The coin material is copper. Although this coin is equivalent to less than 1 corner, it still has a certain collection value. At present, a new 1 -dollar coin is worth about 3 yuan in the postal trading market.
    This is a 5 -dollar coin circulating coin issued by the United States in 1995. The positive pattern is the portrait of the portrait coin of the US President Thomas Jefferson. %Nickel is converted at the exchange rate, which is equivalent to 0.3 yuan
    This is 10 cents coin (the word "OneDime" on the back of the coin is derived from the ancient French "Disme", which means "one -tenth", one tenth of the tenth of The dollar is 10 cents). This is the 10 -dollar coin circulating coin issued by the United States in 1960. The front pattern of the coin is the portrait of the US President Franklin Roosevelt; the back of the coin is a pattern composed of torch, oak branches and olive branches. The material is silver and copper alloy (including 90%silver and 10%copper). The circulation is 270,550,400. This Roosevelt Avatar 10 -dollar coin has been issued since 1946. Because the distribution of silver contained from 1946 to 1965, the collection value was high; and from 1965, it was issued without silver (the coin material was copper nickel alloys), so the collection value was relatively low. Your 10 -dollar coins were issued in 1960, so the material contains silver, so the value collection is high. Currently in the postal trading market, it is worth about 28 yuan.
    This is a 25 -dimensional coin circulating coin issued by the United States in 1978. The front of the coin is the eagle, and the back is Washington's side. The coin material is copper nickel alloy. According to the current exchange rate of the US dollar and RMB: $ 1 = 6.5530 yuan, your 25 -dollar coin can be exchanged for about 1.6 yuan. However, there is a collection value. The new 1978 -dollar coin was worth about 6 yuan on the postal trading market, and the distribution product phase (8 items) value of about 3 yuan.

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