What are the ways to quickly improve the TOEFL and TOEFL composition! Intersection Intersection Urgent

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  1. Many good Chinese children who are determined to go abroad have such a confused tangling, whether it is IELTS or TOEFL test. Some students will ask the teacher when they come up, what is the difference between the two exams, or the difference between the two exams.
    Many people are doubting, they are all English tests, what is the difference between IELTS and TOEFL? The following editors will share the relevant content of the difference in IELTS and TOEFL reading. I hope to help students who are preparing for the IELTS test. Essence
    The purpose of test first test, length of test and form. The IELTS () test is designed for non -English students who apply to study and immigrate to study in English (the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.) to evaluate the ability of candidates to use English. TOEFL () most of the American universities or research institutes require foreign students to propose a certain standard TOEFL test score when applying. As far as the test time is concerned, the IELTS test time is short, with a total length of two penty and 45 minutes. However, because speaking is necessary to take the test separately, it takes the time to pass the test to complete the entire exam. The TOEFL length is 4 hours, and the items of listening to, speaking, reading and writing are completed one after another. Therefore, it is a great test for students' physical strength and mental strength. It is necessary to make good psychology and physical preparation for students who prepare for TOEFL.
    The length of the content. Although reading is that middle school students have been in contact with English, they have started with reading, and have read a lot since childhood. Reading in the four subjects of listening, speaking, reading, and writing can also be regarded as a long item of the middle school, but most of the students are still surprised by the reading length of the IELTS TOEFL.
    The number of words given by TOEFL is about 700 words. According to TOEFL, online testing, and articles in OG for statistics average each article is 700.7 words. So both global institutions and statistical data are very close. In these articles, there are not more than 750 words in these articles, and less than 650 words. It can be seen that TOEFL has made strict regulations on the number of words in order to achieve students' English ability at the rated time. The average length of IELTS reading articles is more than 900 words per article, which can be about 1500 words. From this point of view, the number of IELTS is more flexible. I think the number of words does not necessarily determine the difficulty of the article. Because TOEFL and IELTS are very similar in one point, it is necessary to do the topic do not have to read or read the full text. However, changes in the number of words are also a vulnerable factor for candidates. In my own opinion, the vulnerable factor will have a certain impact on the candidates.
    TOEFL and IELTS have a lot of reading questions. Knowing that their different points can help prepare for different characteristics for different characteristics, so that they can get good results. From the perspective of reading, this article answers the inner questions of many candidates, and brings Da Lai to the different inventory of IELTS and TOEFL. Two or more test items can be selected to compare and explain.
    The form and quantity of the question. There are 8 types of IELTS tests. Although there are 10 types of TOEFL, they can attribute negative facts and fact information questions to one middle. There are slightly different forms of inspection in the topic. TOEFL is all selected questions (a summary question is multiple -choice of topics), and IELTS will still fill the blanks. However, the examination of the question type is the ability to understand and consent from the details of the article and the ability to understand and consent from the details of the article. At the same time, the TOEFL and IELTS types also have various problem -solving skills, and each skill is different. In this regard, the two are still not comparable, divided into autumn.
    The vocabulary requirements for reading. From this aspect, the TOEFL vocabulary requires eight thousand, and IELTS's vocabulary requirements are 6,000. But the number of TOEFL is slightly more difficult. In addition, the selection of TOEFL reading is more focused on biological considerations, and the discipline of biological disciplines is also worth mentioning. So in terms of quantity and "quality", TOEFL's word volume requirements are relatively large. Moreover, the number of eight thousand requests is actually more than that in the article. If the ability of guessing words and sentences is not strong, some words that do not need to be understood will also constitute the obstacles of reading, so that the results will have a great impact.

  2. When preparing for the TOEFL speaking, the independent part must be seriously done. There are many real questions in this part. If you practice a certain amount, you can accumulate a certain amount. At the same time, use the real situation of the exam to simulate exercises to achieve the purpose of improving the ability of oral expression.

    The comprehensive part can be selected to read an article with moderate and short -length, refine the key points of the program, and summarize it with oral expressions on the basis of refining the main points; Effective practice. Learn oral refining and summarizing these reading and listening materials; based on this, you express important information orally and explain the connection between each other.

    The performance on the spot is also important. Many candidates are unconfident, which will seriously affect the performance of the test that pays attention to the expression.

    The cause of this situation may be that the lack of spoken exercises, which causes candidates to perform unconfident when answering the questions; or the personality is too restrained, resulting in not publicity when answering questions. The performance on the field is not confident and generous
    is a formal problem, but a matter of essence. Not only will the voice tone be confused, but it will also make the reasons not to fly. Various oral errors or EN, AH and other knots pauses

    So practice is the key to improving strength. At the same time, we must force yourself to express self -confidence and know that faith is true.

    This oral answers to many candidates are very beautiful, but there is no expression that it should be said. The crux is that the voice is inaccurate, the tone has no ups and downs, the language is not fluent, and the stutter is stuttered (although the new TOEFL language mainly examines the communication and communication ability, the voice, tone, and the stress will affect the results).

    So I suggest that you know the knowledge of the voice tone appropriately when you are preparing, and discover and correct your words in advance. Persist in some hearing materials every day, clearly, and accurately read some hearing materials. You can directly use the listening part of the speaking and follow it loudly.
    As for the TOEFL composition:

    1. TOEFL composition is the "eight shares" of English, there are routines, so the template can be used.
    2. Vocabulary and fixed phrases must be known, mainly 3 categories: ~ environment, economic, social progress and other topics such as noun or noun phrases; ; ~ Connects and phrases that play a combination.
    3. On the basis of correct, understandable, strive to change the change of sentence patterns, interpolation, clauses, pour, virtual, etc.
    4. See what the question is required to write. If there is comparison, you should write the difference between the two, don't just say that you support it.
    5. Different Reason should not be combined to a piece. Each center must be clear, and the reason paragraphs come to the beginning of the passage of the door to open the door at the beginning of the paragraph; since it is necessary to become a paragraph, then the reASON you choose must definitely To be able to expand, that is, something is easy to write, don't say worry about Fu Xin; so although you may have N reasons for a argument, those that make it reasonable, but if you can't express it in English, you don’t need to write it. This is not a tens of thousands of words.
    6.Reason will have example as soon as it comes out. Two or three cases are enough, and the case can be logically supported.
    7. Do not appear in the whole article, the second person you, you, this is the guidance of seniors such as EnJoy Life (pointing pumpkin, and then she "counts" me), and uses pe send more; Why do you open your mouth to teach others in writing?
    8. Personal point of view: avoid using HE/She alone as much as possible, considering the problem of gender discrimination. However, if you want to spend a word, please also use HE or She.
    9. Oral language is one of the major issues of the junior. When writing, you often think about what to say in Chinese first, and then do a translation work; In vernacular, it directly leads to the single sentence; so you still need to read the grammar of the real question reading articles.

    The routine of the article, I recommend "Five Duan Jin".
    The first paragraph, rewrite the topic, and then use the template to pull it.
    The second paragraph, the largest reASON, supports the case.
    The third paragraph, the secondary Reason, supports the case.
    The fourth paragraph, a small reASON, plus a way to not hinder the confrontation of the big event.
    The fifth paragraph, the rewriting summary of the Reason of each paragraph can also be added, but do not call.

    I I wish the host exam smoothly
    Reference materials: fz.xhd

  3. Spoken English learning requires more and more practice. Scientific research proves that it is best to practice for 25 minutes a day. Communicate with foreign teachers for 25 minutes a day. There are both language input and language output, which constantly forms a virtuous cycle.
    Perhaps at the beginning, your vocabulary is not much, you can't say it. Maybe your pronunciation is not correct, and you can't let the teacher understand you well. Maybe your grammar is wrong, but it doesn't matter. As long as you persist, don't underestimate 25 minutes a day. After half a year, you can see your spoken jump. I know a telephone English. Although there are not many teachers, each teacher is very good and try to teach. Although the price is not the lowest, compared to most people, it is acceptable, 500 yuan a month. You can settle lessons on the website to facilitate freedom. Tongda English, a cost -effective English spoken platform.

  4. Practice more spoken words, you can imitate the ways and accents of characters in American dramas. Compositions mostly imitate templates, accumulate common vocabulary and expression. You can take a look at the public class of Shangyou Academy, I wish you a smooth

  5. Listening repeat the magic weapon of overcoming IBT's new TOEFL speaking
    The key is to say less. In fact, most of the problems faced by most examators should be two: the first is that their pronunciation is inaccurate. The second is the ability to answer questions.
    Is when we know these 2 o'clock, we should actually apply the right medicine!
    What to do if the pronunciation is not allowed? Listen!
    What to do if the ability to answer questions? repeat!
    Thua practice is really hard, and sometimes it is difficult to evaluate your progress. Therefore, it is better to find a candidate who prepares together and practice with Skype every day. You should give you a great motivation.
    Is for the composition, go to the website to see, I found these materials from the website without a teacher.

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