Do you not learn TOEFL do not learn high school English?

The level of graduation of junior high school in English, TOEFL words have been carried, but do you not learn high school English, does it affect the IBT test high score (such as 100 points)
I mean that the grammar and phrases of high school do not learn high school.

4 thoughts on “Do you not learn TOEFL do not learn high school English?”

  1. Classmates, your current situation will have some impact on the TOEFL test. The most important thing is the mastery of vocabulary and grammar. Typical sentences and composite sentences. Only high school started to learn. Therefore, if you want to get 100 for TOEFL, it is also possible to leave high school English. It's just more systematic than others. For example, the vocabulary must be improved. In this case, your review time will be longer than that of ordinary students.

  2. It has an influence, the English level of junior high school is too basic.
    Furthermore, the study of TOEFL is staged and short-term, and you should take the test! You can't last for 2-3 years as the English course of the middle school, in In the absence of a better language learning environment in China, the English courses of middle school (for you) learning is a way to improve the basic ability.

  3. Is the "High School English" you refer to is a high school English textbook? If this is the case, it is okay. As long as the level is enough, there is no direct contact. But at least the level of reading and hearing is much higher than the junior high school. It is also the core of TOEFL. As long as it is clearly speaking, the template probably said according to it. Writing is the same. But the key is to understand the hearing content

  4. There is nothing to solve all problems in the end of the words. You need to read the English grammar books. At least the main predicate is the same, the structure, the noun, the sentence, the attributive sentence, the non -predicate verb, the virtual tone, etc. Copy TOEFL reading. TOEFL writing can find a few essays to recite, so as to avoid low grammar errors.

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