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  1. See what features you need.
    nano can only be used as a mobile hard disk in addition to listening to the song. The advantage is that it is light and fashionable. You can listen to it when you hang it on your body or even run.
    If you want to buy a multi -functional electronic product, you can buy PSP, surf the Internet, watch movies, e -books, listen to music, play games, and do everything (if you want to buy 2000 , The price will only rise and not fall), but it is clear that no one will bring a PSP to run out on the body ...
    If it is just to play games, you can buy NDSL, Nintendo's handheld, the game is more more PSP than PSP more than PSP It is more durable, but other functions are ...
    It in shape, NANO and PSP are more fashionable, NDSL is more childish.

  2. NDSI Nintendo's NDSL upgraded version
    NDSI is called Nintendo DSI. It is another improved model after Nintendo's NDSL.
    NDSI has made the following changes compared to NDSL:
    1. Add a 300,000 -pixel camera to the bottom right to the bottom right; Press the key type and move to the left side of the lower screen;
    3. The volume adjustment button is changed to the key type, placed on the left side of the host;
    4. New SD card slot On the right side, beside the pen;
    5. The original indicator light changes from 2 to 3, moved to the left side of the shaft, in turn: WIFI switch, charging indicator switch, and power switch;
    6. Compared with theNDSL, the keycaps of the additional key L and R are shortened to the original 1/2;
    7. The adjustable screen brightness is five levels, from low to high: minimum brightness, low brightness, medium brightness, medium brightness , High brightness, maximum brightness.
    Id the relevant services of this paragraph
    Thenian also strengthened related online services, including:
    ˙ the virtual currency "Wii point" used in the original online service will be renamed "Nintendo Point"
    ˙ Open the NDSI store, sell the "NDSIWARE" download content for NDSI for NDSI
    ˙Ndsiware price will be distinguished as free / 200/500/800 Nueci points
    ˙2010 in 20110 Before March, for the first time, all the use of NDSI will give 1,000 Nintendo points in the NDSI store
    ˙ cooperation with McDonald's to launch a new service "Nintendo Zone"
    ˙NDSI will be built in Nintendo Zone reader without additional settings You can read
    The specifications of this paragraph
    [Product Name] Nintendo DSI
    [Products] Nintendo
    [First Development Date] November 1, 2008
    [ Starting price] 18900 yen (including tax)
    [Host size] 137.0 mm wide 74.9 mm thick 18.9 mm touch pens 92 mm length
    [Host weight] 214 grams (including battery and touch pens)
    [Screen size] 3.25 inches
    [Screen type] 260,000 color penetrating TFT color LCD
    [Input port] DS card slot SD storage card slot AC power adapter input port stereo headset input port stereo headset / Microphone input port
    [Corresponding software] NDS special software NDSI special software
    [Power type] NDSI special AC power adapter special battery pack
    [Memory] NEC deposit chip, the model "NEC μPD ", this chip is a 128bit bits with a wide capacity of 16MB, which is mainly used to work with CPU. In terms of capacity, it is 4 times that of DSL memory.
    [Built -in storage space] It is the storage chip "Samsung 834 -S998" produced by Samsung, Japan. The capacity of this storage chip is 256MB for storing photos taken by NDSI and downloading.
    [Charging time] 2 hours and 30 minutes
    [Use time] Brightness and brightness from low to high, the corresponding use time is 9 to 14 hours, 8 to 12 hours, 6 to 6 hours, 3 to 4, 3 to 4 Hours
    [Software partition] will be partitioned according to the regional special software for NDSI, while NDS software will not be partitioned. Nintendo said: "NDSI uses regional limits because NDSI itself can access the Internet, and regional restrictions can make us better provide targeted network services to users in each region. At the same time, because we will provide parents with parents Control the function, so we will use different age restrictions for different regions. "
    It the meaning of" i "in DSI in this paragraph
    " i "is actually the English word that represents" I " "I", of course, also means "i" in Wii.
    Wii represents "us", and "i" means me, which means "my DS (My DS)". At the same time, it also represents the appearance of the camera on the host.
    The new download service through DSI, players can customize their own characteristic DSI hosts, thereby achieving their own exclusive significance.

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