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  1. How to exchange cash for Kuaishou Fast currency? Let's take a look at today's sharing together.
    The fast currency cannot be exchanged for cash, fast currency needs to be purchased. After the purchase of the fast currency, you can spend the gift by brushing the gift, but the fast currency cannot be replaced with cash.
    The method of buying fast currency:
    1. Open the fast -handed app on the phone desktop, as shown in the figure

    2, click the menu button in the upper left corner;

    3 2. Open "Settings" in the menu;

    4. After entering the settings, turn on "My Wallet"

    5. After opening the wallet R n
    6, choose the way you want to charge faster and payment, and click "Immediately recharge"

    The above is shared today. I hope it can help everyone.
    This is written based on the Huawei P40 brand, EMUI10.1 system, and Kuaishou V8.3.60 version.

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