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  1. 1. Make yourself happily is a virtue; making others happy is a kind of merit; interpersonal communication, the most taboo is a dead face.

    2. The same flow can be pawn. What kind of thing to do is to find a way to mix with what kind of person.

    3. What is the Buddha, that is, the person, the wise, and popular.

    4. Rejection is an inertia. When customers reject us, our work has just begun.

    5. People must learn to be perverted: Of course, change the mentality, attitude, and state.

    6. Sales are not selling things, but to help customers buy things.

    7. Knowledge is learned, abilities, practiced, energy, cultivation, wisdom, and consciousness!

    8. There is education, which is not equal to culture; because, education, education, education, culture, and culture of the Ministry of Culture are not a department at all!

    9. There is no money to make a fortune because there is no crazy. Some people say that you are crazy, you are not far from success.

    10. The customer does not refuse the product, and he does not refuse the service. He only refuses mediocrity.

    11. Good people are not time to do bad things. Spend more time to ask yourself, spend less time to blame others; spend more time to grow yourself, less time to jealous of others; spend more time to love, no time to hate.

    12. The road of college is in Mingming, in the new people, at the best!

    13. Use me a love to warm the coldness of every inch of dirt; replace each strange face with a loved one!

    14. If you want to use people, you have to be tolerant. Qianlong said: "Not deaf or blind, not worthy of being a home.

    15. Three glasses of red dust of thousands of red dust, a pot of tea in Qianqiu.

    16. The reason for many things that fails is that there is no plan before the action, but the lack of action before the plan.

    17. The killing is to release.

    18. If you look at people's thoughts, it will affect the person's behavior.

    19. The two goals of learning Chinese studies are: learning Taoism, understanding wisdom, and going back to the cause of morality; hand in to friends, integrate resources, and have relatives everywhere in the motherland!

    20. Customers are always right. This sentence is not necessarily right. Customers need help and education.

    21. Communication is not only language and text communication, but eyes and posture are important.

    22. The change of a person's complexion is completely due to the change of your mentality.

    23. The legal person is the person in the court!

    24. The mentality is not good, the more knowledge, the less useful; the mind is different, the attention is different.

    25. Thinking, execution, expression, thinking is the source of all power. Once thinking, the stronger the execution, the greater the mistakes you make.

    26. Your wealth is related to the average value of your best friends. Your friend -the average value of friends who are with you every day, even if you drink tea and drink!

    27, brothers within the four seas.

    28. How much interest in life depends on your time management.

    29. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. No matter how good you are, there will be no organization.

    30. Human behavior is affected by two factors: escape pain and approach happiness.

    31. Communicate masters and can deal with people from all colors.

    32. A person, rich is not rich, not how much you save, but how much you use!

    33. Leadership is leader and mentor!

    34. Don't underestimate everyone around you. You can see the president five times.

    35. Active approach to potential customers, persuading and inducing them to accept your product, which is to sell.

    36. Human connections are equal to God's pulse, relationship is strength, and friends are the greatest productive forces.

    37. Cai San people gather together, wealth gathers!

    38. Leaders do not learn, do not improve, do not grow, and do not strengthen cultivation.

    39. There are three treasures in the sky, the sun and the moon, the three treasures, the water and fire wind, the three treasures, the spirit. Good leaders must be full, qi and prosperous.

    40, less money, which is your own; more, that is everyone; more, sooner or later, the country; in the end, it must be the people;

    41. Customers not only care about who you are, but he cares about what benefits you can bring to him.

    42. It makes sense to be as effective as effective and efficient.

    43. Remember when people do big things: news with the times, walk with the times, and keep pace with the times.

    44. Knowledge is learned and ability is practiced.

    45. The person you want to do will always be looking for ways, and people who do not want to do will always find reasons; there is no way to go in the world, only those who can't figure it out.

    46. Huaicai is the same as pregnancy. As long as there is, it will be seen sooner or later. Some people are pregnant and do not meet because they are not pregnant enough.

    47. Most of the people who are a big thing are masters of speeches.

    48. The behavior of the successful person is the pervert in the eyes of ordinary people. The secret to holding money -abnormal.

    49. Rejecting others is an inertia. When it is rejected by others, work starts.

    50. Knowledge is that power is wrong, and knowledge can be used.

    51. Smoke articles, drink poetry.

    52, grid, knowledge, sincerity, righteousness, this is called inner saint, self -cultivation, this is the fundamental, the Qi family governs the country and the world, this is called the outer king.

    53. The life experience must be deep.

    54. The teacher does not have to be a disciple, the disciples need not be as good as the teacher.

    55. Education does not mean training. Education changes the concept, and training can change behavior.

    56. Human connections are equal to money; relationship is strength; friends are the greatest productive forces!

    57. Life orientation is high, and the pattern is not high.

    58. How strong is the self -controlling power; how big the measurement is, how high the status is.

    59. The money spent is your own money; without spending money, I do n’t know who it is; the most stupid person is to make money. The bank is to spend these money that will not spend money to spend money!

    60. Tuition is an important part of learning; where the money is, where the heart is, where people are, and where they are harvested.


    62, how big the heart is, how big the stage is, how far the thinking is, how far can we go.

    63. The director of the employment, no one in the world; the shortcomings of the employment, the world's unusable people. Employment director is short.

    64. Establishing the initiative to communicate with others, seeing people move, like seeing money.

    65. The gentleman does not remember the revenge, the villain does not remember.

    66. Seeking merit, asking for 100 years of work; seeking for profit, requesting Qiqiu profit; seeking name, requesting the name of all generations!

    67. It should not be too picky about friends. Although the Qingquan is high, it cannot be raised, and the tolerance can be bigger.

    68. The ability of life must be strong, energy is right.

    69. It does not require more knowledge, but a better state.

    70, human law, earth law, heaven, natural law, Taoism naturally!

    71. Knowing others is smart, understanding yourself is wisdom.

    72. The shortcomings of others are the value of their own existence.

    73. Praise will make people do the right thing and stop incorrect things.

    74. The voice of the speech is related to mind, and the mind is related to the fate of wealth.

    75. Human connections are money veins, relationships are strength, and friends are the greatest productive forces.

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