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  1. Zhai Hongzheng, advocate and communicationr of traditional Chinese traditional culture, a visitor professor of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and National University. Do you know his related quotes? The following is what I organized for you, I hope you like it.

    The national school master Zhai Hongzhang's quotes 60 sentences
    1) Lightly play: In order to achieve the goal, you often need to go all out. Even small items such as a book may become a serious obstacle;

    2) Do not lose due to small losses: the crash of the giant no -jet air passenger aircraft of Oriental Airlines;
    n n n n n n n n n R n) Seeking help: Everyone needs the wisdom, suggestions and assistance of others, and do not refuse friendly help for inexplicable self -esteem;

    4) Dispertation of negative thoughts: negative thoughts are the negative thoughts is A harmful mental pollution. Sentences of negative thoughts that do not care: Xiaotian thanked heaven thanks, and finally boiled until the weekend! Barely, I have to go! Absolutely not! I am tired of these things! I have done my best! ! R n
    5) There is a essential difference between everything to do everything;

    ) As a leader, I am afraid that I ca n’t find a problem. Obviously there is a problem but do not think it is a problem. The mistake is that you know that there are problems or solve it in time;

    7) The ability of leaders to solve the problem is the best manifestation of the leaders' action; Mao Zedong said: The two things that leaders often do are "making ideas, using cadres."

    8) What decided to do, let go to do; decide not to do anything, don't touch it; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n
    9) Andy `Gramidi said:" When you do something, it is not a job, it is a way of life. You are happy because you are contributing the world. "

    10) Ignoring irrelevant things, trivial and secular things consume too much time, ignore those things that are unrelated, and will not miss those really important things;
    The latest
    of 60 sentences of Chinese master Zhai Hongzhang's quotation is the real strong person who can defeat himself. Only by becoming a real strong can we lead a strong team;

    ) How strong is the self -control and how strong the strength is;
    3) Successful people are willing to do things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do;

    ) There is still a distance of opportunity to come and seize the opportunity. It is possible to grab it, otherwise, the opportunity may not return to hesitation and waiting;

    5) The talents who can defeat themselves are the real strong and only the real strong. In order to lead a strong team.

    6) It is only one purpose to make money and make money, that is, spend! Save money, or for the sake of spending, what else to do? n 7) Little money is your own family; too much, that is, everyone's; more, sooner or later is the country; in the end, it must be the people; so it is called the RMB!

    8) A person alone The rich is not rich, not how much you save, but how much you use!

    9) The money spent is your own money; Money; The most stupid person is that you do n’t spend money, all exist in the bank; the bank is to spend these money that will not spend money! R n 10) Human connections are equal to the pulse of money; relationship is strength; friends are the greatest productive forces!

    11) My career, my wealth, my future, the future of a company, the future of a company, It depends on how many people have relationships, who have a relationship with who, and the degree of relationships!

    12) Cai people gather together!

    13) Use my love to warm the coldness of every inch of dirt; replace each strange face with the appearance of loved ones!

    14) Make yourself happily, it is a virtue; make others happy to others; happy others; It is a kind of merit; interpersonal communication, the most taboo is the dead look.

    15) Smoke articles, drink poetry.

    16) Good people, just have no time to do bad things. Spend more time to ask yourself, spend less time to blame others; spend more time to grow yourself, less time to jealous of others; spend more time to love, no time to hate.

    17) Brothers within the four seas.

    18) Seeking merit, requiring 100 -year -old work; seeking profit, requesting Qianqiu Li; seeking names, requesting the name of the world! r
    19) The purpose of mastery lies in the application; The most applicable corporate culture and the most applicable team culture are the culture of life;

    20) The sun is large, the parents are great; 60 sentences 60 sentences
    ) The gentleman's memories do not remember, villains remember no gratitude;

    ) Paying tuition is an important part of learning; where is the money, where the heart is Where is the person and where the harvest is;

    3) The good virtue is good.

    4) The speed of applause will affect his speed of making money;

    5) If a person with narrow -mindedness can not say a big pattern, a person who has no mission. If you do n’t have a responsibility;

    ) Do not exaggerate the problem: your first response to the problem is often inaccurate and exaggerate the seriousness of the problem;

    7) Don't blame: Angry will only make the problem worse;

    8) Keep your head calm: My distress comes from the problem itself or the mood?
    n 9 9 ) The motivation for strengthening active action;

    10) Investment throughout the heart: The door to success is only for those who dedicate and go all their best;

    11) There is a degree,不等于有文化;因为,学历,归教育部管,文化,归文化部管,根本就不是一个部门!rn rn   12) 汤之《盘铭》:苟日新,日日新, It's new.

    13) The method of learning Chinese studies: modernize ancient wisdom, Chinese wisdom, Chinese wisdom globalization!

    14) The legal person in the court!

    15) Knowledge is learned, abilities, practiced, energy, cultivation, wisdom, and consciousness! , Dharma Tian, ​​Tianfa, Tao Fa naturally!

    17) The death is busy!

    18) Leader Without strengthening cultivation, not only lack of heart, but also lack of virtue, lack of brain virtue!

    19) Leaders and mentors!

    20) Germany, in the new people, stop at the best!

    21) Your wealth is related to the average value of your best friend. Your friend — is with you every day, even if you drink tea, even if you drink tea The average value of friends who drink!

    22) Three glasses of red dust of red dust, a pot of tea with a great cause of Qianqiu! Tao knowledge, understanding wisdom, go back to use the cause of morality; make friends, integrate resources, the motherland has loved ones everywhere!

    24) The word "friend" of friends, Oracle is a line of two strings on one line. Copper coins!

    25) Business road is humanity!

    26) Mao Zedong said that if you do n’t study for three days, you ca n’t catch up with Comrade Liu Shaoqi. And he believes that the purpose of proficiency is "all in the application";, to put it down to bear;

    7) The people who are aware of are Buddhas

    8) n
    9) People who do not prepare are those who are preparing to fail;

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