1 thought on “How to set the Taobao Tmall -free payment?”

  1. The setting method of Taobao -free payment is as follows:
    Tools: iPhone 12
    System: iOS 13
    1, first open [Alipay], find the lower right corner [mine], you will see after entering the page, you will see it when you enter the page Various function options.
    2, click [Settings] in the upper right corner, select the [Payment Settings] in the third column, and click the column of [Control Payment/Automatic Deduction].
    3. Select the [Payment Code Free Payment] in the first column, open the button next to the [Alipay Internal Payment Code], and enter the password in the password verification interface.

    The introduction:
    Taobao and Tmall are both a shopping website of Alibaba Group. Tmall is a brand collection mall, and Taobao is a set. City shops.
    Taobao search includes Tmall. There is only Tmall in Tmall Search, but please note that many Taobao stores add a logo of Tmall in the upper left corner of the main picture. In fact, the Taobao store is not Tmall.
    T Taobao is mainly small and medium -sized sellers. Tmall is a business seller to open a store. Many big -name businesses in Tmall have settled in. All products in Tmall have seven days of return and exchange, while Taobao is not available.
    Ttianded name is "Taobao Mall", which is a comprehensive shopping website. Taobao's new B2C website. It integrates thousands of brands and stocks. Chinese and manufacturers provide one -stop solutions for merchants and consumers.

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