The United States wants to raise taxes to cryptocurrencies to raise $ 28 billion for infrastructure bills

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  1. Since the birth of the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009, it has now developed into more than 1,560 cryptocurrencies. Especially after the cryptocurrency has skyrocketed hundreds of times, government tax institutions of various countries have long been unable to hold back, and taxation has become an important issue for discussing cryptocurrency supervision. The United States mentioned in an infrastructure bill that ended on Wednesday that it will plan to raise $ 28 billion in taxation by cryptocurrency taxes.
    In media reports, the US Senate Both parties infrastructure agreement considers implementing stricter rules for cryptocurrency investors to levy more taxes and provides some funds for this investment and power system investment cases of 550 billion US dollars. Essence
    If according to the plan summary, these regulations will be raised an additional $ 28 billion from cryptocurrency transactions. The proposal will submit more rules for encrypted agents, and they will report digital asset transactions to the IRS including virtual currencies. It also requires companies to report an encryption transaction with more than 10,000 US dollars.
    In the announced infrastructure agreement, cryptocurrency measures are the contents added in the last minute. Previously, Republicans and Democrats had bargain on the expenditure contained in the transaction and how to pay for several weeks. The implementation of more review of cryptocurrency transactions has always been a priority of bipartisan people, including the Bayeng government's Financial Department and Ohio Senator Robbordman, which is the main Republican member of infrastructure negotiations.
    As early as 2014, the United States was watching the big cake of cryptocurrency. According to data, in March 2014, the total market value of the cryptocurrency market was only $ 6 billion. The IRS (IRS) issued a formal statement that Bitcoin belongs to property and is the same as other valuable products. At the same time, the use of virtual currency to pay and use other property to pay, all need to report information to the same degree.
    The Biden government has repeatedly stated that it is necessary to tax the encrypted asset market and crack down on the illegal use of Bitcoin. Since this year, the global network ransom incidents have been frequent, and hackers have demanded that cryptocurrencies pay ransom.
    In a report on the tax law enforcement proposal in May on the May of the Treasury, it is necessary to take additional measures to encrypted assets, "to maximize the motivation and opportunity of transferring income to the new information report system." More than $ 10,000 over $ 10,000 Cash transactions have been constrained by IRS reports.
    The on the proposal, law enforcement officials of the U.S. State Taxation Administration said that cryptocurrencies have become one of the areas where tax scammers conceal their income to the federal government. In 2020, the U.S. Taxation Administration added the content of cryptocurrencies in the personal tax declaration form to learn about cryptocurrency transactions.
    The US $ trillions of infrastructure construction plans proposed by the Biden government of the United States will be voted in the Senate of the United States Congress. From recently from Silicon Valley, California to Washington, many US political and business leaders may be cryptocurrencly. The content of the transaction taxation expresses hidden concerns.
    The US Senator Ted Cruz said that the Bayeng government infrastructure construction plan includes the "dangerous terms" and may bring a major blow to the innovation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
    Mask, the head of Tesla, and long -term support of cryptocurrencies, said that the plan is too hasty, and it is not yet the winner or loser of the US legislators to choose new technologies.
    The Senate proposed the infrastructure planning bill after the Bayeon plan was modified, including new taxes for cryptocurrency trading companies and brokers. This new tax is expected to receive $ 28 billion in the next ten years. The White House said that the funds obtained by the new type of cryptocurrency tax will be used for Biden's infrastructure.
    The new tax has triggered the voice of public opinion. Critics said that the actual tax target of this new tax may exceed the expected range. In fact, some cryptocurrency companies have not met the tax reporting conditions.
    Pucting amendments
    three US senators proposed a legal amendment, which were Ron Wyden, Cynthia Lummis, and Pat Tumi ( Pat TOOMEY). The content of this amendment is to define more precisely "cryptocurrency brokers".
    P others also proposed another amendment, which received the White House support. This amendment will allow some cryptocurrency investors to avoid new taxes.
    The US White House press secretary Puski said that the White House believes that the above -mentioned second amendments have reached a certain balance, which is also an important step in improving the compliance of new tax compliance in the industry.
    Silicon Valley dissatisfaction
    US cryptocurrency -related companies said that the above two amendments are not enough to protect a new cryptocurrency market.
    The spokesman for the famous American venture capital company "Anderson Hollowz" said that if the second amendment is passed, this will be a loss in the United States and will affect the United States as the world's innovation center.
    Senator Tu Mi said that the White House has acknowledged that there are problems with new cryptocurrency taxes, but the second amendment chose winners and losers based on the technology used, which is bad for technological innovation.
    Stuart Alderoty, a lawyer of the US cryptocurrency company Ripple, said on a Twitter website that, as the company has been holding the position for many years, the US government should not choose winners and losers in the cryptocurrency market. Essence
    Twitter and Square's chief executive Jack Dorsey said that the new tax will drive scientific and technological innovation out of the United States.
    Doisi said that if the legislators cannot finalize the content of the terms, they can perform a hearing or more considerations. , That is, "brokers = the trading platform of legal currency to cryptocurrency."
    Anne Fauvre, the chief operating officer of OASIS in the United States, said the content of the Senate's new bill will curb the innovation of the US cryptocurrency in the next 20 years.
    Frey said that the role of the regulatory system should be to create a guardrail for the industry, but the Senate Act will completely destroy an industry that is starting. This bill will also "kill the innovation and value creation of American companies."

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