What is the top ten software making money?

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  1. The gangs, gems planets, money coffee, Amoy news, and applied test guests.
    1. The help of the crowd
    This is a mobile phone task to make money. Here you have a variety of various mobile phones to make money tasks. You are not lazy, diligent, pick up some mobile phones to make money, it is easy to make 50 or 60 yuan a day.
    2, gemstone planet
    The gem planet APP is such a mobile phone hanging up to make money. After registration and installation, you can log in to the gem planet app every 2 hours to receive money. What do not do every day, it is not a problem to receive 8-10 yuan for free. In this case, your mobile phone does not require any operation. You can earn 100-200 yuan per month.
    3, money coffee
    This is an Apple mobile phone making software, similar to the fourth paragraph, but it pays more attention to Apple mobile phones, downloading and installing the unit price is similar to the app, it is also an old platform. Make money that users must do can make more money with the application test customer.
    4, Tao News
    is still the software for mobile phone reading news to make money. If you like to watch mobile news and watch gossip news, download and install it. Like Sohu Information, Fun Toutiao, you are all watching news to make money. Software, one more download and installing one is the channel for making money.
    5. Application test guest
    The application test guest is also a mobile phone to make money, but it focuses on making money for Apple mobile phones. If your phone is an Apple mobile phone, you can focus on it. The task rewards here are very high. Simply download and install a reward of 3-5 yuan. The most important thing is that the application test customer withdrawn seconds. After downloading, remember to use the system's guidance to install and apply the test customer assistance software to make more money.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer download software Xiaobai to make moneynQuestion?nIs it reliable?nAnswersnAsk questionsnWhat else is more reliable to make moneynAnswer the first place, Fun Leisure Earn this software is recognized by everyone to make money for the first place. The mobile phone order is a relatively easy way to make money. As long as we complete the task of the task owner on the platform, we can earn bounty. The unit price of the task ranges from a few cents to tens of yuan. It is recommended that you only do the task of about 5 ~ 10 yuan for the unit price. These tasks are high in bounty, which is difficult, and it is easy to do. When we installed the app on the mobile phone, we can log in to enter the background and complete the novice task first. Here we make 3 yuan of red envelopes. If you know, you can directly do high unit price tasks. Six or seven tasks can be made every hour, you can earn 30 yuan, and you can earn more than 100 yuan in three hours a day. The second place, King Kong rising, is a WeChat forwarding article to make money. We often see others publish some interesting words in the circle of friends. We click on these articles, and the sharedrs can earn commissions.n5 morenBleak

  3. This kind of software makes money to make money through the official platform of the big platform to be safe and reliable, and it is easier. (You can take a look at the latest activities of Baidu.)

    Baidu network disk alliance provides two ways to make money. There is no threshold and no cost.
    It can pay attention to the official public account "Baidu Network Disk Alliance". Both activities have detailed introduction and entrances. The commission rules returned by the two activities are the same. You can see it in real time and can withdraw in real time.
    . Share and make money: suitable for more resources in the hand, share the high frequency of the network disk
    1. Click the signing on the event page (there is a Baidu account)
    2. Share the resources in your own network disk. In your resources, he will get a member to buy a red envelope
    3. He bought a continuous member with a red envelope, and the network disk returned your commission

    . Make money on selling cards: You can also choose to sell cards directly. This friend is more likely or easier to have community resources

    1. Listed in the event page (there is a Baidu account, there is no cost, no threshold)
    2. Click on one button to generate your own card -selling poster (price discount), and share the Weibo forum of the circle of friends

    3. Someone scan the code to buy continuous members, the network disk rebate

    The personal test is effective, the account will be available in seconds, and the settlement cycle can be withdrawn. n

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