What should I do if I encounter illegal fundraising? How can I recognize illegal fund -raising?

4 thoughts on “What should I do if I encounter illegal fundraising? How can I recognize illegal fund -raising?”

  1. Common forms of illegal fund -raising 1. Promise high returns: Criminals use high interest rates as bait, absorb funds to the public by signing contracts and promised to repay the principal and interest. If some criminals raise funds to enterprises in the name of overseas funds and overseas listings; some criminals use high returns to invest in the pension industry as bait, develop members through pension service agencies; The blockchain and other methods of setting up websites are established to absorb funds to the public.
    2. For the purpose of illegal possession: criminals make various banners through false propaganda, and attract the masses to participate by holding lectures, exhibitions, and free lectures.
    3. Fake projects and false propaganda: Criminals have fabricated false projects such as "investment banks" and "financial mutual assistance" without the approval or not yet approved by the regulatory authority or have not yet approved the.
    4. Use family deception: Criminals can seduce the masses to remit money or remit the accounts to the designated account by setting up an offensive and defensive alliance or establishing an offensive and defensive alliance to seduce their affection and promise high returns to bait.
    5, fabricated false propaganda: some criminals use the network virtual space to change the website name to the website name to increase the detection and deceive people to be deceived; Gathering together, organizing so -called elderly health lectures, free travel, and distribution of small gifts to deceive the money for the elderly.
    6. Concerning the concept of investment and wealth management: Some criminals have named the online lending platform, electronic gold jewelry, etc. as "Internet Financial Platform", and deceive the masses into production and operation in the name of the business involved in the business involved without licenses and unlicensed licenses; Some are illegally funded after concealing or packaging in the name of "original shares" and "equity crowdfunding"; or to deceive the masses by fabricating false projects and fictional business models.
    The best way to prevent illegal fund -raising facing investment wealth management companies and products, we must treat it rationally, do not blindly follow the crowd, let alone be seduced by the so -called "high returns". If you choose to invest in wealth management companies and products with the mentality of "being able to get back the principal", then you must pay attention, because your principal is likely to have no return. Investors should prevent it from the following aspects. The first is to pay attention to preventing illegal fund -raising risks; the second is to pay attention to economic information and national laws and regulations; the third is to carefully choose investment wealth management products; fourth, pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of investment and wealth management companies. Once the relevant investment wealth management companies and products are found to be suspected of illegal fundraising, they should report to the public security organs in a timely manner.

  2. The correct identification of illegal fund -raising activities mainly depends on whether the subject qualification is legal, and whether the fundraising activities they are engaged in obtained related approval. Enhance the awareness of rational investment. Enhance the consciousness of participating in illegal fund -raising risks

  3. We can go to the police or collect relevant information. We should treat them particularly calmly. Do not let ourselves expose their feet and find the right opportunity to escape; we can inquire or find a professional person to ask.

  4. It can inquire whether the relevant companies or companies approved by government websites and industry and commerce departments can include whether the business scope includes the absorption of deposits, issuance of stocks, bonds, funds and other wealth management products in the scope of operation.

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