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  1. The development of my country's automatic spray equipment has gone through the development process from manual to production lines and automatic production lines. The coating process can be simply summarized; pre -processing → spraying → drying or curing → three waste treatment. After my country's painting industry really originated in the introduction of Soviet technology in the 1950s, some of the aid projects began to establish a coating production line. For a combination of lacquer room and dry room (furnace), it is operated by hand -hunging workpiece (a few suspension conveyors).
    Nowadays, the society is developed, and all walks of life are developing. The world industry is already mechanized. At the same time, the use of industrial development at the same time is becoming more and more widely used, and the spraying equipment has gradually moved towards the road of environmental protection. In the future, spraying equipment will be more environmentally friendly and reduce exhaust emissions.

  2. It is currently in the stage of learning and absorbing foreign technology, and the entire industry equipment belongs to Sanwu products (without industry standards, non -national standards, and market access standards). The main problem involved is that the design structure is unreasonable and the technological content is not high.
    The embodiment of unreasonable structure:
    1. The air supply system and exhaust system equipment are unreasonable.
    2, the craftsmanship is rough, and the fine parts do not even do.
    3. Do not design according to the spray material and coating.
    4, spraying equipment manufacturers are good and bad. Each of them.
    The embodiment of the low technology content:
    1, the degree of automation is not high
    2, the equipment is rigid, cannot be flexibly used
    3, the wastewater treatment engineering without designing facilities
    4, fire prevention The material selection is poor and there are hidden safety hazards.
    5, the overall transportation of the device is easy to do.
    6. It is not convenient for replacement and maintenance
    The spray coating equipment generally includes
    1, air compressor (air compressor) 2. Trape 3, connecting 4, valve 5, three connections 6, pneumatic motor 7, 7 pneumatic motor 7 , Pneumatic mixer 8, pneumatic diaphragm pump 9, airless spraying 10, spray gun 11, muffler 12, pressure barrel 13,

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