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  1. [Sohu Technology Annual Planning] The "Live 2020" mobile phone industry chapter

    in 2020, maybe it will become the most memorable year of this generation.

    . It is so special that it makes many people sigh and unforgettable.

    It commercial, some people say that in 2020, the entire business society seems to be pressed the acceleration key. This seems to make some reason. In this accelerated scenario in 2020, some companies or models were drawn with a rest. But at the same time, in this year, many new models have appeared, many new things have been accelerated, and many new opportunities have appeared.

    looking back in the past year,

    We we saw the help of the takeaway, the online car driver, and the courier brother;

    The prosperity of online conferences, online education, and remote medical care, the outbreak of live broadcasts, and the rise of the Internet celebrity economy;

    We have witnessed 5G base stations on the 6500 -meter Mount Everest, Better Byba, B Standing up, the turbulence of iQiyi, the indomitable Huawei, Ali's dilemma.

    "Sea and sunbathed nights, Jiangchun enters the old years." No matter the little people or the big change, let us see the vibrant and vitality of the spring breeze.

    Seroy Technology will review the big events, big companies, big changes, and "little people" in the background of the science and technology and Internet fields in the past year, showing the power of "vitality" Essence

    This is the fourth report of the series, reviewing the restless year of the mobile phone industry.

    produced | Sohu Technology

    author | Zhang Yating, Yang Jin

    "This is the spring of hope, this is the disappointed winter."

    As Dickens's opening in "Double City", the mobile phone industry also appeared in the mobile phone industry in 2020, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo, and OPPO At the same time, the trend of the share of the share, at the same time, brands such as OnePlus and Realme are no longer biased, restricted to "small and beautiful", and began to attack the public market.

    This year, the domestic 5G mobile phone accounted for more than half, and the head manufacturers set up a 5G fast lane; this year, the manufacturers launched the concept machine with black technology such as under -screen cameras and scroll screens. Explore the new form of mobile phone evolution.

    This year, the epidemic swept the world, and the mobile phone supply chain and offline sales channels were facing the "life and death test". Wait for new categories, seek new growth points.

    The superposition of geopolitics, epidemic and other factors, the competition between mobile phone brands is particularly fierce and dramatic in 2020: Huawei briefly entered the world's first throne and fell into the altar. Threatened to be super Huawei and the first. Xiaomi returned to the third in the world after six years. The young dark horse Realme has been the fastest global growth for four consecutive quarters and has ranked seventh.

    Under the torrent of the times, the manufacturers are brave and endless. Foxconn's difficult resumption of work inspires people's hearts; in the face of blows, Huawei's attitude of "can be together" and "no one can extinguish the starry light" is moving; Apple finally launched the first 5G mobile phone, which means that 5G in the mobile phone industry is in the mobile phone industry Comprehensive scale commercial ......... This clip is a very special 2020.

    The market share is the same.

    , on the one hand, the production and sales of mobile phones under the epidemic are affected by a certain extent, and the mobile phone industry in 2020 has experienced the cold winter of sales. According to data, global mobile phone shipments in the first three quarters of this year decreased by 15.6%, 23%, and 4%year -on -year, respectively. As far as the Chinese market is concerned, data from Xintong Institute show that from January to November this year, the cumulative shipments of smartphones were 271 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 21.1%.

    On the other hand, due to the biggest component of the mobile phone, the chip's trapped, Huawei's mobile phone shipments are directly affected, and the market space brought about by its "passive" changes is also profound The ground affects the pattern of the entire smartphone market.

    Although it is frustrated in the overseas market, it has benefited from the huge achievements in the domestic market. In the past three quarters, Huawei surpassed Apple and Samsung, and took the first place in the global smartphone market. Essence

    The impact of a new round of sanctions is very direct. The recoil of the third ban began in the third quarter. Huawei was out of stock. Some users bought Nova7 After waiting for nearly a month, Honor 30, which was equipped with Kirin 985 chip (at the time) Honor 30, was directly out of stock. So far, the official channels are still out of stock.

    Sub Huawei returned to the second, and the gap between Samsung was widened. Huawei's global market share also dropped steeply from 20%of Q2 to 14.7%of Q3. On the other side, Xiaomi rose from 10.2%of Q2 to 13.1%of Q3, and returned to third in the world in the third quarter of this year after 6 years.

    In China, due to the absolute advantages of Huawei in the past, in the past, the domestic consumer market once had a "support Huawei" emotion. Therefore, Huawei in the Chinese market in the Chinese market was The share still ranks first.

    . In the past, Huawei occupied the absolute advantage in the Western European market. Xiaomi and OPPO have achieved rapid growth this year.

    Il's data in the European mobile phone market in Canalys showed that in the first quarter, Huawei fell 35 %, Xiaomi increased by 58 % year -on -year, and OPPO increased by ten times; in the second quarter, Huawei fell 17 %, Xiaomi rose 65 % more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than 65 %. Huawei ranked third; Huawei fell 31 % in the third quarter, Xiaomi increased by 91 %, and OPPO increased by about 4 times.

    The brands are waiting for opportunities and moved

    The previous solid market patterns began to reshuffle. Behind the change of share, you can also see the timely making of major mobile phone brands in the face of market changes. Adjustment.

    In October 30 this year, Huawei, which is in the third round of US sanctions, released the most important flagship Mate40 series mobile phones in the year as scheduled. Faced with adversity, Huawei's consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong made a response with a short film "You can be together". Thanks to consumers, developers, and partners for traveling all the way, saying no matter how difficult it is, "just together!"

    At the same time, Huawei made a major move of "selling glory". Huawei defines this behavior as "a self -rescue behavior initiated by the Honor -related industrial chain", which is based on the "unsustainable acquisition of industrial technical elements and the consumer business is under tremendous pressure."

    For glory, independence can allow its channels and suppliers to continue, and it has also "bred" more growth space for glory, especially high -end markets. However, whether New Honor will be restricted, it is still difficult to say, and there have been news that Honor is communicating with Qualcomm before. On the other hand, from the identity, the new glory will also change from "brother" to Huawei's "opponent".

    At the same time, Huawei has begun to further expand its layout in multi -industry collaboration, and fully blooms in the fields of wearables, vehicles, large screens, PCs Come more possibilities. OPPO and Vivo have also launched their first smart watch products this year, and increased their layout in terms of headphones and large -screen televisions to expand their business diversification. They also prepared for the time of the 5G Ten Thousand Thousands of Things.

    The "cracks" in a solid pattern, major brands wait for opportunities, and they are competing. Honor CEO Zhao Ming proposed at the internal communication meeting that the goal was to become the first in the domestic mobile phone market.

    . Lei Jun said that "Xiaomi's goal next year is the top Europe." Xiaomi has sent two flagship Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 11 this year. Behind the frequent new machines, it can also be seen that Xiaomi's ambition to the high -end market.

    OPPO, Xiaomi, vivo accelerate the expansion of overseas markets. OPPO established the Western European headquarters in Dusseauv, Germany in May this year, and then opened the largest flagship store in Western Europe in Hamburg, Germany. Recently, it has invested about 50 million US dollars in the Turkish market. At the same time, in the middle of this year, the largest telecommunications operator of Latin America, American Telecom's strategic cooperation, to enter Mexico and other Latin American markets through Telcel and Claro, a subsidiary of American Telecom.

    Id the OnePlus of "only high -end". This year, the NORD series tests the mid -end product of the water. It is currently released in India and will be introduced to the country in the future. In addition to the expansion of the mid -range product line, OnePlus is also adding the domestic market. In the recent internal letter, Liu Zuohu bluntly said that "strive to lead the high -end online online."

    Yes, regardless of the Chinese market or the global smartphone market, the protagonist is still the domestic brand. In TOP7, except Apple and Samsung, the rest are all Chinese brands. Therefore, the share of Huawei "made", whether it flows to Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO or OnePlus, and Realme, in a sense, it is still "the meat is rotten in the pot."

    5G singing protagonist

    The 5G camp is a major trend in the 2020 mobile phone industry. In October last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that 5G commercialization was officially launched, and the 5G era curtain slowly opened. Huawei seized the 5G market opportunity, launched the 5G SOC Kirin 9000 of the 5nm process, and the most difficult 5G mobile phone Mate 40, which claims to be the most difficult to grab.

    The apple that thought 5G was early last year, and was finally late. This year's iPhone12 series was equipped with the first 5nm process 5G chip A14.

    The Honor has stated that the popularity of 5G is the three gears of the "top flagship, high -end flagship and light flagship". Realme announced the "full 5G" strategy, launched the Realme V3, which sells as low as 999 yuan, and pulled the price of 5G mobile phones to a thousand yuan for the first time. With the 5G flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi has established a foothold in the high -end market.

    The results of 5G mobile phone manufacturers are the rapid deepening of 5G mobile phones. Data from Xintong Institute show that in the first 11 months of this year, the domestic market 5G mobile phone shipments cumulative shipments of 144 million units, accounting for 51.4%. However, the emergence of 5G mobile phones has not yet improved the current status of sales in the mobile phone market.

    The glory Zhao Ming used "to the dark moment" to describe 2020. He believes that the sudden epidemic has brought a bitter cold current to the mobile phone market that switched the 4G to 5G market. Rely on each other to support each other.

    The new expectations of black technology

    In 2020, manufacturers' main models still encounter crazy snap -up. For example, when Mate 40 and iPhone 12 were first launched, major e -commerce platforms were sold for seconds, the ox channel purchased the maximum price increase of more than 3,000 yuan, and the offline specialty stores lined up.

    The main reason for these popular models is the brand bonus, as well as existing technology extension and upgrading. For example, the Mate 40 is equipped with an out -of -print Kirin chip, which is stronger than other manufacturers. The main selling point of the iPhone 12 is Apple's first 5G mobile phone. The performance of the A14 chip is 80%compared to the previous generation.

    It is undeniable that the re -upgrade of existing technologies such as fast charge, camera, chip performance will improve the user experience. For example, due to the high power consumption, the battery life of 5G mobile phones has become a major challenge. Major manufacturers have launched super 100 watts of fast charging technology to improve the relevant user experience.

    At the same time, users still expect that mobile phones can achieve deeper innovation. Therefore, major manufacturers have begun to actively try the application of new technologies such as under -screen cameras and folding screens. Although it is difficult, they have not slowed down to try innovation.

    This year, ZTE has launched the world's first screen camera mobile phone AXON 2020, vivo released APEX 2020, with a 120 full-view screen, under-screen camera, 5-7.5 times the continuous optical zoom zoom zoom For technologies, but because it is a conceptual model, mass production and sales will not be achieved. Xiaomi has also launched technologies such as under -screen cameras, expansion large aperture lenses, and has not yet achieved commercial mass production.

    In terms of folding screen technology, Samsung, Motorola, Rouyu and other manufacturers all released a variety of folding screen phones. However, the folding screen is still a niche existence. Data research institution Cinno Research shows that Zhou Hua, chief analyst of the industry, told Sohu Technology that flexible screens are a relatively cutting -edge technology. Generally speaking, it is not particularly mature. not sure yet.

    The need to be pointed out that although all kinds of black technology that is currently appearing has not been widely used, users can see that the current manufacturers' direction in the field of hard technology and perceive the future smartphone forms of smartphone forms Essence

    . Apple also made some bold "new attempts" this year, such as canceling the commendation of charging heads and headphones. As a result, consumers have a lot of vomiting, but manufacturers have followed suit. For example, Xiaomi Mi 11 also launched a standard version of non -charger. This may be the biggest "innovation" that Apple brought to the industry this year.

    This through 2020, various black swan incidents are frequent, and the words such as epidemic, disconnection, "singing" and other words are exciting. But no matter what kind of unyielding or difficulty encountered, manufacturers have never stopped moving forward.

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