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  1. How to find customers for seedlings:
    1. In the new era, the seedlings industry wants to sell well and earn more. If you have to establish a brand of brand, if you want to establish your own brand, you need a lot of orders and seedlings. The quality has been established. If you want to establish a good reputation and a good brand, you must establish an image of integrity. This can be established through information promotion or long -term accumulation. If the brand is established, it is easy to find customers.
    2, people who can meet the three conditions of demand, purchasing power, and purchasing decision -making power at the same time are likely to be people who become customers, so it is necessary to dig out their potential quasi -customers from different channels. Generally, a large number of customers can be obtained through channels such as friends, offline exhibitions, or Internet platforms, and then work hard to select and select customers.
    3, novice seedlings can obtain some customer information by participating in offline exhibitions, and select customers who may purchase seedlings. Then choose the appropriate time and way to visit, prove your credibility through strength, and you can introduce the company's seedling products after winning the recognition of customers. Generally, as long as the quality of the seedlings is better, it is easy to promote the signing.

  2. Hehe, I can be regarded as Jining's fellow, let me say a few words.

    This Economy people (that is, the tree vendor you mentioned) has a certain advantage, that is, they can find the seedlings that customers need, and the seedlings in the nursers are incomplete or complete. Customer demand is complicated, which requires someone to "run legs" to find seedlings, and the customers do not have enough time, and they are unknown to the scattered seedlings in various places. Intersection
    In fact, the economic man is a win -win role, and the growers, customers, and economic people will have income.

    of course, as a grower, if you promote your seedlings through more media or channels, including price, specifications, quantities, reputation, services, etc., you can save a lot of money. This is also what customers want the most, but in reality, they are not exactly available.

    Finally, I wish the seedlings of the hometown of the seedling industry take off.

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