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  1. When we talk about e -commerce, we usually say that Taobao, JD, and Vipshop are e -commerce platforms. These are first -class e -commerce, so except these e -commerce platforms are second -class e -commerce.
    The two -type e -commerce form is a single page. What is a single page, which is only one page. There is no link to the page on the page. Users can buy it directly on this page. Method, then buy what color and size clothes, and submit it directly. The user does not have a shopping cart or a logistics tracking.
    On how to promote the second -class e -commerce:
    ) Platform selection:
    The advertising channels for two types of e -commerce are mainly information flow advertising platforms. Guangxiantong and friends circle advertisements), the three major platforms of Baidu information flow have more than 90%of the source of traffic, other Phoenix phoenix feathers, fast hands, Momo and other channel platforms.
    Ip, that is, the source of the second -class e -commerce order is mainly produced in today's headlines. The three major platforms have the advantages of large traffic, strong data analysis capabilities, and comprehensive advertising background. Therefore, if you want to do second -class e -commerce, you still need to take these three major platforms, supplemented by other small platforms.
    2) Product selection
    The two -type e -commerce sales often sell short -term explosive products. In a short time, explosive products are measured, and then they are put on a huge amount. The main method is quickly generated. Of course, it is not ruled out that the products such as tea need to be cultivated as the main focus. Therefore, the second -class e -commerce selection is particularly important.
    In general, the second -class e -commerce companies are sold in seasonal products, such as leather jackets in spring and autumn, autumn clothes, etc.; in summer, mosquito fans, mosquito repellent, T -shirts, shirts, etc. Wool sweater, charge, electric vest, heating fan, etc.;
    In addition to the seasonal products, there are many non -seasonal products that can be sold all year round, such as old flower mirrors, U disks, wine, tea, smart bracelets, etc. Wait.
    In short, the choice of second -class e -commerce selection is the first. When you choose a product, you can get the goods at a very low purchase price. Then, you can start the second -class e -commerce company.
    3) Selection of logistics
    Logistics is important for second -class e -commerce. Selection of the wrong logistics will lead to low signing rate and directly affect the operation of the entire second -class e -commerce.
    The logistics of the second type of e -commerce is mainly divided into two categories
    The first type is high -quality logistics companies based on Debon and JD. The cost is high, but the service is in place and the speed is fast.
    The logistics company, which is mainly based on the three links, is low and slower.
    As for the choice, it depends on the situation of your funds.
    4) Selection of agents
    The choice of agents is also very important. It lies in two points, the first return point, and the second service is good or bad.

  2. The second -class e -commerce company is different from the platform e -commerce. The second type of e -commerce is mainly self -built websites to sell a product of the product through the mainstream cargo -to -payment model. The second type of e -commerce has a large population market. Let's introduce the following types of e -commerce how to create a 5,000 -single explosion product a day?

    1, ROI 1: 3

    Recently, Xiaobian worshiped a lot of colleagues to be a second -class e -commerce through friends. After deep understanding, I summarized some data For the strategy, this article will take you a preliminary experience that is different from direct -operated e -commerce models.

    In as a whole, second -class e -commerce companies have not occupied a large market share, but in recent years, it has grown at high speed. The market size of 100 billion levels has attracted a large number of players to enter.

    In the second -class e -commerce, the current mainstream products can basically achieve a proportion of ROI at 1: 3. This means that second -class e -commerce has gradually moved closer to platform e -commerce in terms of return on investment.

    The so -called platform e -commerce, represented by Taobao. At present, Taobao's ROI is basically maintained in the range of 1: 3, which means that those models that rely on Taobao direct vehicles to promote explosion models are not comparable to comparison. It is even more cost -effective to do second -class e -commerce.

    In this sense, with the gradual improvement of Tencent's applet and headline Luban e -commerce, the platform -based SaaS service provider will provide more empowerment for second -class e -commerce companies. The transformation of second -class e -commerce has changed from the original H5 page to a service platform with marketing functions, and there will be a wider space.

    2, 5000 singles a day

    The two -type e -commerce, due to the low unit price of its customer, the category belongs to the general demand product. Winning. The larger the single volume, the greater the total profit. Therefore, the second -class e -commerce companies are more common in thousands of orders a day.

    It some of our visiting peers, some larger second -class e -commerce players have a deep industry accumulation.

    This is a company's item, and internal data is for your reference only!

    This is a very typical representative, because it is a seasonal product, early layout, and harvesting in advance, which is of great significance for this category.

    Of course, another aspect needs to remind that the requirements of the second -class e -commerce business for copywriting and the main picture are very high. The design of this picture in this case is very associative.

    The head can make up the picture by yourself. The cold wind blows over. In the hot summer, it is like the ice world in Antarctica, and penguins are the finishing touch.

    From this aspect, the core of the second type of e -commerce is the selection, and the good items can be sold directly. Not easy to quantify; the second is the test problem, which is very intuitive.

    The standards for testing are generally 3000--5000 yuan advertising budget, which can quickly test its market acceptance.

    Once the test is successful, it is a large scale; if the test fails, then it should be immediately transferred to the operation of the next project. Of course, this test standard is not very scientific, because it is difficult for you to test it for some categories. At this time, experience is very important.

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