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  1. Whether you are in a school or entering the society, everyone must be familiar with the words. The discourse refers to a specific way of wizarding with the relationship between social power. What kind of words do you send will not rot the street? The following is the words of blessing the company I organized. Welcome everyone to learn from and reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    Bless company's words 1 1. I wish your company flourish and one day of victory!
    2. I wish you a prosperous business, and the wealth is lush.
    3. Congratulations to your company's successful listing! In the new year!
    4. Based on a new starting point, go to a new journey, and innovate a new glory.
    5. I wish our company a more glorious tomorrow, I wish you all a happy new year, a real thing, and a good luck!
    6. Enterprise development, everyone is responsible. May you work with diligence in the new year and make your performance rise.
    7. I wish our company creating a glory in 2022, which is getting better and better! Getting the goal of Buda Enterprise as soon as possible!
    8. I wish you a prosperous business, and the wealth is lush. I wish you a new year's fortune and the god of wealth!
    9. The bleak business calendar has been famous in one fell swoop.
    10. With the arrival of the new year, I wish the company's scale, business development, prosperous business, and rich financial resources!
    11. Looking forward to 2022, the new starting point, the new journey, the opportunities are wonderful, the development is full of confidence, and the horn urges people to forge ahead.
    12. The company wishes the company's wealth, and it is like fat horses, strength is like a strong horse, good luck like horses, and the career is steamed in Malaysia!
    13. At this moment of sharing, miss the moment of friends, dreams are true, I wish you -Happy New Year, Ruye of the New Year!
    14. Only when there is a hard footprint on the snow, will you know how to live precious and lively. Wish your life happy and happy in the new year.
    15. Thank you for your strong support in the company in the past year. I wish you auspicious and wishful in the new year! Worship the New Year.
    Bless words of the company 2 1. The new year is coming, and strive to create the future. Let's work hard together, companies will have good performance. Colleagues are rare and happy together. The old year has passed, and the New Year is more beautiful.
    2. Wish you, a good new year! New Year's New Year! New year new year! New Year and New Year! New friends and old friends are willing to you, everything is good, and the money is thousands of miles!
    3. I wish our companies make a glory in the year, and it is better and better! Getting the goal of Buda Enterprise as soon as possible!
    4. Gathering the sunlight of Jimana, the blessings of the earth and the ends of the world, the blessings of the Mountains of Gaoshi, the wealth of Bill Gates, and give you a gift to you, I wish all the members of the company a happy new year!
    5. I wish the enterprise seize market opportunities in the new year, accelerate development, realize the double harvest of economic benefits and social benefits, achieve the goals of the enterprise scheduled, and achieve the goal of the world's leading corporate enterprise as soon as possible!
    6. In the most needed place, set up a escalator to help you climb the peak. At the most critical time, hold a flat boat to help you swim in the blue ocean. May you work together with the company, go hand in hand, and work together.
    7. Put the stars into a medal and hang it on the chest of time. The footprint of life will be extremely brilliant. Pick up every sunshine and inlaid on the forehead of the years, the road signs of life will be even more shiny. I am willing to bring the New Year's blessing, I wish you all the best, everything is good. Official luck, wealth, fortune!
    8. You are not comfortable and relaxed, bear the arduous heavy burden, and start your own career where others look forward to. I sincerely wish you success!
    9. The hard work is hard work, in exchange for the fruitful harvest; lift the celebrated wine and the sang throat, the lights and brilliant smiles are warm, I wish the sincere cooperation in the coming year, and to create a career together The sun.
    10. Congratulations on the successful listing! In the new year!
    11. In the past year, your efforts are like an exclamation mark, which is different; your gains are said to be full; your success is like a omission, which is continuous; Renew up, show your skills in the coming year, and leave a brilliant hand on the road of career!
    12. The burden of fiery careers and financial resources are wide, and warm wishes are prosperous, and good blessings will come up. May you have a smooth career after receiving my text message and prosperous enterprises.
    13. The new year is coming soon. I wish you a high step by step, a red envelope in one hand, a golden ingot, all the way, a blessing cover, a thousand miles of good things, and happy.
    14. Put the blessing into the mobile phone, turn the greeting into text, integrate the auspiciousness into the text message, and entrust the good luck to the ringtone. When the New Year's festival, you will send it all. Please take it all. Intersection
    15. The boss I respect, I believe that with your strong support, we will go forward bravely to create a gorgeous chapter, I wish you good health, and wish the company more and more popular!
    16. I wish you a good smile in the new year; I also wish us a happy cooperation and wishful in the new year.
    17. The first year of the year is coming. I am one year old for the first anniversary of the company. I am willing to grow with the enterprise and wish the company's performance.
    18. People on the mountains are better than those on the plains first. You are far -sighted, and your career is inevitable. I wish you Peng Cheng Wanli!
    19. Enterprise development, everyone is responsible. May you work with diligence in the new year and make your performance rise.
    20. Use sincere taste memories, taste friends with true feelings, work with sincerity, learn with diligent taste, use gratitude to taste happiness, and taste the annual wheel with tolerance!
    21. The days of fighting will not forget. Diligence is dedicated to enterprises, in exchange for brilliant performance. It will come, and the new year will begin again. Work together to work together and take a big step forward. I wish you all a healthy and happy life!
    2. May we fly like a dragon, and hope that our career is as colorful as flowers. May our company be strong and stable like a rock. May our employees and sisters be as closely united as brothers and sisters. As long as you are, I hope our lives are as sweet as honey. Let us work together: The company's future is better!
    3. The bell is my greeting, the singing is my blessing, the snowflake is my greeting card, the wine is my kiss, the breeze is my hug, and happiness is my gift! All of them are given to you, I wish the company a happy new year! Intersection Intersection
    24. The early morning dawn appears, happiness is by your side; the sun is shining at noon, smiling in your heart; New Year auspicious! Good luck!
    25. The bell is my greeting, the singing is my blessing, the snowflake is my greeting card, the wine is my kiss, the breeze is my hug, and happiness is my gift! Give you all all, I wish you a happy new year!
    6. Law Hui Chunhui gradually became updated. We bid farewell to the results and ushered in hope. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, on behalf of the group's board of directors, I would like to make the efforts and hard work from all staff. Deep gratitude! I wish you all the good and good family of good health in the new year!
    7. Flowers are colorful wine, toasting the same celebration performance. I know the tears, I know your hard work. The road of success, hard work in exchange for career pride. May you continue to be proud, and build new achievements in the New Year!
    8. The glory of the past must not be forgotten. The good tomorrow needs to be struggling. The new year has arrived. In the fierce market competition environment, we still face many challenges. May the comrades continue to work hard, work hard, and innovate the glory.
    9. In the perfect performance, you see your hard work; in the past year, unforgettable is your forgetfulness; in the future, you will also create wonderful with you! Thank you for making bricks for the company. The new year is here. I wish you good health and good luck!
    30. Wind and frost and snow, the old years are no longer, the sadness and joy are separated from the past, the sweet and bitter is also forgotten. May the new year compose a new chapter.
    Iladies to the company's words 3 1. I am honored to work and study under your leadership in the past year. I wish you a healthy and good luck in the new year! Worship the New Year.
    2. Open a store to achieve a industry, successful rely on, dream and direction, dedicated to cooking, paying with heart, wealth rely on hard work, Xinglong depends on business, financial management must have a way, enthusiasm must be done, and you must do well. Going forward steadily, glory further.
    3. Fortune God looked back and smiled, Hongyun was a blessing; festive fireworks were put, and the business was full of joy; congratulations to the sending text message, the company opened a smile haha: I wish the company a good job, the business is all the things Good heart!
    4. Today, the God of Wealth is under the dust, and come to your home for wealth. The God of Wealth smiled and wealthy, and the God of Wealth was Hexi. The company opened its wealth, and the gold and wealth came from daily. Zhu Jun's business is as popular as fire, and he will grow up forever.
    5. The gongs and drums were knocked, the firecrackers slammed, the blessings followed, congratulations to the opening of the store, I wish: the good luck is auspicious, the popularity has skyrocketed, the business is booming, the financial resources are rolling, and the company's reputation is flying. Career victory is looking at it!
    6. Congratulations on the company to congratulate you and send it to the couplet; Shanglian: "Kai's Fascus 'Wealth' Zhang" Zhang "Eight Fangshan; Belong:" Welcome 'Friends of Four Seas' Health; I wish you a happy and happy business, the business is full of you, and the fortune is around you!
    7. The company is coming to congratulate, and the reputation of business rises again; friends open to give gifts to send blessings to congratulate. The business is like the rising sun, and the red fire rises. Money is like returning to the sea, and it is constantly getting started.
    8. The company opens to send blessings, and send a sub -couplet. Horizontal batch: open industry.
    9. Friends open kumquats, Jinguang Chancan has a good performance; the company opens a flower basket, and there is no difficulty in my career. The business is full of wealth, and the career is smooth!
    10. The company's opening, special business scriptures: more harmonious, greater financial resources, better service, business prosperous, hospitality and good points, wider financial roads. Blessings: open a good job.
    11. The company's opening is good, business is full of customers, and small text messages are sent to blessings. I wish you a good job!
    12. In the face of challenges, self -confidence is important. Create happiness and hard work. Friends are important. The company's opening, blessing is important. I wish my friends, the business is booming, the financial resources are wide, and it is auspicious.
    13. The company opened, today is a good day. Challenging yourself, his career has a good hope. Sailing, happiness pursuing forward. Successful career, I wish you no end.
    14. The deep Ye Mao's career is prosperous, and the wealth of wealth has a wealth of wealth; The company has a lot of good opening, and everything is good at everything!
    15. The company's opening, congratulations. I wish you a fortune, and the business is a profit. If the ability is superb, you can practice three heads and six arms. Make friends all over the world. After a long test, it is uncomfortable. The success of the career continues.
    16. Select a day when a flag is won, take a step of challenging yourself, sing a turquoise song, and compose a history of growth and growth. Friends, in this special day, I wish your company's business fire and a successful career.
    17. The company opens up, I wish you: Zhang Kai smiled his face and gathered popularity, Zhang's head had good tricks, Zhang Kaixin's chest to do business, and Zhang Kaihuai hugged wealth; I wish you a lot of good luck, wealth surrounds you!
    18. The company opens up, I wish you: business is prosperous, and the wealth is lush. Raijin fights gold and wealth gods, and the career is brilliant. The rich and the rich are not available, and the Fuxing Gao Zhao is bright.
    19. I heard that your company opened. It is said that you are happy and good. As long as you are delicious, good, good, good, good, and you must stay in your house. Wish you prosperity and wealth.
    20. There is a kind of festive call to open, there is a career called opening a shop, there is a kind of hoping to make a fortune, there is a kind of ambition called entrepreneurship, there is a kind of firecracker called warm congratulations, there is a kind of blessing called opening a congratulatory word. Wealth, happy.
    21. Opening the door, the red Quartet, the company opened the Eight Party of Xilai; the fortune arrives, the Fumanmen, the rich and the auspiciousness gathers your door; Open today, blessings are sent, and I wish you all the good fortune and the business is booming.
    2. The business is booming, blooming in the congratulations; a smooth sailing, in the red silk of congratulations; Fastest!
    3. Hey, today is a good day for your company to open up. I want to give you four words, wealth, blessings, luck, friends, this is not an ordinary four words, they are all upside down, they are upside down. Write, know why? This is because I want to tell you, hey! Fortune is here! Blessed! Luck is here! Friends are here too! May your four -character accompany, Wangyun will continue!
    24. Use Daji and Xinglong to compose a flower basket, make a box of firecrackers with smooth and red fire, and write a congratulatory word with blessings and wishes; I wish the friend company open a good luck, the business is booming, smooth and linger, and the end!
    25. Your company opens today. Friends I will send blessings, Jixing Fortune will take you, count the banknotes at home every day, open a good fortune, wealth is rolling in the four directions, the opening of the Gate of Jimen, the daily Jin Doujin laughs happily and laughed happily Essence I wish you a prosperous business and lush wealth.
    Ilads to bless the company's words 4 1. Congratulations to the opening of these proverbs. Emile, luck, and doing things in harmony, the popularity is rising, the customer is above, the money is immeasurable, it is solid and willing to do it.
    2. Opening the store smoothly, I hope you can run smoothly, successfully open, and you may start success. Now, you may always be glorious. Going to glory.
    3. The company is happy, the brothers are close to the end of the world, and they are guilty in my heart, but they can send this text message to express their sincere blessings. I also hope that my friend Hai Han can wish my friends Changhong, prosperous, and wealth!
    4. Operating storefront is a career. Do more carefully. Opening the store is a choice. It is a hard work. The store opening is a kind of hard work. Cooking, I hope you will go auspiciously to go down and successfully accompany you.
    5. Today is a good day. Opening a lot of money and great profit, the wealth of wealth is lucky, and then stepped into the life of the boss. Yesterday's accumulation, tomorrow's expectations, and today's steps. Emile of joy, with a good face, must have been a profit from then on.
    6. For a long time, I opened the store, started struggling, arranged for a long time, opened, started operations, worked for a long time, started, began to work hard, festive, good luck, and start glorious. , Exquisite operation is more brilliant.
    7. The sun is bright, the Dongfeng is sentimental, the weather is clear, even God is congratulating you, a text message, will never change to support you, come on, wish Zhang Daji, this year's big harvest.
    8, morning wind blow, sunlight. Friends shop, opened. You cut the ribbon, I fired. The owner likes it, the customer laughs. Harmony is treated by guests, and long legs run home. Hard work to open the happiness flowers, gold coins and silver coins are full of bags.
    9. A firecracker sound is your own declaration of independence; a red carpet is your invitation to customers and friends; a flower basket is a promise you made; Start; I wish your company to open Zhang Jixiang, accompanied by wealth.
    10. On the day of opening a good luck, I will send you the palm of the gods, stop the wealth of the Bayang, and send you Jiuyang Shen Gong, show the popularity of the prosperity, send you a moonlight treasure box, extract pearls, send you friendship blessings, condense the wealth of wealth, I wish you a full room and open a good house!
    11. The store is open, I will send auspiciousness, support you, accompany you far away, friendship with you, accompany the tenderness, bumpy and folding, unsatisfactory, smooth passage, accompany you forward, properly operate, calm with peace of mind. Proper cause, steadily move forward.
    12. Opening Zhangji, the receiving, the blessing fell from the sky, the popularity rose from the ground, the wealth came from the east, the joy came from the west, the luck came from the south, and the vigor hit from north. Rui Qi is born from the heart, and Xiang Qi is sent by me! I wish you Ling Yun's boldness, pearls and treasures, prosperous!
    13. Today, your store opens up. I wish you a lot of money, like the rivers and rivers are endless. I wish you a fortune of wealth, just like the Yellow River flooding, it is out of control. If your wealth is rolling, and the wealth of wealth plus a period, I hope it will be 10,000 years.
    14. On the day of opening, I expressed my heart, and I would like to make you the world, and I wish you all the people: Shu Xiongxin creates great wealth full of wealth, and determines that you have a good fortune and wealth, and you are ambitious to write about the spring and autumn and the moon. Those who receive it must be like the water of the Yellow River. If you are out of control, please laugh!
    15. The company will open, I wish you a good luck, and publicize the spirit of entrepreneurship; I wish you a happy and show the courage of wisdom; I wish you the door to wealth, and the banknotes float like snowflakes like snowflakes; I wish you The company opened greatly.
    16. New Year's Day is here, the happy event comes, the opening is good, and the wealth is rolling; Brothers offer a word and open up!
    17. The firecrackers are listed, and the fortune continues; a lot of money, small money often earn; the facade is lively, the source of the eight parties; The opening of the opening today is full of blessings, and the Ming Dynasty career is booming. I wish you a good job and a prosperous business.
    18. Looking forward, looking forward to the firecrackers of the opening, the laughter of relatives and friends is even brighter, my heart is bright, and my dreams are approaching. I support you no matter where I go!
    19. Today, your company opened, I sent a blessing post, Jixing Fortune took you, counting money at home every day, opening a good fortune, wealth rolling in the four directions, opening Dajimen Ting, and laughing in Doujin every day. I wish you a prosperous business and lush wealth.
    20. On the day of opening, I expressed my heart, and for you to show you the world, and to make all the people, I wish you: Shu Xiongxin creates great wealth full of wealth, stands for the spring, autumn, and moon flowing gold. Those who receive it must be like the water of the Yellow River. If you are out of control, please laugh!
    21. Opening auspicious, congratulatory words: firecrackers, red and red; there are many flowers, a lot of wealth; smiley face, full of energy; customer group, joy and honor. Open today, I wish you a good job and a booming business.
    2. The company rolled out, sending a blessing text message to congratulate, I wish the business red fire!
    3. The gate of the door is welcoming the wealth of the day. Friends have a long friendship with righteousness.
    24. The fortune of the fortune is rising, and it looks like the spring tide comes. The three -foot counter is closely connected to the four -way cause, and a red heart welcomes the guests.
    25. Water and land are all top -quality; No one is beautiful; there are often guests who come to the full fragrance.

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