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  1. Each reference price is 820 yuan.
    In the first batch of "Chinese old names" list announced by the Ministry of Commerce recently, a total of 38 companies in Zhejiang Province were on the list. The "Liqun" brand is among them, which is also the only "Chinese time -honored" brand that has been identified by the tobacco industry.
    The brand of "Liqun" has a history of nearly 50 years. In 1995, "Liqun" successfully carried out the brand transformation of "old renovation". The Ministry of Commerce has launched the "Revitalizing Old Brand Project".
    This cigarette "Liqun" was selected and sent by the Provincial Old Brand Association. At the end of September, it was recognized by the Ministry of Commerce as "Chinese old name" and publicized to the society. In late December, the Ministry of Commerce will send a license to the company that gets the "old Chinese name".
    This smoking is harmful to health and effective quitting science:
    In smoking is harmful to health, and smoking starts from yourself and people around you. Academician Wang Chen, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the president of the Beijing Academy of China Academy of Medical Sciences, said that smoking is one of the most important harms to human health. Controlling smoking is one of the most important actions that human maintenance must take. For everyone, they do not smoke and advise people around them to quit smoking, which is an important health choice.
    In young people are the key stage of the development of health behavior. Li Changning, director of the China Health Education Center, believes that the popularity of smoking is an important part of citizen health education. Promoting the serious harm of the public, especially young people to fully understand the exposure of smoking and "second -hand smoke", requires the joint efforts of the whole society.
    Is to strengthen the publicity of traditional tobacco and electronic cigarettes, Mao Qunan, the Director of Planning and Development of the National Health and Health Commission, believes that it is necessary to use more people to understand, learn, and use. Essence It is necessary to make good use of the large prescriptions of social co -governance, build a new pattern of smoking control shared by the government, society, and individuals, and work together to promote the construction of healthy China.
    The above content Reference: People's Daily-smoking harmful health and effective smoking quit science first

  2. Liqun cigarettes, I believe that as long as those who smoke are not strangers to this brand, the brand of Liqun's brand in the country is very high, and the reputation is very good.
    This cigarettes you mentioned can only be considered as high in the Liqun series, which is a group (leisure). The reference price of each one is 820 yuan.
    The most expensive in the Liqual series is the price of the Litu (Hard Spring Mountain Residence) of 1,000 yuan per package, which costs about 20,000 in the market, and it is still valuable.

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