1 thought on “What are the names of the foot bath in 2021?”

  1. As follows:
    1, Xingmu foot bath shop, Fuquan foot bath shop, Xianzhulin foot bath shop, Shangxi foot bath shop, Haimumu foot bath shop
    2, Yu Longchi foot bath shop, heart full foot bath shop , Zijiao Bay Foot Bath Shop, Large Footbathing Shop, Footprint Foot Bath Shop
    3, Zhuting Foot Bath Shop, Footmare Foot Bath Shop, Foot Bathroom, Digang Footbathing Store, Bai Shitang Footbathing Shop
    4 , Royal Foot Hall Footbathing Store, Sheraton Foot Bath Shop, Foot Paradise Footbathing Shop, Happy Ferry Foot Bath Shop, Holy Hand Foot Bath Shop
    5, Footfall Foot Bath Shop, Foothaul Foot Bath Shop, Xingang Foot Bath Shop, Daba Footbathing Shop , Huatian Station Footbathing Shop
    6, Shuixiang Pavilion Footbathing Shop, Haisheng City Footbathing Shop, Clean Footbathing Bath Shop, Beier Shuangfa Bath Shop, Football Team
    7 Shop, Paris Palace Footbathing Store, Yuanyang Football Bath Shop, Nearly Enjoying Foot Bath Shop

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