Recently, I want to do the new crown test box sales. Is there a recommended agency cooperation company?

4 thoughts on “Recently, I want to do the new crown test box sales. Is there a recommended agency cooperation company?”

  1. You can understand the Guoguoguhaosheng Group. The reagents need to operate the license. The new coronary antigen test agent manufacturer is still very reliable. You are welcome to accept my answer, give a great praise.

  2. The new crown kit belongs to the 3 category of medical device internal diagnostic reagents. Both production and operation are the focus of supervision. And this is a very professional thing. The subject did not say that the antigen was prepared to be a nucleic acid, and the nucleic acid reagent required cold chain transportation. Our company is produced in the new crown -nuclear acid testing kit. It has greeted large and small inspections more than 20 times in half a year, so the supervision is very strict.
    It professional people do professional things. As for the agency you mentioned, there are many agency, and I often see advertisements issued in our industry group. Because it involves the site and the area of ​​the office is required. It is the same as the agent to do it. The most important thing is that in this industry, you must understand the industry. At least your company must have a person who can understand the quality management system. Others can help you register a company, but you still need to operate yourself.

  3. The first question
    1: When you enter the store, you will meet thousands of items you can buy. Of course, because your financial resources are limited, you can't buy everything you want to buy. Therefore, you consider the prices of various items for sale, and buy a set of items that are most suitable for your needs in your financial resources.
    It the theory of decision -making on how consumers make or what to buy.
    The second question

    In until now, in this book, we have always used the demand curve to summarize consumer decisions. As we discussed in Chapter 4 to 7, the demand curve of an item reflects consumers' willingness to pay the item. When the price of items rises, consumers only have the willingness to pay for the item, so the demand is reduced. Now we are deeply inspected the decision behind the demand curve. The consumer selection theory proposed in this chapter provides a more comprehensive explanation of demand, just as the theory of competition companies in Chapter 14 provides a more comprehensive explanation of supply.

    The third question

    One of the top ten principles of economics discussed in Chapter 1 is that people face alternate relationships. Consumer behavior theory examines people's choices when they are consumer. When a consumer buys one more item, he can only buy less other items. When he uses more time for leisure and work less, his income decreases and can only spend less. When he uses more income to now and saves less, he will inevitably accept the future low consumption level. Consumers choose theory to investigate how consumers choose these alternate relationships, and how they respond to changes in the environment.
    It's basic theory that consumers choose, we use it for several family decision -making issues. In particular, we have to ask:
    ◎ Are all the demand curves tilt at the bottom right?
    ◎ How does salary affect labor supply?
    ◎ How does interest rate affect family savings?
    ◎ Poor preferences get cash or physical transfer payment?
    At first glance, these problems seem to be unrelated. But as we will explain, we can use consumers to choose theory to solve every problem.

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