4 thoughts on “Inventory of domestic classic inspirational movies, which one allows you to regain hope?”

  1. In the 1980s, three young people with enthusiasm and dreams met on the campus of Yanjing University of Higher Institute. Since then, they have begun their thirty years of friendship and dreams.
    Mun Meng Xiaojun (Deng Chao), who was born in the study abroad family, is eager to stand on the land of the United States to change the world. The romantic and free Wang Yang (Da Dawei) enjoy the vigorous youthful atmosphere of the early stages of reform and opening up. Rural youth Cheng Dongqing (Huang Xiaoming) worked hard to learn with Xiaojun and harvested beautiful love.
    . However, only the three friends finally obtained the US visa. The huge gap between reality and dreams caused Dongqing and Wang Yang to be hit. Occasionally, Dong Qing, who was expelled from the public office, set up an English training school with the help of Wang Yang, and began to taste the joy of success. Xiao Jun, who was not developing in the United States, returned to China and joined the school. It undoubtedly pushed three friends to take a big step towards his dream.
    "Struggle" This movie is full of motivation in terms of name. This movie is "Struggle" starring the article. This film mainly tells a group of young people who love life. In order to continue to struggle for your ideal life, thinking about earning more money to maintain this family, I personally feel that this movie reflects the lives of young people in the 80s. Even in this era People have a motivation.
    "The King of Comedy" is a love comedy starring Zhou Xingchi and Cecilia Cheung. It mainly talks about a series of things encountered in the process of pursuing his ideals, including the love of the pursuit of his ideals, including the love with Liu Piaopiao.
    The himself performs drunk, but there is no chance. He opened a drama training course, but no one was in the field. At this time, the dancer found him to learn to act. With his help, he became the head of the nightclub. And with the help of big stars, he became the actor. When I thought everything went smoothly, I learned that the actor had another person.
    Evaluation: In this movie, there is actually Zhou Xingchi's own shadow. Although it is a funny nonsense movie, we also want us to show the bitter journey of the little people's dreams.

    "I am a passerby A" and "I am a passerby A" tells the story of the "horizontal drift" family who wandered and struggled in Hengdian. A group of young people came to Hengdian Film City with various dreams to pursue their dreams of acting.
    The Yang Guang and Xiao Fan Su did not know each other, but they came to Hengdian with their own ideals and beliefs with the same bus. This largest film and television base called "Hollywood in China". Xiao Fan, who was in love, met the old mass actor "Li Zhao" in Hengdian, and slowly integrated into various crews of Hengdian with the help of Li Zhao. From all over the world, they started their actors "dreaming" in Hengdian.

  2. In domestic inspirational movies, my favorite is the Galaxy tuition class. This drama mainly interprets the affection between father and son. And very touching. Stimulated a generation of young people who have worked hard.

  3. The first one won. Roll the second part, the tumor king. The third part has no questions. The fourth richest man in Xihong City. The fifth dear New Year is good. The sixth Chinese Flying Man.

  4. Domestic classic inspirational movies include "The King of Comedy", "Chinese Partner", "Alive", "Backlight Flying", "I Want to Famous", "Hello Beijing", "Steel's Piano", "Get Oks, Tumor King "," Ocean Paradise "," Struggle "and so on. Among them, let me have confidence in life and regain hope is "China Partner".

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