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  1. The main listed companies in the industry: the main companies of the waste steel industry include Baosteel (600019), Ansteel (000898), Hua Ling Iron and Steel (000932), Huahong Technology (002645), Tianqi (002009), etc.
    The core data of this article: scrap steel output and consumption, scrap price, scrap import and export, etc.
    1, continuous growth of scrap steel output
    Nearly 100 million tons of scrap steel resources occupied by "strip steel" enterprises have been transferred to regular mainstream steel companies. The supply structure and flow of the waste steel market have been optimized, and the waste steel resources are rationally used. The rapidly growing scrap steel resources will have an important impact on the process structure of the steel industry, the layout of the steel plant, the resource consumption, energy consumption and carbon emissions. Preliminary statistics of the total output of waste steel resources in 2021 are close to 300 million tons.
    2, the amount of waste steel entrances increased significantly in 20121
    The shortage of waste steel resources in my country cannot meet the needs of domestic steel companies, and it is necessary to import waste steel to supplement the lack of domestic resources. According to statistics, from 2017-2019, my country's waste steel imports were more than 100,000 tons; in 2019 and 2020, due to the prohibition of foreign garbage, the import of waste steel was further contracted. After the restrictions on the import restrictions of the regenerative steel raw materials in 2021, the import volume increased significantly.
    3. In recent years, the export volume of scrap steel has continued to decline
    Since my country's waste steel resources are not rich, the country actually limits the export of scrap steel, implements 40%of export tariffs, does not enjoy the export tax refund policy, and the export policy is very strict Essence In recent years, my country's waste steel exports have continued to decline. In 2018, my country ’s exported scrap steel was 32,500 tons, and 2019-2021 has declined sharply.
    4. The consumption of Chinese scrap steel gradually increased
    According to statistics from the scrap industry, from 2013-2021, China's waste steel consumption has gradually increased. The speed tends to stabilize, and the initial statistics will be close to 300 million tons of waste steel from 2021.
    5, 2019-2022 Waste steel prices overall showing waves of rising trend

    2019 The overall of waste steel prices was relatively stable. In 2020, under the favorable stimulus of national policies, domestic enterprises have been steadily advanced, and the industry has gradually returned to normal operations. Against the background of comprehensive resumption of work, the industry operates well and the price has rebounded sharply. On December 31, 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement that starting from January 1, 2021, the regenerative steel raw materials that meet the standards of "Renewable Iron and Steel Materials" can be available. Free import. In 2021, my country's demand for scrap steel once increased, supply and demand for scrap steel markets were in a tight balance, and scrap prices soared. By May 2021, the price of scrap steel reached its peak, 3990 yuan/ton, and then stabilized. The price of the price of 2021 decreased slightly in 1021, and the price of waste steel gradually rebounded in 2022.
    In comprehensive, with the continuous improvement of my country's waste steel recovery system and processing and distribution system, scrap steel will be more standardized in the recovery link and processing links, which will greatly promote the quality and production of scrap steel to promote the quality and production of waste steel. Essence From the perspective of import and export, after the restrictions on the import restrictions on the import of recycled steel from January 1, 2021, my country's regenerative steel raw material imports have gradually increased.
    It data refer to the "Analysis Report of the Market Demand and Investment Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning Planning of the Prospective Industry Research Institute.

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