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  1. Buying a second -hand truck is really not easy to buy. After all, it is not a new car. If you do n’t buy it well, it ’s like buying a waste car. He repair all day and waste money. Buying used cars requires a lot of knowledge. Help:
    S several important criteria for vehicle evaluation:
    1, brand -hot car or unpopular cars increase or reduce the code according to market conditions;
    2, car condition -appearance, interior, engine, engine, engine, engine, engine, engine, engine, engine , Five elements of the chassis and original paint must not be less;
    3, insurance -whether to buy insurance should be counted as an entry price; R n5, new car price adjustment, promotion, modification -pay attention to market pulse at any time, and make corresponding price adjustments.
    The four note:
    1. Careful checking the license. When buying a car, the owner's ID card, the original purchase of the vehicle, the check -in (tax) certificate (tax) certificate, the motor vehicle exercise certificate, the road maintenance fee certificate, the annual inspection certificate, and the insurance policy must be carefully optimistic to ensure that there are no problems with no problems Essence If the license is not complete, it will worry a lot when you buy the relevant procedures. There are many lessons in this aspect, which is worth learning from consumers. The motor number and frame number must be checked well, so that the identity of the vehicle can be determined and will not be confused.
    2, re -paint to see. See if the body paint film is dropped off, there is no new mark on the face paint, there are no extra painting paint around the exhaust pipe, strip and windows. One of the criteria for judging its old and old.
    3, focus on observing welding points. The seams between the doors, heads, tails and the body should be smooth and complete. If the seams of the main seams are different, the lines are curved, and the decorative strips fall off or lack, prove that the car is an accident car, after renovation or overhaul.
    4, engine performance is important. The important car performance is mainly the things below the hood. Whether the engine work is normal, whether the oil pipes, water pipes, and lines are aging, and there are traces of water leakage. Don't think that there is no problem with cleanliness inside. The more clean the engine, the more artificially cleaning up. As long as these parts are carefully checked, problems can be found in time.
    The foreign customers should pay special attention to the problem:
    (1) Foreign customers should first consult the local vehicle management department to understand whether the types and years you want to buy can be the on -board card of
    (2) Pay attention to the period of scrap of the vehicle, do not buy the upcoming vehicle.
    (3) When buying, you should pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and check carefully.
    (4) Pay the deposit with caution. The deposit shall take effect after recognizing the condition of the car and the trading contract between the buyers and sellers.

    (5) Pay attention to the content on the vehicle "Registration Certificate".
    The trading vehicle inspection, is it necessary? Is it necessary to do:
    is very necessary. At present, all trading vehicles must be inspected. To determine whether the vehicle can be traded. This is an important measure to protect the rights and interests of the buyers and sellers. It is also the main means to prevent all kinds of illegal vehicles.
    At present, Liangshan in Shandong and Gaoan in Jiangxi are the most formal market for second -hand truck transactions in the country. Drivers and friends know that the transportation industry in these two places is very developed. There are many trailers in Liangshan. I have a call from Jiangxi in my hand. The car is complete and the credibility is very good.

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