What are the WeChat public account loans in 2018? These 5 are Sanhao WeChat loan platform!

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  1. In 2018, the entire online loan industry has undergone a large shuffle, and many platforms have stopped lending, and many of them are WeChat loan public accounts. What are the WeChat public account loans that can be paid? Today, I will talk about the WeChat public account that can still be loaned in 2018. I hope they can help you solve the problem and spend the difficulties.
    The WeChat public account, which can be used in 2018, has a lot of requirements in accordance with the requirements of low thresholds, fast ending, and high security. They are Central Plains Consumer Finance, Financial, Recruitment Finance, and Paiyin Finance.
    Call consumer finance
    The Central Plains Consumer Finance is a consumer finance company initiated by the Central Plains Bank. There are two major fist -level products with money spending and paying in advance. Everyone can apply through the WeChat public account. The loan amount of Consumer Finance in Central Plains can reach 200,000 yuan, and there are many options for borrowing models.
    M finance
    M finance is a very influential consumer finance company in 2018, as well as its own WeChat public account. You can handle it online through the financial WeChat public account. There is no need to provide a guarantee, with a maximum loan of 200,000 yuan.
    The recruitment finance
    The financial banking is a loan platform with China Merchants Bank and China Unicom background. It can be loan to everyone through its own WeChat public account, with a maximum amount of 200,000 yuan. In addition, Zhaolian Finance also supports installment consumption, with a maximum of 40 days exemption.
    Backs of silver finance
    Backs of silver finance are WeChat public accounts specializing in credit cards, and also have a bank background. The loan amount of Baoyin Financial is less than 50,000 yuan. The interest can be much lower than that of the bank credit card billing. The lowest is only the above. It is the 2018 WeChat public account loan platform introduced to everyone. I hope it has reference value for everyone.

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