2 thoughts on “What are the better ways of recruitment (mainly a beautician)”

  1. Now that the beauticians are so difficult to recruit, when recruiting beauticians, beauty salons should try to choose multiple channels to combine recruitment. In addition to continuously connecting beauty artists on industry recruitment websites, it can also be combined with employee recommendation and facade recruitment in the store.
    138job also reminds all the beauty salons owners to recruit beauticians on the Internet, try to contact some beauticians to interview as much as possible. And the hardware conditions of the beauty salon attract the beauty artist.
    The beauty scholars feel that the situation is not satisfactory after entering the beauty salon, and because there are room for choosing to other beauty salons, these beauticians will also find his position in the right opportunity. Therefore, in addition to considering her technical technique, recruitment of beauticians should also pay great attention to the stability of employees in previous work.
    In the recruitment of beauty artists, not only should we inspect the technical techniques and interpersonal communication skills of the beautician, but also pay attention to the time, place, service brand and institution from the application information and interviews. What is because of personal development or treatment topics; whether to work in local work, long -term development goals, and so on. It can be seen from this person's stability, and signed a formal work contract with each employee to improve the stability of a beautician as much as possible.

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