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  1. In studying, work, or life, everyone has the experience of writing composition, and is familiar with composition. With the help of components, people can reflect objective things, express ideological feelings, and convey knowledge information. You can't write when you write? The following is a good and excellent composition I organized. Welcome to read. I hope everyone can like it.
    Beou excellent composition 1 A athlete's bone, the face is rosy and large, the forehead is slightly bulging, a dark hair is like a pine needle, one root stands on his head, and the comb does not need to visit him at all. s hair. From time to time, the eyes of the bright crystal flashed with the unique light of the police, like two lakes reflect the glory of the sun. The eyebrows are curved, just like the moon of the first day. He is my father.
    The my father loves sports, of course, he is very good. One night, my dad and I went to Erhai Middle School to play football and divide my position -I was the goalkeeper, and my father was currently confront. At the moment he started playing, the moment he served, he glanced at the ball with his eyes, raised his feet, and let the high -speed rotating ball fly to me. However, I didn't panic. When things fly to the goal, I conclude that that is the ball, and the ball shouted: "I'm here, I'm here." I bend my waist, hit the air over the air, and the ball was caught. Stunning, after a minute, people gave us warm applause. This "performance" of my father and I will be the best memories of my growing up.
    Dads not only love sports, but also love me very much. Once, I fight with my classmates at school. When I was waiting for my dad to come back from get off work, I was uneasy, afraid that Dad would blame me. Dad pushed in the door, saw that I was carrying a ballad, and patted my head and asked, "Did you eat it?" I said, "No." He went to the kitchen for cooking. When I had a good meal, my dad accompanied me to finish his homework. He touched my head gently and said, "What happened today?" I told my dad about what happened today in 151. Dad told me the importance of friendship and friendship between classmates, and told me the harm of fighting. He gave me many examples to hear me. After that, he picked up the bag and went to work overtime again. Dad's kind tone made things in memories beautiful and sweet. He is like a wise eagle. When I encounter difficulties, I guidance me what to do. He illuminates my learning journey like the glory of the sun. He was like a motivated words, inspiring me when I was crying.
    This is my father, sports, and good father who loves family.
    Geregiving and excellent composition 2 My dad has a pair of beard, leaving the left, right skimming, his eyes are bright, if I am doing something, what bad things I do, my dad knows, my dad is the most The special place is the nose. His nose is very sensitive. For example, today's mother burns vegetables in the kitchen, and his father is sitting on the sofa to read the newspaper.
    The dad and I are both sexually Chen. I often call my father Lao Chen, and my dad often calls me Xiao Chen. Why do you call it? Because Dad is an adult, I am a child, I originally wanted to call my father Da Chen, but my father said to me, "I'm old, I should call me old Chen." But my father is never old in my mind. Just like my good friend. Every morning, my dad and I go to the field to work. Every day we go home at noon, and my dad is sweaty. Dad is really a good man. I really admire my dad!
    . My father is not only a good man, but also a good father. One day, there was a heavy rain under the sky, and the wind was scratched. After school, I was waiting for my father to pick me up at the school gate. In the umbrella, he accused his father of: "Why are you so slow? People are waiting for death." Dad didn't scold me to accuse him, he only said to me: "Arrive on time next time." On the way home, For a while, the wind scraped the umbrella. My dad and I came back home with rain. I didn't get the rain, but my father caught a cold. After the umbrella was scratched, my father immediately took off his coat and gave me the wind and the rain covering the rain. He was drizzling along the way. Why! I shouldn't blame Dad at first, my dad was so good to me. In this way, my dad and I had a agreement. No matter what the other party did something wrong, you couldn't blame others. If you violate the agreement, punish the other party. It is not allowed to spend a penny for a week.
    I dads are so nice, I love my good dad.
    Beaous and excellent composition 3 six years of elementary school life is passing away. Looking back, there are many things that make me unforgettable.
    I clearly remembers that at that time, Teacher Ding Wei asked me to go to Henggang to the game. When I was practicing, I sang very badly, and I was crying in the corner. Teacher Ding found me, and said to me, "Don't cry, you sing well, it's too nervous. If you practice more, you will sing well!" "Really?" He smiled Asked me: "What do you say?"
    until the sixth grade, I knew how bad I sang that time, but Teacher Ding had been encouraging me to regain my confidence.
    In last semester's sports meeting, I remember deeply. During the running game, the athletes in our class all rubbed their hands and eager to try. When the referee ordered, the classmates in our class ran to the end like an arrow, and the classmates on the side shouted to break the throat: "Run fast, come on!" Sure enough, the athletes in my class lived up to expectations and took it. First. In other projects, our class has also achieved remarkable results.
    Hay is the most abundant expression? There is no doubt that it is when the test paper is issued.
    , look! When the teacher walked into the classroom with a stack of modified test papers, the classroom would be silent in the classroom, and the students would stare at the teacher's hand intently. Some students looked like worshiping the Buddha, and they kept muttering in their mouths: "Bless the Buddha, take a good test!" Some students scratched the cross on their chests, and they whispered, "God, don't smash the test It's! "The good students who have been in good exams are naturally cheerful, but they are frustrated without testing. This has become a beautiful scenery in the classroom.
    Elementary school life, warm, sweat, pain and happiness coexist, unforgettable, my elementary school life!
    Bee excellent composition 4 Life is colorful. It looks like a poem and a song; it is also like a five -flavored bottle, which contains sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spicy, and salty. I believe everyone prefers the taste of sweetness and is unwilling to try the taste. I always hope that everything is smooth, the road is flat, and I don't want to face difficulties and setbacks.
    In my life, there is a kind of thing that makes my life better -persistence.
    Too many people think that persistence is tired, and it is not necessary, let me give an example!
    Su's life to make students live better.
    The teacher often tells us that adherence is a virtue of students. As long as you persist, you can succeed. Since Teacher Tian served as our class teacher, our class has changed a lot. Due to the improper learning method of our learning, our grades were unsatisfactory. It also leads to poor overall results in the class. Since the implementation of Teacher Tian's method, we insisted on the monthly exam. Our class has scored ideal results. It has also made us bang the brows and spit it once. It also made us settling. : Only by persistence can people's fighting spirit, can make people work hard, achieve good results, and succeed.
    The grandma once said to me: "Zhezhe, you must study hard! Everyone said," Divide, student's life root. "Only after the exam is good, I am not afraid of my mother's noisy."
    So I think persistence can make students get a high score and make students' lives better.
    Supering the family can make the family better.
    My modern people can't find a job, or they can't meet the needs of family life. Because they do n’t persist, they ca n’t persist in the hard work of work. They finally found a good job, and the conditions are good, and they can maintain the needs of life, but because they are working hard, they give up. Do not work hard. This is the life of modern people.
    So I think insisting on making the family better.
    The examples above can make life better because of persistence, so I think:
    Pishes to make life better.
    Is good composition 5 Youth is the flower season of life. Youth is the golden age of life. It is the most sufficient, beautiful part of our lives, and the most precious part of our life. Therefore, the first step of youth is very important. So how should we make a good youth?
    I think we must first study carefully, and we must not live up to the expectations of teachers and parents, so how can we study carefully? I think the teacher should listen carefully to the teacher in class, and you ca n’t start a small difference. For the get out of class that you do n’t understand, you have to ask the teacher and classmates. You have to take notes in get out of class. It is necessary to control the time to play the computer appropriately. Within about 30 minutes, time should be placed in learning. And I also feel that in the process of going to middle school, I can't be as playful as childhood, and I must study hard.
    Then I feel that I have to change my bad problems, such as: spitting everywhere, not eating vegetables, lying down and reading books, and so on. So how should it be changed? I think we should bring a pack of tissue paper with you so that you can spit into a napkin paper when you have sputum. The bad faults of spitting are solved. Then the solution to the second problem is also very simple. When my mother finds the consequences of not eating vegetables on the computer, I will show me the consequences and I will eat it. In the last third problem, I think I should sit in a chair before going to bed, and then sleep, and the third problem is solved. Then I also felt that in life, if we encountered difficulties and setbacks, we should not shrink back, but we must persevere, we must have a firm belief and strong will, so as to overcome difficulties.
    and I think we need to help parents and mothers do more housework at home, such as: sweeping the floor, wiping windows, watching the door, and so on. In school, we should be a good helper of a teacher, and help the classmates. If the classmate's pencil is broken, you should give him one, so that when you have difficulties in the future, he will also help you.
    Is, this is an important period for young people to move towards young people, so this moment is very important. It is necessary to set foot on the right path on the first day of the start and move in the right direction.
    Is good composition 6 "School rules and family rules" are a sentence that people often hang on their mouths. But as soon as I asked, "What is your family style? What is the tutor?" The students will be dumbfounded.
    The family style of my family is "filial piety", respecting parents and respect for the elders. My parents have been warning: Bai Shanxiao is the first! Family style is a motto that should be kept in mind. With it, everyone can stand in the society to make them go further! Remember the family style, lay a firm foundation for their own lives, and set a firm step to become the talents of the country! R! R! R! n Remember that when I was young, every time I went to play with my good friends, I forgot to go home when my father or mother prescribed, and I would go back late when I was enjoying. Make adults in a hurry, so my mother said seriously to me: "How do you stipulate time and why do you not comply with the regulations every time, so you can come back so late. Agree? "I nodded, and promised my mother to abide by the rules next time, and went home on time.
    The good times is not long, my old fault is committed again. During a summer vacation, my homework was completed, so I went to play with friends. My mother told me that I went home at 6:30 at the latest. Do not affect the time of others' meals. I agreed. Everyone was very happy to play. Her mother repeatedly invited me to eat at her house, and I readily accepted it. After a while, my mother called me to go home, and I had to go back obediently because it was more than 7:30. As soon as he got home, he was criticized by his mother fiercely. I know that my mistake is not going home on time, and eating at other people's house not only disturbed others, but also a burden on others. Make up secretly and never commit it again.
    Now I finally understand what is "family style, family training, tutoring". "Family style" is the atmosphere of a family. Once this style is broken, this ideological and morality will follow, and this family will be difficult to cultivate excellent offspring. If there is no "home training", then the offspring will be spoiled, and only let him (her) change, and then slowly educate (her). I think this is "family style, family training, tutoring"!
    good excellent composition 7, we also walk step by step to the ninth grade. Do you want to give up? So what makes you forget to get tired, let you persist, and walk towards the dawn? Is it a warm ding? Is it a touching story? Or the goal in your own heart?
    The what my mother always insisted on what my mother said to me. For this sentence, I would not relax no matter how tired. I once thought about giving up, thinking that my grades were poor, and I couldn't achieve my goal at all. At this time, my mother said to me, "You have to believe in yourself, and people must fight when people live, so that life will be more exciting. Believe in the place where you can reach in your heart, you can reach it one day. Degraded yourself and strive to make yourself more exciting! Yeah! The place where you can reach you can reach one day. If I look down on myself, how can I make others look up? False, I want to struggle, one day I will achieve my goal in my heart.
    The teacher said that I repeatedly practiced, and listening to the class will become serious, but the grades have not changed much. I am also very lost in my heart. Thinking about it again. But whenever this time, my mother's words came out of my mind again, believe it! Believe! Yes! Believe in myself, the sentence is like a curse Generally, around me and monitor me. Whenever I think of the words my mother said, I will turn the power to the motivation and work hard.
    For the exam, my scores can be described as straight. With the test paper, looking at the score above, my excitement tears are coming out!
    The words are all that, to believe in the place where I have reached, footsteps, footsteps, footsteps, footsteps You can also arrive. Thank you mother, thank you what you said, the voice you speak in my heart is the most beautiful voice in the world. Because it encourages me He is a kind old man. At the age of seventy -two this year, he is spiritual, tough, and laughed all day long. The traces of the years seem to have never been left on her. His hair is already white, but there is still a kind of atmosphere when you are young. Grandma's eyebrows are curved, thick, with a trace of kindness from it. There is a pair of vitality under the eyebrows. But the eyes were still so bright, and the grandma's face was always showing a smile. The corner of the grandma's mouth was always raised slightly. Grandma never cursed. Lack of food and less. With the birth of the uncle, another mouth is added, and the days are even more stretched. When the fourth child is the birth of my father, the family lives tighter. The score of the worker is not enough. Thanks to the relatives to help the relatives, the difficulties have passed the difficulties. When my father got married, the family had returned the original debt. The good day did not live a few years, and the grandfather who was sick with his grandmother died of illness. At that time, I was at that time. It's only half years old.
    In grandma is good for others, never quarrel with others, fast -moving, cleaning up at home, never idle. nI grandmother loves me particularly. If there is any delicious one, I do n’t want to eat it, and I keep it for me. My grandmother is my “protector”. I made a mistake. As soon as my parents trained me, my grandmother was anxious with them. It's all love, I am considerate, I am also trying to reduce this Of course, my own change is the key.
    I I hope my grandmother is healthy and longevity, always with me, covering the wind and rain for me.
    Bee excellent composition 9 Watch Wang Xizhi's "Lanting Preface", experience Yan Zhenqing's "Multi -Pagoda Monument", or Zhang Zhi's "Chunhua Pavilion Post". Each post, or every chapter, is practiced with a brush one by one. The brush is the crystallization of China. During the winter vacation, the teacher asked us to go back to do the "big calligrapher" to practice and learn brush characters.
    The brush characters that were more successful before, the "True Scripture" that was picked up for a year, always felt a little uncomfortable. Sometimes the tail is too thick, but the whole word always feels a bit awkward, and it seems to collapse to the right. Sometimes when the head is thicker, it seems that there is a big stone on the top, and it is crumbling and at stake. The brush is not like a pen and a pencil. The pen drawing is relatively consistent, and the brushes depends on your technique. Sometimes too hard, the brush suddenly squeeze out the ink, and one word is ruined.
    I always has a curiosity about the writing of the brush. When I encounter an excellent work of others, I always want to copy it. Regardless of your triangle cat's kung fu, he develops felt. It seems that he can have a dragon snake, hoping to be better than the work. It's not me, really! Other people's works always have some flavors in newspapers. The charm of the work is three points here. Sometimes the layout of the word is a bit messy, and the cleanliness of the work is gone, but I have been working hard to practice. Sometimes I am satisfied, I take it out to appreciate it, and sometimes I still take my parents to appreciate it together, as if my pride can also infect them, and happiness is constantly generated from the writing brush.
    The brush characters also made me know a lot. The "people" were ashamed and stood up, and it was really like a person's down -to -earth. This shows the truth of our learning. Only by laying the foundation first, working hard, a little bit of "heaven". The word "thick virtue" is wide and magnificent, like those who tolerant and highly character. Don't you show the truth of the world?
    I just touched in the brush word, stood hard, and appreciated the truth. Looking at the technical progress day by day, I am getting happier and happy. Isn't it the best friend in my amateur life?
    Bee excellent composition 10 is in a big cleaning, and I see you again. do you still remember me? Yo, look at the radian of your mouth, as if you think of me! So, let's remember our story together
    still remember our first meeting? Mom led you into the house. You have a round and fat face. Under the curved eyebrows is a pair of dark and translucent eyes, a tilted nose, a cherry -like mouth, wearing a beautiful dress, really like cute and beautiful in fairy tales in fairy tale Princess. I hugged you, shouted, and jumped. In this way, you have entered my life.
    When you sleep, you quietly come to my dream. Sometimes you dance in a princess skirt, sometimes you sing with a microphone and sing, sometimes you coquettish me to give you a hug ... morning Get up, you look at me with a smile, so innocent and cute. I kissed you and kissed you, and started a new day happily.
    When I was sad, I returned to the room with tears, and I saw you at first glance. I hold you and tell you the grievances. You looked at me gently, and didn't say a word, just tell me with your eyes: "The little frustration is nothing, don't deny yourself easily." So, I don't cry, continue to move forward.
    When I was angry, I returned to the room angrily, and you saw you at first glance. Innocent, you have become my punch. I threw you on the bedside, and you looked at me with grievances and worried. My heart was softened, holding you up, rubbing you here, rubbing there, the anger full of anger dissipated.
    I time when I was happy, I returned to the room with a high rush, and the first one was you. I tell you about my beauty and let you share my happiness. You listen to it, as if you have a sweet smile.
    In those days, naughty me, lazy me, and bad temper ... you can tolerate. I can show my heart in front of you and show the most authentic self in front of you.
    Now you are lying in the old box. There is already a layer of gray on the clothes, but still looking at me with gentle eyes.
    In you, always my good sister, my favorite doll!
    Bee excellent composition 11 There are many remembers in life, perhaps the influence of a sentence, or maybe it is a instantaneous fix. At that moment, we may have excited us, unforgettable, and laughing ... Now, let go of all emotions, let us remember the happiness of childhood.
    That day, it took me two days to travel to Wenzhou. At that time, I thought it was too easy to be happy. I was a little surprised. My dad said that he would have to wait two days later. I was very excited and very happy and beautiful. I was thinking that my beautiful time is coming. The one in front of me is too incredible. I hope that these two days can come quickly, so that I can play there. I heard that my dad said that his cousin would go to Wenzhou. I was as happy as a flower in my heart. For a few days, I was happy in the next two days, so I had to live the two days before the two days before.
    In the evening of the next day, I couldn't sleep happily. I was lying in bed at night, but I thought in my mind to travel to Wenzhou. On the way to Wenzhou, I listened to my cousin while listening. While watching the beautiful scenery on the side of the road, it was time to watch the meals. All of them were seafood. We ate it with interest. After we ate Chinese meals, we continued to go to Wenzhou on the way. Wanghai Tower "The Sea", we stopped here in the sea to swim. Dinner was also eaten in the restaurant, and the food such as seafood was eaten. We went to the third floor of the hotel. Two beds, televisions, bathrooms ... "Everything is very beautiful. In the morning, we ate breakfast in the hotel. I ate a lot with my cousin. The next day's Chinese rice ate on the restaurant on the sea. I felt very happy. Now I think that moment, I am so happy
    Is good composition 12 The school classes are all tables at the same table. In my eyes, men and women have a lot of benefits at the same table.
    It people say: men and women will make trouble at the same table, there will be "38 lines" and so on. But in our class, these phenomena will not appear. I do n’t know why. The girls in our class also like to play basketball like boys. Every day at noon, there will always be a group of boys and a group of girls in class on the playground.
    Since the girl does not understand basketball, she wants to find a chance to ask boys, and men and women at the same table just create this opportunity. No, whenever the class, there will always be some girls ask her at the same table, "Hey, is NBA good -looking?" "Which line is the three -pointer?" , Men and women have a common language at the same table.
    is one more thing, naturally learning. Because the girls are more careful and their grades are better, the boys will ask his lesbian table if you don't understand. Once, the teacher asked us to take some notes. I didn't hear it clearly, so I asked me at the same table. Unsurprisingly, she really wrote all the notes clearly. So I looked at her notes and copied all the notes that I didn't hear clearly, and finally supplemented the knowledge I didn't learn.
    Because of the same table of men and women, the relationship between men and women in our class is also very harmonious. The second class opposite is always a girl, and the boys are facing. In our class, we can always see that boys and girls laugh together, play, and borrow each other when they are not bringing things.
    In short, men and women can take advantage of the table and understand each other. There are countless benefits.
    Bee excellent composition 13 Chinese characters, everywhere in China, is also a friend who meets and contacts every day in our lives. The Chinese characters are strange and interesting. He also has a long history, from the previous Oracle to the current script and regular script. Chinese is also the most beautiful text in the world. Let's swim in the kingdom of Chinese characters together!
    This Chinese characters also have many different pronunciations. Sometimes a pronunciation changes slightly, and it becomes other meanings, such as heavy zhong, which means that the object is heavy, and the weight is eight poles. It is a lot, duplicate and overlapping, so this polyphonic character is also wonderful in the Chinese characters.
    Words are also common in Chinese characters, and sometimes inevitable. Those advertisements on the street sometimes have wrong words. I saw it on the garage garage in the community: "Passing in front of the garage door." I recognized the ban on his writing at a glance. His ban was not outrageous, but there was no word in Chinese characters. Under the forest is not shown, but also. Some signs or shop names on the street, some do not write or accidentally write wrong, some things are intentionally written as words of true words as true words. This is fun and can attract customers more.
    is also a kind of Chinese character family. Sometimes reading the correct pronunciation makes people understand a wrong understanding; sometimes reading the homophonic sound of a certain word will make people feel that you are scolding him. Therefore, don't read the wrong pronunciation, because this may make people understand the errors.
    This Chinese characters are wonderful. We also need to discover more, understand more, and learn more.
    Bee excellent composition 14 luminous is very beautiful, not as comfort of friends; the stars are beautiful, not as good as the embellishment of friendship; the night sky is beautiful, not as precious of friendship. I have a good friend. If you ask me who she is? I will not hesitate to tell you that it is a "beautiful girl" Zeng Jiawen. She is a class flower and role model recognized by our classmates.
    . She has a brown -black natural curl and a pair of large water -like eyes. There is a sweet cherry mouth under the high bridge of the nose. The most noticeable thing is her long and good figure. Big long legs in the distance came to us. Do you think she looks like a "beautiful girl"?
    . She is very helpful. Once, when I walked with her, a "bang" sounded, a football smashed into my face, I couldn't help the pain, crying, she hurriedly comforted me and said, "You're okay, don't cry Almost, I do n’t help you go to the infirmary to see it, I will be with you. "Her gentle words flowed into my heart like a warm current, and I was better and held back the cry. After a long time, she saw that I was okay, but still refused to leave, and stayed with me. I wanted to cry and accompany her without her. I was going to cry for three days and three nights.
    . She and I have a common hobby to eat. We are not as fat as pig Bajie, and we are as thin as white bone essence. No matter how much you eat, we are not afraid of gaining weight. A few days ago we went to eat snacks, we had forgotten the time, and we forgot to go home. Moms and dads called us everywhere, and we hurried home. Walking on the way home, the 100 yuan in the pocket became a yuan. The two of us looked at each other with a satisfactory smile. What did the two of our snacks eat?
    The light is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like shuttle, and the six years of time is about to pass. However, the real friendship is more than six years. It may be ten years, twenty years or permanent time. It is her showing life to me. We will always be tolerant and take care of each other, and they will always be good friends.
    Gea and excellent composition 15 I have a very frugal grandfather. In my heart, he is the greatest person.
    once, Grandpa's fish net broke a big mouth, and happened to get a few people to go to the net fish tomorrow, so he went to find grandma. Grandma went out. He thought about it, and found the needle line of the grandmother to sew clothes and learn. Grandma was sewing.
    I saw it, and said to Grandpa, "Grandpa, just a fish net, there is no big deal, just buy one, it is cheap." You can still use it, why bother to do this. "
    Suddenly, he accidentally stabbed Grandpa's fingers. Grandpa stunned it, and the blood poured out of his fingers. One.
    I thought that Grandpa would not sew the fish net anymore, but sat down to rest. It was unexpected that he took the needle thread and continued to sew.
    I watched it and persuaded Grandpa: "Grandpa, you have bleed your hands, do this kind of thing. Don't do it! Buy one again!" "No" Grandpa answered stubbornly.
    The is like this, Grandpa made up the fish net, and to catch the fish happily!
    Grandpa's life is really simple and simple: all clothes are "New Year, three years old, three years of sewing and replenishment!". Grandpa's shoes are patch and patch, and the original colors have long been recognized. When Grandpa eats, the naughty millet grains who escaped the rice bowl could not escape his chopsticks and were eaten by him. Even those dishes who accidentally fell on the table would be eaten by him.
    . There was another time. The TV at home was broken. Dad watched to buy one. Grandpa quickly refused: "Buying a TV requires a lot of money, it's too wasteful, it's better to find someone to repair it!" Grandpa went out to find a repair person under the scorching sun. With the unremitting efforts of Grandpa, the TV was finally repaired.
    Grandpa's insistence on the simple spirit has always inspired me and let me learn.

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