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  1. How to find a customer source for Weimei Ai Eye Steel Film
    Mou's Agency Agent Anti -Eye Steel Film How to find a customer source
    Mioshang agent Huamei Eye Steel Film How to find a customer source
    Gag "liyu" connected the number "0806", Weishang must give up the initiative to add customers and give up the acquaintance circle! Master some methods and skills to network drainage! The network is a free platform. There are thousands of users in the world. How many people can see your products, so that you can add your customers to your products! The promotion of the product is on the Internet and not the circle of friends. The circle of friends is just a trading platform, not a special session of advertising! Intersection

    Actually, many people just understand the micro -marketing in WeChat marketing. The micro -marketing I understand is online and offline development, rather than just making articles on WeChat. What I understand in this regard is a few points in doing this, establishing a degree of trust, and the first time you are interested in the other party, that is, the second marketing of customers, loyalty and information promotion of old customers. This is the micro -marketing that I understand The most important aspects in it. In fact, we all know that activity is important, but the real advantage between this advantage and disadvantage is chat. This advantage is absolute advantage in the current micro -marketing. This advantage is about your popularity and your reputation. It will be a great improvement, talk about what you should, analyze what you can do, master some personal products, better serve customers, to achieve the sales of your product. At the same time, designing some planning target performance, the content of some target customers, the content of the old customers and the number of new customers, and the amount of orders return. These are necessary. If you are doing micro -marketing at the beginning, you must learn to find your own team at the beginning, and do it online and offline at the same time. It's like a group buying ~ a person's pressure of three people, the advantages of the purchase price are very obvious. As for me, I have recently communicated with several marketing masters in WeChat. It also summarizes some ways of marketing and point -to -point marketing.
    If the effect of deliberately promoting the product may not be good ~ communication and communication are very important. I always think: "Avenue is simple, simple and capable!" Therefore, everyone should dare to despise authority and look directly at the truth. Don't believe it if you don't understand, otherwise you are easily flickering, brainwashed, and finally become a robot, pushed forward by invisible power, busy time. Don't think you are to judge yourself, but use practice to test. Otherwise, the more you see, the greater the resistance to your own success. I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs and mentioned everything, but never practiced. Although the tuition fees have been taught a lot, they have never achieved good results.
    Remember: If you don't understand, don't believe it blindly. In any field, what is really useful is very simple, don't understand, don't believe it. Because on the Internet, too many people like to complicate simple things to flickering people, and they seem to be very profound. WeChat: Micro -marketing is not so complicated, the method is very simple! But you did n’t expect it, and I just thought of and did it. I shared the results of satisfactory experiments with you
    It the second frequency interaction
    in me in me It seems that the soul of Weishang is located. All Weishangs have no interaction, just like a pool of dead water, without any vitality, let alone the transaction. I used to tell me how to do it. It is actually very simple. I think every we want to do it. At least there should be more than 200 friends who are a micro -business, so think about whether you have communicated with your friends, have you seen what they sent, I want to say it, maybe you already know you already know Here, what I want to mention is praise. In China, everyone wants to be praised and praised by others. So we use this key interaction with praise, no matter what your friends send, you can like it, then you often do it. I think one day he will come to see what you send Praise, comment, and communicate with you, the other is that the comment is important. This is not a blind comment. You choose the content that is valuable to resonate with you to comment. Write your thoughts. The focus of Weishang is encouraging. Understanding and support, it is not like some people's accusations or abuse; in the end is the wonderful use of group hair. This wonderful use will be summarized after communicating with me. n First of all, you can register an account in Douban, Tianya and other communities. Of course, if you already have a sign, you can log in and search for WeChat groups. Then you will find pictures of various groups of QR codes. You can scan in, and then add the people inside the people to pass the rate is relatively high
    everyone can also enter Tencent Weibo, and then there is the same way to search for WeChat groups. Application, click on the rabbit, you must have no points at first to play. You first listen to others or broadcast other people's Weibo to earn points, so that you have points yourself, you are let others listen to you Earn points, so that your views are higher.
    In the fourth improvement of the content of the content of the friend circle
    WeChat still needs to consider the content as king. We can say that WeChat may be more on WeChat. The content of content and daily positive energy is important for the establishment and attraction of customers in its own brand. Transactions are our ultimate goal. Therefore, every link in front of them requires us The process of transaction must be sincerely answered every question of customers. Because WeChat is not Taobao, there is no guarantee, so trust is very critical. How to obtain trust is in place. If you have any trusted but want to try it, it is recommended to get a Taobao shop to let them go to Taobao to buy; during the transaction process, some of the customers ask about it. I think it is too expensive. There are cheap ones elsewhere. Waiting for problems, in the past few years of my business, I also treated several issues as classic issues in the process of doing WeChat. Essence If other micro -business friends want to learn, you can contact me. In the last point, what I want to tell is that if you encounter the transaction at night, you need to be transmitted as much as possible, and it will change a lot after night. There is a saying that "night dreams" is the truth.
    It brush pictures, don't be too frequent
    I personally suggest that 3-6 items are the best, too much will make people disgusted, especially who has a few friends in the circle of friends. The image of professional genuine flagship store. Brush the picture time. From 8 am to 9:30 in the morning, two more can be brushed from 6 pm to 7:30 pm to 12 pm, because these time points are more to see mobile phones. The main product is brushed more, so people know what you do at a glance. 3. The product map must be clear, and it is not a real picture, but it must be clear. This also involves customers' first impression of you.
    The six -blind screen swing is not desirable.
    In some people to brush once every few days. When it comes up, it is a madness. This approach is not optimistic and destined to go far. Three days of fishing for two days, I suggest that you do n’t do it and spoil money. At the beginning, there may not be even people who asked. This is normal. Don't doubt it is your own problem. You can send more your own use maps, and some feelings after use, such as whether the mask is very convincing, what is the taste, and others will ask you in a few days. Money? Where did you buy it? At this time, you can introduce her in detail. Usually, learn more about product knowledge. To exercise your ability to solve the problem independently, you can't find a little problem. Yes, after all, everyone didn't understand it very much in the early stage. I just hope that everyone can be alone, so that they can grow better

  2. It should be done! At the beginning, my WeChat friend was also twenty or thirty people. Thinking about being WeChat, there are too few people. What should I do? Later, I studied too many methods. Finally, several methods took effect, and the effect was great. At this speed, it is difficult for business to be hot. But I did not use software, and the second did not promote it. Of course, I have my own method:

    In the final analysis as follows:
    1. If I go to ask someone to add, even if I add it, I may not buy my stuff. So, I took the initiative to add people. I gave up completely.
    2, my request is: I want others to take the initiative to add me, because others must have come to buy me, which is the so -called precision powder. This way, a customer is a quasi -customer, 10, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top, top Take the initiative to add 100 others, so this is the idea.
    3, what should I do after adding it? At first, I want to say hello to people, remember that I said hello instead of recommending your product. This is the minimum polite. Don't say nothing about it. This is wrong. (Another reason is that you must add you, it must be your prospective customer, so let's greet it first, but do n’t talk too much, otherwise it is easy to be disgusted; if you make other products, you must catch the customer's psychology to do it to do it. That's it)
    4, basically he will browse your information after coming in, and see the information before your circle of friends, and you will also observe it for a while. Generally, the order is the fastest day. It doesn't matter. After my calculation, basically a large part of it must be decided to place an order for several days, because the order does not need to be guaranteed and pays directly. Therefore, buyers need to consider the time. This is also normal.
    5, what about this period of consideration? What you posted every day in your circle of friends is too important. First of all, don't be too frequent. When you send more people to block the buyer, it is when the buyer blocks or deletes you. If you can think about it, you can think about it. Thoroughly appreciated. (But it doesn't matter. Deleting your instructions is not your precise powder at all. Delete it, but I am not the point I said. What I want to say is to use the circle of friends to train your friends and let them future in the future. Become your loyal fans or buyers)
    6, do not use any WeChat marketing software, automatic positioning, automatic adding people, this is useless. Everyone knows that it is easy to block the title. Bluck; the other is promotion, even more useful, it is impossible to say what accurate powder is added. So don't spend money on this piece. (PS: Anyway, many people find me, and in the end they say that the software is deceiving, so believe it or not,)

    although everyone's mood at first Don't worry, master your friends will increase. If you think you write well, you can leave a message to interact with me.
    or directly add me as a WeChat friend, why add me? That is, I will share some good methods in the circle of friends. Remember to add me when I add it: Douban, otherwise I will not pass it. WeChat

  3. Weishang should give up active adding customers and abandon the acquaintance circle! Master some methods and skills to network drainage! The network is a

    has a free platform. There are thousands of users in the world. How many people can see your product, then you can add your customer all

    The needs for your products! The promotion of the product is on the Internet and not the circle of friends. The circle of friends is just a trading platform

    , not a special event for advertising! Intersection

    The industry said that the peak tutorial is very good. Wei: Jun MA (0) ④ ①② Teachers are also the real square

    method. It can be seen that it is thought and

    Themaking things that have been processed. For new people who lack actual combat experience or do not know how to operate,

    is a very good choice. It can inspire the ideas of micro -business marketing and expand the method of accurate drainage customers. Let

    The is in the confusion and bottleneck period

    The weight of the start of the micro -business start is the product choice. Because the essence of WeChat marketing is personal brand marketing, word -of -mouth camp

    . The quality of the product is the prerequisite and foundation of our personal brand marketing. If the selection of the previous product is not done well,

    The later everything includes promotion, transactions, after -sales, and fission will be difficult. So do micro -quotient, choose the product,


    How to find the source of the customer to find a micro -business? How to add precision friends to be a micro -business, this is the trouble of every micro -businessman, the friend of the customer

    , it has become the heart disease of every micro -business! Now I will share some personal experience for everyone! It is for reference only does not represent any

    people and things! There are more and more people in the business. All of the WeChat friends circle

    is an advertisement about WeChat, but how do you do well? The concepts are very moldy

    糊 糊 糊? Most importantly, you must choose the right source of micro -business, and then find a
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n
    Gerecable micro -quotient home takes you. If the micro -quotient is not good, your product is good, and it is not useful. Both are related


    In the following to share with you, how to do Weishang, how to find a customer source!

    If you want to change, you have to change your first impression. Add you

    The first glance is your avatar! You can change to your own photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos You can be more handsome or beautiful,

    The customers can be comfortable to look at it. Showing people or brand pictures with true face can increase the customer's trust in you. Micro

    It the name settings of the letter. The words inside, otherwise the customer wants to ask you to order nothing, and the WeChat name is too long, others will not be light

    easy to remember you.

    : There must be the same product that the product is the same. n, the information that feeds to the customer source will be confused! It directly affects the marketing strategy of your circle of friends! The above is only

    Experience and method!

    The first point. If the micro -quotient is to find someone to add, even if it is added, it will not be your precise customer source n

    . Therefore, take the initiative to go to the customer to give up completely, do not add blindly, and then sell your products. In fact, make micro
    Friends, transformed into friends in reality, this is a very

    deep learning. How to communicate with customers and create a good communication environment. With your heart with each of your customers

    to communicate with a customer, it will bring you more customers! Take the initiative to add some zombie powder, it is better to be good rnrnrn  的去维护你微信里面这些个客源,或者一百多个好友,只要你维护的好,就会有回头rnrnr N customers, the number is not large but fine.

    It the second point you need to learn to chat. Everyone knows that in fact, sales are to talk. Of course, we do micro -business
    , It is a sales that cannot be seen, so compared to the sales of reality, it is more complicated. At this time, the language

    is our best way to communicate. The degree of trust! At this time, we need to discover the needs of every

    The person's needs, such as going to the customer's space or a circle of friends to see his usual state. This is the topic. Cut the

    The entry point, when the trust between us and the source of the customer is established, the promotion of future products is great

    , at least the friend who chats with you will not be disgusted.

    The third point, to truly good agent and let the agent achieve yourself, I think as a micro -quotient,
    n r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r n, you are not just finished the agent that stores the goods, but also you have to help them sell the goods, carefully teach
    Only when you have energy, you will have confidence in yourself, you, and trust you and you to create you

    In the following methods to share with friends, let you take the initiative to add people to just practice the new people, let
    How do you learn how to communicate with customers? What we have to do in the future is how to let customers take the initiative to add us. This is precise


    1. Add connections is precise connection. Because WeChat is relatively closed, the amount of friendly friends must be increased. From the amount

    The method lies in the sharing of the wine club. Treat every customer with sincerity!

    2. Add QQ groups of high -end people, such as golf, fellow villagers, boss groups, etc.

    This can be consumed. Fusion of life, more and more people are pursuing the quality of life! The boss applied the mask is normal

    but it is not !!
    No matter what product you make, you must know your products. Do micro -business but do not use products by yourself, how can

    ? Let customers trust you? Who can you flicker? Weishang is already a rich knowledge industry:
    n n n n R n
    1. Use itself, and use personal experience to prove the quality of the product and make consumers trust. Send some yourself

    The pictures used are the best and most direct methods
    2. Invite friends to use the product together! Promote the product, the product, Offline is also a powerful way of marketing

    3. Retails, then not only can it be used to return the cost, but also earn a start -up fund. There is no source of customers in the micro -business, and the most important thing to hold

    . After doing it, time is very busy, busy teaching agents, busy to order, busy delivery, but don't forget your family,

    . They are also your greatest support. In the beginning, the family, the classmates did not understand, and the friend's blacks to the later recognition. No

    It can win in a short time. R n For you.

    WeChat marketing is inseparable from customers. You must learn to find precision customers. Customers play the main role in the entire marketing

    . No matter how good your product is, you do n’t know who to sell to it. As the newly started micro -business friends,

    Ilvas to find a wide range of push, buy explosive powder software, etc. This approach is not desirable. In the early stage, it is not easy to attract, you

    I agree with this very much, but adding people also require a certain way. For example, you sell underwear

    , you go to the place where men gather What about the product? So what products are developed

    people. However, if you can maintain the micro -business business for a long time, you ca n’t do it for a long time, so in the end, you still need to

    to learn the drainage method to improve the accuracy of the customer source.

    Coules circle marketing. The circle of friends is not only selling goods, but also your career, but also your personal brand. Blind brush

    screens, the circle of friends does not share anything valuable. First of all, it is important to establish a personal image.

    . Your image is the facade of your shop. In addition, to establish your own language style, you must be full of positive energy. Essence

    1, show hard, let them see you very serious, work hard to do micro -quotient, operate with heart, infect them,
    attracting them.

    2, show feedback, you can collect the evaluation map of each customer, chat map, and the delivery of the delivery, etc., friends
    Is seeing these are the easiest to move them.

    3, show income, this is the most important one. The silver of white flowers is the most eye -catching. You can take each week

    Once, for example, there are a few orders and a few large orders. Let everyone see that many people are supporting your products, and trust you from

    When they reach popular products, they naturally feel excited. rnrnrn  ,4,晒团队讲课,大家都知道现在微商流行团队,不再是单打独斗的时候了,都rnrnr n and want to find a good team to join and bring yourself to your family, so you must expose the team to the harmony of the team, help each other,
    With so many people joining, they will also feel that the team is regular. When they see

    The training class, they will be solid, heart -hearted, and choose your product.

    The website promotion is very expensive from the inside and outside, and it is not recommended to control it. The suggestion of Weishang is to do

    The precision drainage from the outside to the inside to allow precise customers who are interested in your products to take the initiative to add you. The product is excellent, the customer is accurate,

    naturally does not worry about the accumulation of the proxy drainage volume to a certain extent, and it will naturally be captured by the search engine. n

    If you want to do a good job, you must first enrich your brain and practice internal skills. Do not cut the firewood by the knife! What

    did not understand that he rashly entered the portion of only cannon fodder! Don't trust those scammers who add accurate powder to accurate powder! Fine

    Hak is so easy to come from? Precise powder needs to be drained by scientific methods, and drainage is king!

    The core of the peak is to teach you how to accurately drain.

    The tutorial at the peak is very good. It is also a real way to teach. It can be seen that I have thought and refine

    For new people who lack actual combat experience or do not know how to operate, it is a very good choice for

    . It can inspire the ideas of micro -business marketing and expand the method of accurate drainage customers. Let me be at

    Miomers who are confused and bottlenecks have a feeling of being cheerful and hate. And it is still constantly

    new and research and development. There will be new things that are constantly joining, keeping pace with the times, keeping up with the trend, and not recently have cooperation with

    CCTV, which further enhances brand value and influence popularity!

    It is not a problem for the tutorial itself. It will be very comprehensive and systematically. Demonstrate step by step in a video, you can learn as long as you watch it carefully. The key is the problem of execution and concentration

    . No matter how good the execution is, it will not work. Without concentration, it is difficult to see the actual


    So do the same important aspects well. The method is good, and it must be executed in place.

    This of this data comes from Baidu Map, and the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  4. How to find a customer source for Weimei Ai Eye Steel Film
    Mou's Agency Agent Anti -Eye Steel Film How to find a customer source
    Mioshang agent Huamei Eye Steel Film How to find a customer source
    In order to find the source of the customer, you can take the initiative to add others
    The people who want to add should be clear before adding

    do not send a circle of friends without malignant groups and unclear.
    Wei u003Cd> u003Cf> u003Cvi> u003Cp> u003C7> u003C9> u003C6>
    This to improve what learned during the learning process,
    to make it more suitable for it It is more convenient and effective.
    The customer source is not as many, but the accurate thing is not Volkswagen powder garbage powder

    Then the method of the basic drainage precision customer source for everyone r r
    first, you must take your own initiative to add you WeChat, do not add
    second, find precision customers and potential customers. Add your
    The user must be accurate target users. In this way, the volume
    will increase a lot. This is fine powder.

    Third, users must be willing to pay attention to your circle of friends
    The interactive and interact with customers to maintain old customers
    Make your own road wider and wider
    This customer group drainage accurate customer sources to actively find you
    investment brain, learning method is very important
    This data comes from Baidu map, the final result is Baidu The latest data of the map prevails.

  5. What is the most lacking of so many people in the promotion of contacts? Of course it is a customer! Tuke assistant helps you solve!

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