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  1. There are three kinds of people who have to deal with wood business, first, wood suppliers. Second, wood buyer. 3. Government departments (mainly Forestry Bureau). I am studying this major and now I am also engaged in similar work. I have dealt with these three people.
    If you want to make big wood business smoothly, you must have a good relationship with them. Since the production of wood is now produced by the national limit, that is to say, how much wood produced in the country has a total control of each year. Of course, these total amount will be assigned to various provinces, cities, counties, and even some counties directly to towns and townships. ,village. That is to say, it is not that you can buy wood if you have money (of course, if you do n’t say illegal buying and selling).
    Therefore, stable wood suppliers (or wood producers, forest farmers) are the prerequisite for you to do this business. This may require you to have a full understanding of the source of the wooden area. If you are the wood that has not yet been raised by the forest farmers, you must consider the cost of logging, the cost of transporting from the mountain to the highway, and the various types of logging certificates involved in the mixed certificate. The cost cost, these three costs may account for one -third to half of your total cost, or even higher.
    Secondly, there must be a stable buyer. Because the wood has its own characteristics, if the wood you acquire does not find the buyer in time, the wood storage requires a large land area, which increases the cost to a certain extent. At the same time, if it is not special It is very large, and there may be a large area of ​​decay. However, now the furniture industry and the artificial board industry have a large demand for wood, and general sales are not problems. Then, the biggest problem is the price. By the second half of each year, the price of wood sales can be said to be changing rapidly. You must maintain market information.
    The last is the government department. Here mainly refers to the Forestry Bureau, and also includes traffic police. Generally speaking, you are applying for a logging certificate and transportation certificate normally, and fully transporting the load of transportation tools, that is to say, it does not cut off, not overdue, unlicensed transportation, unlicensed transportation, no transportation, no overload, no overload Super high. Then you are not afraid that any competent department will check you. If you can't do business in accordance with those regulations and do business honestly, it is difficult to avoid these departments that will check your wood during the mortgage transportation. At this time, these departments will exercise law enforcement law enforcement law enforcement For rights, you may be confiscated and fined the whole vehicle. In serious cases, you may even detain you until you sentence you. Think about the seriousness of the consequences, so think about ways to avoid such risks.

    The say so much, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. It depends on the location of your operation, the cost of the wood farm too far away is high. If the amount is large, the cost is large, which is not suitable for you who do building materials in the early stage. For the nearest purchase, you have done it for a long time. Needless to say in operation. The decoration company is the price, and the individual generally has no experience. It is your ability to stay. In fact, things are almost the same! But do not kill someone in a rod, which is not conducive to long -term operations in the future. (Because you are not a small businessman at the railway station, all of them are running water passengers)
    The main thing to say is that you can see more in large markets near you. You can know a few related friends. The company's people, afterwards, try to sell the road properly. Remember how good the first batch of goods are sold, and the second batch should not be near, rather than making less money. (Unless there are customers who order your order and pay the deposit.) The fast things that can be sold are often close. As for why you will understand slowly in the future! Intersection One personally suggests for reference only.

  3. If there are wood, I suggest you do it yourself, the wood cut down on the mountain, and ask the master to process it. Essence There are also wooden factories in Shenzhen.

  4. You can make an overall wardrobe store. The overall wardrobe, zero inventory, high profit, large market space, the last bucket of gold in the building materials industry. You can get into my Baidu space.

  5. The bamboo in Jinggangshan is a mountain treasure. It has money to invest in a bamboo processing factory, such as crafts bamboo mats bamboo chopsticks. You can also do bamboo shoots business. You can make money. You don’t want to go. You can also engage in porcelain factories. The guy is quite profitable

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