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  1. From the rise of sports, starting from the sports category
    Sports clothing companies, occupying a large share in the Chinese clothing industry, such as Li Ning, Anta, Hongxingrke, 361, etc. After ten years of blowout development.
    but since 2011, the prospects of the clothing industry are not optimistic
    Li Ning, as a large enterprise in the clothing industry, has encountered a very severe inventory crisis and channel crisis. The various crisis situations caused by internal management levels that cannot keep up with the level of business development,
    The vibrations of the clothing industry, and poor management companies are unavoidable in the upcoming 13 years. For the entire international economic situation and clothing industry, it is a vital year.
    The hard practice internal power, improving internal management level, and formulating the correct strategic direction are the only way for clothing companies to Nirvana!
    Mles of your little emotion, hope to help you

  2. The main listed companies in the clothing industry: ST Modern (002656), Biyin Lefen (002832), Senma Clothing (002563), Taiping Bird (603877), Abaco (600177), Shanshan Co., Ltd. (600884), Laxibell (603157), Langzi (002612), Hailan House (600398), Seven Wolf (002029), Jiu Mu Wang (601566), Red Bean Co., Ltd. (600400), etc.
    Is core data of this article: Chinese clothing market size, Chinese clothing segment market accounting, Chinese clothing online penetration rate
    The prospects of the development of China's clothing market is better
    - It is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan. The proportion of women's clothing is the largest
    2014 to 2018. The retail revenue of my country's clothing industry has increased year by year. In 2018, the retail revenue of the domestic clothing industry reached 231.8 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.1%. It is expected to be expected to Compound growth rates in 2023 to 4018.8 billion yuan.
    The data shows that the proportion of women's clothing in the clothing market in my country is the largest. In 2018, the domestic clothing industry's retail income of men's, women's and children's clothing is 825.8 billion yuan, 1224.9 billion yuan, and 260.1 billion yuan. The proportion of women's clothing is 53 %. The industry predicts that in 2023, men's clothing, women's clothing and children's clothing in my country's clothing segment will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 9.6%, 11.5%, and 18.4%. In the end 100 million yuan and 604.1 billion yuan.
    one of the driving factors
    -The strong purchasing power of the young generation
    The increase in the increase in fashion consumer groups in the new generation, and driving the clothing industry at a rapid growth. Generation Z refers to the teenagers born between 1995 and 2010. In 2020, the population of generations in my country was about 226 million, accounting for 16%of the total population. In the environment of relatively wealthy, good cultural education, and the impact of various new things, he has a more avant -garde consumption concept and pursuing fashion awareness. According to the "2021 Spring and Summer Fresh Fashion Report" jointly released by Tmall Clothing Formation Division and Ali Mom, the overall increase of fashion consumer groups in 2020, and the GMV of fashion consumption broadcasters increased by 91%, and the growth of generations of generations reached 55 %, Per capita consumption increased by 33%, GMV increased by 106%, which was higher than the growth rate of the broader market, becoming one of the fashion consumption driving force.
    The driver factor 2
    -New engine in e -commerce: Interactive social e -commerce
    The new social e -commerce is another engine promoted and sold in the clothing industry. With the booming development of e -commerce in the past 10 years, the online sales of the clothing industry have been from scratch. In the past 10 years, the important force of driving the clothing industry has grown, but the traffic dividend of e -commerce platforms has gradually faded, and the online growth rate of the industry has slowed to 20-30%in recent years. After 2017, the popularity of new social media such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu has gradually increased. Merchants promoted direct communication and interaction with consumers through graphic and video live broadcast forms on these platforms, which have been widely welcomed.
    The sales of clothing and shoe bags in social media continued to rise. According to statistics, in the ranking of Douyin live hot-selling products from August to November 2020, clothing shoes and bags products are 6.5/19.6/ 384/415 billion yuan is located in the third, first, first, and first place in the hot category, and the sales scale increased month -on -month.
    S social media, as an emerging fashion communication and consumption platform, will gradually become an important path for fashion and sales of fashion clothing products. In the future, the continued growth of the driving clothing industry will be used. Develop dividends.
    The above data refer to the "Forecast Analysis Report of the production and sales demand and development prospects of China's clothing industry" at the Foreign -looking Industrial Research Institute

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