Want to do fruit wholesale business, novice novice start to wholesale fruit just starts to make

1 thought on “Want to do fruit wholesale business, novice novice start to wholesale fruit just starts to make”

  1. 1. First of all, the funds must be prepared. Although the fruit wholesale business is a small business, the money should not be too small, otherwise the purchase, turnover, etc. are all problems. Therefore Troubles caused by funds.
    2. Investigation in advance to understand the market for wholesale of the fruit, and determine what kind of wholesalers they can do according to their actual situation. Still through several wholesale channels.
    3. After the investigation is clear, determine your main business varieties. In addition to the different price market audiences, different varieties are also different. Looking at your main business situation, usually if the scale is small, you can choose more. Some orange apple pears and other fresh -keeping periods are long, and there can be more varieties in the scale.
    4. Add the necessary fresh -keeping equipment according to your actual situation. For example, some of the short -term conservation cycles with short fresh -keeping are very short. In order to maintain better quality, you need to add refrigerated refrigerators, or even gas -tone rooms.
    5, at the beginning, because the purchase volume will not be too large, the price of the relatively high price will be relatively high. This requires the quality and reputation of the fruit from the beginning. It is cost -effective to do business. Of course, you also need to get better goods at a lower price as much as possible to ensure profits.
    6. Establish your own reputation as soon as possible so that everyone can accept and like themselves. Even wholesale business can use the methods of testing, promotion, and cooperation with other commercial formats to expand their reputation and increase their profits.

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