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  1. Solid income products refer to wealth management products that investors obtain income in accordance with the agreed interest rate. Solid income products are not high, but they are less risk and are relatively stable. This type of product plays a stable role in the entire asset allocation system, but most of the solid -income products do not guarantee the income. It will give a yield range. Solid income products include regular deposits, currency funds, bond bank wealth management property, etc. The longer the investment time of this solid -income product, the more income.
    The solid income business of securities firms includes:
    2. Issuing underwriting: corporate bonds and corporate bonds issuance and underwriting services
    3. Sales transactions: national bonds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, financial bonds, short -term financing bonds, medium -term bills, asset securitization and other fixed fixed fixed Coupon transactions and repurchase transactions of income products.
    4. Investment research: The investment research business covers the in -depth research of investment transactions in all fixed income varieties in the interbank market and the exchange market, including government bonds, financial bonds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, medium -term bills, short -term financing vouchers, and short -term financing vouchers, and short -term financing vouchers. Various types of bonds such as secondary bonds and private equity bonds.
    5. Financial investment advisory: Wealth management investment consulting business refers to an investment consultant who serves as a fixed income asset management product and other capital intermediary financing. extend.
    "Brokerage" is a company operating securities transactions, or securities companies.
    It China CITIC, Shenyinoman, Qilu, Galaxy, Huatai, Guoxin, Guangfa, etc. In fact, it is the agent of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
    The total of 106 brokerage firms in my country, 20 of which have entered the ranks of AA -level brokers in 2014.
    Is who have obtained AA levels include: Beijing Gaohua, West China Securities, Oriental Securities, Shenyin Wan Guo, Guangfa Securities, Southwest Securities, National Gold Securities, Xingye Securities, Galaxy Securities, Guo Tai Junan, China Merchants, China Merchants, China Merchants, China Merchants, China Merchants Securities, Guoxin Securities, CICC, Haitong Securities, CIC Securities, Huafu Securities, CITIC Construction Investment, Huatai Securities, CITIC Securities.
    of which many companies are on the AA rating list for the first time. It is worth noting that no securities firms have been rated as the highest level of AAA level, and no brokerage firms have been rated as D or E companies.
    It is reported that securities companies are divided into five categories: A (AAA, AA, A), B (BBB, BB, B), C (CCC, CC, C), D, E and 11 levels.
    a, B, and C, companies at all levels are normal operating companies. The division of its category and level only reflects the relatively level of the company's risk management capabilities in the industry.
    D and E companies are companies that may exceed the company's withdrawal scope and risk disposal measures in accordance with the law.

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