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  1. In the age of face value, Aimei is no longer unique to women. Nowadays, more and more men have joined the "delicate boy" team. Like the majority of women who love beauty, they pay attention to the matching of daily clothing and the maintenance of skin, and beauty has become more and more common in male groups.
    The inflection point of Chinese men's ideas for beauty, the scale of the men's care market has steadily risen
    This Chinese men entering the beauty market is gradual, because this market is the "world" of women at the beginning. Monopoly by women. Chinese men will experience the "difficulties" that women will never encounter on the road of "exquisite", especially in the eyes of traditional public.
    air Paris believes that the transformation of men from basic skin care products to senior skin care products is an important inflection point, especially when skin care products are no longer a necessity, but become a pursuit of lifestyle. Air
    Paris divides men's beauty into five different stages:
    The awareness of the improvement of men's self -image improvement, more and more boys have embarked on the road of exquisite boys. According to public data, the scale of men's nursing transactions in Tmall platforms from 2018 to 2020 was 3.291 billion yuan, 4.014 billion yuan, and 4.109 billion yuan; men's nursing transactions showed a steady rise.
    The Chinese male beauty market has begun to rise, and domestic brands have launched a battle with overseas brands
    Overseas brands have long occupied the "highlands" in the field of domestic men's skin care. According to public data Brand captures. Although House
    99 fell down, L'Oreal Group also has brands such as L'Oreal men, Biotherm men, and Kyan men. Estee Lauder launched a professional men's high -end brand Langshi, and the United States Manshang Regum is also continuously developing. These big names are continuously carried out market education and brand promotion.
    In order to compete for the post -95 men's makeup market, my dear boyfriend, reasoning and other emerging brands are fighting a melee with old brands such as L'Oreal and Manxiu.
    In in the country, many newcomers have also appeared. In 2019, the male makeup brand Blue Department was launched, focusing on the two major product lines of men's skin care and men's makeup. At the beginning of 2020, the men's beauty brand JACB Jiashiku went online. It provides a new trendy skin care product for young male consumers for "Gen Z".
    2019 Men's Men's Health and Management Founding Taiwan "MenxLab Man" Company positioned male health management, focusing on "medical great health male consumption upgrade", and for high net worth male people aged 20-45 Management and other health issues provide medical consumer product matrix and comprehensive service solutions. In early 2020, professional men's skin care modeling brand dear boyfriend launched, layout of professional men's skin care and men's cosmetics markets.
    Because the entire male beauty field is completely a blue ocean, even if the giant layout, there is still a chance to generate domestic brands.
    Male beauty brand aims to grab the young men's market. Brandization is a competitive trend
    The "heroes" of domestic men's skin care brands. Traditional marketing and monetization channels have changed. Men's skin care field has a small base, a wide range of prospects, and a wave of consumption upgrades, which has changed the way to create new brands now.
    The new brand is at the product level. The design must be in line with the aesthetics of young people, and the product must be innovative and story. If it is effective, scientific theory and scientific and technological dissemination of consumers need to be carried out.
    At the marketing level, the brand is mainly social media and operates omni -channel. And it is best to have capital injection, which prompts the brand to accelerate expansion. With the above characteristics, there are a greater chance to break through.
    The analysis of people in the industry believes that there may be two directions for men's skin care in the future: one is the traffic faction, and the basic care is sold through the operation of social media such as Douyin outside the station; the second category is through the brand through the brand Value and brand stories, do not fight price wars to capture the emerging brand of generations Z.
    The restrictions on beauty breakthroughs, men's pursuit of beauty is no longer suppressed. From exquisite skin care to makeup decoration, male beauty enthusiasts are getting rid of the stereotype of "mother". They are refreshing and decently facing life with a more positive attitude. For the beauty industry, in the general trend of residents' income levels and the general trend of consumption upgrade, the improvement of men's self -image consciousness allows the "face value market" market to tap the space and still expand.
    For more data, please refer to the "Report on the Industry and Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast of the Chinese Skin Care Industry" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute.

  2. In the future, with the continuous and rapid development of my country's economy, market demand potential will continue to be released. Considering that my country's huge population base, the beauty industry has huge room for growth. Of course, with the development of the age, the consumer group has undergone tremendous changes. The traditional 60s and 70s are mainly housewives. They have a lot of time to do beauty and understand the relevant beauty information, but now most of the 80s and 90s belong to professional women and do not have so much time to do care. In this situation, it is difficult to attract well through traditional cosmetic shops and other projects. As the main group of the concept of "fast fashion" in the consumer field, fast and effective projects can be favored by such people. According to the latest industry survey, the consumer groups in the beauty industry are mainly middle -aged and young women, and the crowd is becoming younger and younger, and the customer group has steadily expanded. The current beauty industry is incorporated into many comprehensive projects, which can drive more customers to invest in beauty. With the advancement and innovation and development of science and technology, the products and instruments of the beauty industry are also worthy of consumers' trust. Against such a background, the beauty industry has begun to provide one -stop services. Such an industry entrepreneurship will inevitably attract more and more and more More consumers.

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