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  1. Chapter 1 General Principles 1 In order to strengthen the management of the city's pipelines, rationally use urban and rural spaces, standardize the orderly construction of pipelines, and ensure safe operation. According to the "Urban -Rural Planning Law of the People's Republic of China", "People's Republic of China Construction Law", "Jiangsu Province urban and rural planning Regulations and regulations such as laws and regulations are formulated in combination with the actual situation of the city. Article 2 The planning, construction, maintenance, information and management of pipelines in the administrative area of ​​the city shall apply these regulations. Article 3 The management of pipelines in this city follows the principles of comprehensive planning, overall construction, information sharing, and ensuring safety, prioritize underground layout, and strictly control overhead layout. Article 4 The Municipal People's Government shall strengthen the organization and leadership of pipeline management, incorporate pipeline management work into national economic and social development planning and urban and rural planning, ensure investment in funds, establish a comprehensive coordination mechanism for pipeline management, and coordinate and solve major issues of pipeline management. Planning and administrative departments of urban and rural construction are responsible for the specific coordination of pipeline planning and construction links.

    The district people's government (park) is responsible for the construction and maintenance management of relevant pipelines within the jurisdiction in accordance with the regulations.

    The management agency in Jiangbei New District is responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance management of relevant pipelines in the direct management area; exercise the management rights of pipeline planning in the co -construction area, and coordinate the implementation of major pipeline projects. Article 5 The administrative department of planning is responsible for pipeline planning, surveying and mapping, information files, and sharing and utilization management. The digital management institutions of the pipelines belong to the construction, operation and maintenance of the digital space digital management system of pipelines.

    The competent administrative department of urban and rural construction is responsible for the management of pipeline engineering construction management of newly built (structure), roads, or other subject projects, as well as coordination and supervision of comprehensive pipe galleries (hereinafter referred to as corridors) construction manage.

    This administrative department of transportation is responsible for the supervision and management of pipeline project occupation and excavation roads.

    The competent water administrative department is responsible for the supervision and management of pipeline engineering occupation, excavation of river channel management, and protection.

    The audit and supervision and management of government investment construction pipeline projects.

    The administrative departments such as development and reform, urban management, economic and informatization, public security, market supervision, environmental protection, safety production supervision, finance, land and resources, green gardens, etc. Related supervision and management. Article 6 Pipeline property rights and management units are responsible for the daily management and maintenance of pipelines to ensure the safe operation of pipelines.

    The competent department of the pipeline industry shall strengthen the industry supervision of pipeline property rights and management units, organize and implement special inspections and daily inspections. Article 7 This city has gradually promoted the construction of pipe gallery, and explored the establishment of an operating pipeline for compensation for the use of urban underground space mechanisms.

    The proposal use of new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new equipment to improve the scientific and technological level of pipeline management, and realize the intelligent management of urban intensive construction and pipelines. Article 8 No unit or individual shall be damaged, occupied, or destroyed, and has the right to discourage and report the above behavior. Chapter 2 Plan Article 9 of water supply, drainage, regeneration water, gas, heat, communication, radio, lighting, lighting, public safety, industrial and other pipeline industry competent departments, as well as property rights units in power pipelines in accordance with urban overall planning and development planning of the industry, according to the planning The technical requirements of the administrative department, together with the municipal planning administrative department, organize the preparation of special special plans for pipelines. After the technical review of the municipal planning administrative department, it shall be implemented by the relevant departments and units for approval with relevant departments and units.

    The city planning administrative departments prepare comprehensive pipeline planning in accordance with urban and rural planning organizations, coordinate the layout of pipeline space, clarify the control standards and requirements of pipelines and corridors, and implement them after approval by the municipal people's government.

    The special planning and comprehensive planning of the approved pipelines shall be connected with special planning such as underground space, comprehensive transportation, civil air defense engineering, and ecological red line regional protection, and include control detailed planning as pipeline construction and The basis for management. Article 10 The underground pipeline is laid in accordance with the following requirements:

    (1) The main road pipeline is set up under the sidewalk, non -motorized lanes;

    The underground pipeline branch is set to the road plan to plan a red line, and the supporting manure inspection well is set up at the end of the drainage pipeline;

    (3) The setting of the auxiliary facilities shall meet the requirements of relevant planning and technical specifications, and it will be related to the city landscape coordination.

    It pipelines with existing bridges and tunnels, the opinions of the bridge and tunnel competent unit shall be consulted before laying; before the construction of the bridge and tunnel, Space. Article 11 The underground pipeline is directed from the red line of the road to the center of the road. The pipelines laid in the east and north of the road are electricity, regenerative water, water supply (water transport), drainage (rainwater, sewage); Communication, public safety, heat, water supply (water distribution), gas, drainage (rainwater, sewage). Article 12 The new roads in the new urban areas, various parks, and the development areas of the film should be planned according to functional needs. The renovation of shantytowns, underground space development and other requirements, coordinate the construction of pipe galleries.

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