5 thoughts on “Why do you want to add a group, please answer”

  1. As follows:
    ① This group has something to be interested in.
    ② can know more friends.
    ③ chatting with people who are like -minded is a joy.
    ④ can also expand your knowledge and learn more.
    ⑤ When you are boring, someone can also chat with them, and worry about it.
    Chat skills
    This Listening, making a listener during the chat process. Learn to praise, everyone is eager to be recognized and respected. Learn to smile, your smile is your best meeting ceremony. Smiles can get closer to each other's distance, making the atmosphere of chat easier. In response to the other party, in the process of chatting, responding to each other is the closest distance.

  2. Why add a group? There are many groups now, and everything should be available. Pushing groups can not only add groups to learn, communicate with each other, but also work needs. Generally, groups are added to add.
    1: Work needs. Many business personnel will be online customers. The QQ group is also a good channel. You can find related industry groups. Most of them are related to their own industries. enterprise. You can publish your own company's business in the group and find customers.
    2: In order to learn and communicate, there are many learning and exchange groups that can learn from each other and communicate with each other. Generally, they have the same hobbies,
    3: Promoting operation. Not only the salesperson needs to run the business, many online promotion operators will promote the company to promote brand information through various groups.
    4: Add the group to know more people. Each group has a theme. Some of them are gossip, some are gossip, often active in the group, and you can know many people.
    In short, Jiaqun is to meet your needs,

  3. ① This group has something to be interested in;
    ② can know more friends;
    ③ chatting with people who are like -minded is a joy;
    ④ can also expand their knowledge, learn more There are more things;
    ⑤ When boring, someone can also chat with them.
    In short, add a group that is consistent with your interest and positive, and has a lot of benefits.

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