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  1. The relevant:
    The market size of the e -commerce live broadcast industry. In 2019, the overall turnover of e -commerce live broadcast reached 451.29 billion, an increase of 200.4%year -on -year. The proportion of e -commerce live broadcast accounted for a steady increase in the entire e -commerce industry, from 0.06%in 2017 to 1.18%in 2019.
    In the continuous integration of content platforms and e -commerce transactions, it is expected that the live company's live -broadcast cargo rate in 2022 will increase to 20%. It is estimated that the proportion of 2020 will reach 2.4%. In the future, e -commerce live broadcast will play a more important role in the development of the entire e -commerce industry.
    The user scale of e -commerce live broadcast industry. With the rapid development of the industry, the scale of users has continued to rise. In 2019, the number of e -commerce live broadcast users reached 265 million, accounting for 29.3%of the overall netizens, and accounting for 47.3%of the number of online live users. The number of users of e -commerce live broadcasts has surpassed the live broadcast of the game, becoming the first of the detailed categories of live users.
    I. as the largest live broadcast platform in China, the average daily viewers of Taobao live broadcast have exceeded 100 million. As the industry continues to prosper and develops, the number of users in the e -commerce live broadcast industry will continue to rise.
    The e -commerce live competition pattern. The advantages of e -commerce live broadcast head platform have obvious advantages, and Taobao, Kuaishou, and Douyin form a superior pattern. In 2019, Taobao Live led a strong transaction value (GMV) of 25 billion yuan, accounting for 57.63%of the industry. Fast and Douyin followed closely, the transaction volume (GMV) was 150 billion yuan and 40 billion yuan, respectively.
    The survey by the China Consumer Association on the e -commerce live broadcast platform shows that Taobao live broadcast rates at 68.5%and 46.3%are absolutely leading advantages; followed by Douyin live broadcast and fast -handed live broadcast; Live broadcast also has a certain market share.
    5G drives live broadcast technology innovation and promotes the upgrading of the e -commerce industry. With the continuous development of science and technology, the arrival of the 5G era, e -commerce live broadcast will usher in better development opportunities. 5G combined with new technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, focusing on exploring advanced technology applications such as 4K high -definition live interactive shopping, AR/VR (virtual reality) marketing, and marketing big data analysis.
    The e -commerce live broadcast refined development. With the expansion of the market and the advancement of policies, the live broadcast gradually moves to normalization and has become a content marketing tool for e -trading. For the brand, e -commerce live broadcast is going out of the current stage of clear inventory and low -cost, and transforms to the customization of live broadcasts according to the needs of users and operating refined and large -scale operations.
    For the platform, whether it is an e -commerce platform, a short video content platform or a social platform, it is the ultimate goal to achieve better e -commerce monetization. The combination of future content and e -commerce will be a development direction of the live broadcast platform. For businesses on platforms and platforms, in the future, only refined operation of live broadcasts can be used to produce high -quality content to highlight the siege.
    The industry supervision has been strengthened, and e -commerce live broadcast enters standardization. At the air outlet of e -commerce live broadcast, there are many chaos in the industry's brutal growth, which mainly include false propaganda in the anchor. It is difficult to guarantee such problems.
    Is the successive introduction of the standardized industry specifications of e -commerce live broadcasts, and industry specifications will regulate and restrict the behavior of the behavior of the live broadcast merchants, anchors, platform operators, anchors, and users, so that the live broadcast of e -commerce live broadcast will gradually be standardized into standardization Regular operation.

  2. On July 21, 2021, the male god of many people, Wang Lihong, started a live show on Douyin. The huge live broadcast market space is the main reason for attracting celebrities for live broadcast, and star stars live with the "halo" with the "halo", which has congenital advantages. At the same time, live broadcast and cargo can bring considerable income.
    Copher male god Wang Lihong live broadcast lessons
    On July 12, 2021, the male god of many people, Wang Lihong, started a live show on the Douyin, but Wang Lihong's first show was not and and with Netizens share their daily life, but live broadcast and sell their own singing tutorials and Fang Wenshan's lyrics. Subsequently, the topics of Wang Lihong's live broadcast and cargo were on the hot search list.
    The live broadcast market space is large
    Today, the term "live broadcast" is already a household name, and it is nothing new on stars with goods. Wang Lihong's joining the live broadcast brigade is also a common sense. After all, China's live broadcast market has huge space. According to statistics, as of the end of 2020, the size of my country's online live users has reached 617 million, and the market size is as high as trillion yuan.
    The star live broadcast with "halo"
    The mass male god stars like Wang Lihong have natural advantages in live broadcast and goods. On the one hand, the fan effect can bring considerable sales to celebrities. On the other hand, celebrities have a high popularity, and people who are not fans will enter the live broadcast room because of their "well -known". The number of live viewers is generally more. The live broadcast of the goods itself has a short shopping conversion path, plus some marketing methods such as "spike", "exclusive", "gift", and can quickly gain countless orders.
    In Wang Lihong's live broadcast, Wang Lihong created an exclusive marketing method of "as long as the sales volume exceeds 3,000 copies, and the beard beard" stimulated sales. According to the latest data, Wang Lihong's number of live broadcasts in less than an hour has reached 12.3087 million, and 728 courses were sold, and the total amount of commodity transactions reached 1.2369 million yuan.
    The star live broadcast income can be considerable
    and the star live broadcast with the "halo". The income in the live broadcast model is generally divided into two parts: pit fee and commission commission. The pits are similar to advertising income. The amount of fixed payment for a product is usually ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan; the commission is drawn for the drawing. It is a CPS model based on a certain proportion of commissions with a transaction amount. The commission rate (conventional category) of the head KOL usually reaches 20-30%, and the category commission rate in good category can be as high as 30%-50%. After the brand owner and MCN determined the pit fee and commission, the platform charged the service fee from the commission, and the remaining MCN and the anchor continued to divide the commission.
    The Wang Lihong live broadcast and cargo, the initial estimation of the pit fee is very objective, plus commission commission, a live broadcast income of less than an hour has reached hundreds of thousands of yuan.
    -The above data refer to the "In -depth Research Report on the Innovation and Investment Opportunities of China's Online Live Industry Business Model Innovation and Investment Opportunities"

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